Similarities between the police disposing of the Relisha Rudd case and the police disposing of the Atlanta Child Murders

      Between 1976 and 1982, little children from the poorer black communities in and around Atlanta started disappearing and turning up murdered, their bodies were dumped in various locations. The official count sets the number of murdered children at 31, however, the real total will never be known. Police, prosecutors, judges, and politicians made sure to that the truth would never get out. And with the help of the federal government, namely the FBI, they were able to fabricate a case where there would be a single culprit, and he would be black. This was the same tact taken in Dc by the police in the case of Relisha Rudd, the culprit was never considered as a "suspect," Khalil Tatum was immediately named as the culprit without a shred of any credible evidence. At the same time persons who should have been prime suspects, including the MPD itself, were not suspected at all.

    The "Peach" Fell, to a Nigger: Maynard Jackson becomes first black mayor not only of a major southern American city, but the "Peach" of the Confederacy. 

In 1973, Atlanta, the "Peach of the South," elected its first black mayor, Maynard H. Jackson. This was one year after the Ku Klux Klan completed its huge bas relief carving into the side of Stone Mountain, the birth place and headquarters of the revived United Klan of America just 12 miles to the east. Since 1915, the KKK held an annual march through the town of Stone Mountain and a cross burning at the top of Stone Mountain, yet it would appear from all media accounts of the day - all white media accounts, the Klan was, if not happy with, then peacefully accepting of the fact that Atlanta "the Peach" of the Confederacy. And then it happened one year after they spent all that money carving the memorial to themselves in he side of that mountain. This is where the child murders began, but the government, along with the white media and press, did everything to cast attention away from the Klan, they made sure to take consideration of racial motivation out of the equation. The Confederate States of America was also preparing to celebrate the centennial of the "Hayes Compromise" (1876), which is when the American civil war officially ended and not 1865 with the end of the military conflict. One of the first major controversies the Jackson confronted upon becoming mayor, was reforming the notoriously racist Atlanta police department, which he did by first removing the white commissioner and appointing the first black as police commissioner. This angered whites not only in Atlanta, but white racist throughout the South, and put most white Atlanta in opposition to the Jackson administration. 

 A Commemoration and Celebration Spoiled by Niggers:                                                           The commemoration of this huge bas relief  celebrating the Confederacy, was to be part of a  grand celebration, spoiled by the election of    Maynard Jackson and "Black" political power to  the Peach of the South. The carving pictures  Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis, an Robert E. Lee  One is hard-pressed to find any media coverage  as  to the activity of the Klan and southern  segregationist forces, particularly with regard to the  election of Maynard Jackson and the child murders.  When the murders actually began has never been  possible of determining since the Atlanta and local  police did not seriously  or link investigate the disappearance and then the deaths of little black poor children in around Atlanta, which where generally portrayed in the media not as children, but "street smart hustlers." With Atlanta falling into black hands just three-years before the grand celebration of the victory of the Confederacy, for although it lost the battle, it won the war. The commemoration of the bas relief was to be the center piece of the grand celebration, with a grand cross burning on top of the Mountain, and "Peach Parties" in a white controlled Atlanta. Tecumseh Sherman becoming the mayor of Atlanta would have been more acceptable to racist white southerners, including the Klan, than a "nigger" becoming mayor. 

      The government never established any motive or cause for Wayne Williams, who was charged and convicted of killing only two adults, to be considered as a killer and more less, a serial killer. Whereas on the other hand, with Maynard Jackson undoing a century of racist government policies and practices, was ample motive existed for the KKK or other racist sub-group to have been kidnapping and killing little black children. Jackson was attracting black professionals and business from across the nation, and what better way to try impede that influx than terrorism. And what better way to terrorize a people than to target their children, meaning that not only will young black professionals with children think twice about relocating to Atlanta, but black families in general. This was never considered as a motive in a serial murder case that targeted black children because it would have naturally led to the Klan, with many members of law enforcement in Fulton and the surrounding racist counties being members of the Klan as well. A  white supposedly "noted profiler" contended in the press that the killers could not be white, since "a group" of white men roaming through a black neighborhood would raise alarms. as if to contend that a single white man in uniform is not capable of taking little black children and killing them. The "profiler" was attempting to dispel "Black" conspiracy theories that the Klan was at work, thus, referring to the old "Birth of Nation" portrayal of the Klan always acting as a group. 

     "Alligator Bait:" Federal Government Steps in to Validate the Dismissal of Angry White Racist as "Suspects" and Framing the Matter on a the actions of a  single Black Man. Race not a factor.

 Prior to the arrest of Wayne Williams, there  was  no "suspect profile," even though FBI  profilers had been in the case for three-years.  No profile fitting Williams was ever  produced by these "top expert" crime  fighters until after his arrest, which has now  been exposed as being based on local and  national racist interests in FBI support and final input. In addition to its name, the FBI lent to the scheme bunk forensic science and scientist willing to lie on the stand in support of that bogus science. In the case of Relisha Rudd, no body has been recovered, no homicide has been established, a fact evaded from public scrutiny in great part by the FBI once again lending its and "credibility" of the entire federal government to a local racist police cover-up its its own. Racist cops and their ties to the Klan were never suspected, never investigated, which left the case without any suspects until they found the "black culprit." Taking race completely out of the picture,making it clear that no white person or group of white people were responsible for this horrendous racist crime against blacks but a black man.

Birth of Nation Again Serves the Rise of the White Racist South
 No motive was ever  shown for  Williams to have killed anyone,  although it was  implied by  police and prosecutors through the  media, that  underneath  Williams' innocent demeanor lurked a  psychotic serial killer. There was also other unfounded and implied  character flaws intended to make Williams appear to be strange,  such as that he was gay, as if that equated with being a probable  psychotic killer. Another was that he hated poor blacks, even though  Williams himself was poor, living in the black impoverished West  End of Atlanta. The involvement of the FBI was purely to give  credibility to a fabrication of an intangible motive, psychotic and  none-racial, meaning that a black man had to be blamed for it all. As  a result, all evidence that pointed away from Williams and a black person as the culprit was disregarded, in order to make the culprit black The fact that the great "Peach" of the Confederacy had fallen into the hands of "niggers," just a few years before the expected great victory of the South over the North with the "Hayes Compromise," was simply unacceptable, niggers would just have to pay and eventually capitulate.   entirely removed as a basis for considering serial racial murders as being ra the children were not sexually molested, and all where subjected to forensic counter measures by their killers, such as putting clothes from one victim on another. The murders spread across Fulton and Dekalb counties, with Stone Mountain, the seat of the Georgia KKK being in Dekalb county just a dozen miles to the east of Atlanta.   

     The 2nd "Hayes Compromise": the Feds enter into a pact with the C.S.A. to help frame its racist crime spree on a black 
The "official" timeline for the murders, as supported by the federal government through the FBI, is from July 21, 1979 to May 22, 1981, a 21-month murder spree by one pudgy young black man with no motive. The case brought against Williams by the Atlanta police consisted entirely of highly questionable and suspect circumstantial testimony, but which was magically turned into real evidence with the added bunk forensic science provided by the FBI. The presence of the FBI was not to investigate and resolve the murders, but to give the appearance of legitimacy to the "investigative" conclusions of the Atlanta police, which was to frame all of the cases around the neck of a black man. Undoubtedly, a real investigation would have rightly led to the local KKK and police officers who were members, then on to the leadership that was directing the campaign of terror, local officials and politicians. However, the federal government stepped in to rescue the white racist southerners who were behind the murderous campaign, with the vaunted validity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime LaboratoryThe FBI stepped in with bogus "experts" and bunk "science" to help frame a case around Williams as the fall guy, the mop by which to clean up the racist mess created by the Confederate States of America and its military, the United Klan of America. In 1876, the federal government conceded to the Confederate States of America that, although it had won the military battle, it was conceding the war when it came to the issue of  developing new and implementing new methods of perpetuating the enslavement of blacks - the infamous "Hayes Compromise" of 1876, whereby the federal government conceded to the restoration of the Confederate States of America as the government in the South, and left blacks to its mercy. 

You Know that I Lie:                                                                         the FBI Provides Legitimacy to Confederate Cover

The FBI and its Crime Laboratory got involved exclusively for the purpose of selling a close to the matter, by using Hollywood policing backed by bunk science. The FBI used  its scientist Harold Deadman, to make out the case against Williams, the same Harold Deadman who now works for the DC Metropolitan Police Department Crime Lab under Cathy Lanier. Deadman was hired by the MPD, even after he had been exposed as a fraud in the case of Williams and numerous others.  And since being employed by the MPD, Deadman has been further exposed as a repeat liar in at least two other cases, a murder-robbery and a rape case. (see: Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post, "Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept." - 04/20120). We now have this known liar doing forensic analysis on cases like Relisha Rudd, or Cleman Sweptson, which is no wonder these crimes remain unsolved. 

      "Attributed to Williams or Unresolved," all cases closed "Attributed to Williams:" from Wayne Williams to Khalil Tatum, make the Black man the culprit:
 The following list reflects the very troubling act of closing multiple murders of black people can "closed," merely by being "attributed" to the convictions of a single individual, without a shred of evidence in support. The list also includes murders the police considered "unresolved," but closed none the less on the implication of being "Attributed to Williams." They were listed as "Unresolved," yet, closed as "Attributed to Williams," meaning that all of those uninvestigated and unsolved murders were being dumped on Wayne Williams without so much as a charge against him. Wayne Williams is serving time to solidify and perpetuate a racist fraud.
NameAgeDate of disappearanceCause of deathCase status
Edward Smith14July 21, 1979Gunshot wound to upper backUnresolved
Alfred Evans13July 25, 1979StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Milton Harvey14September 4, 1979UndeterminedUnresolved
Yusef Bell9October 21, 1979StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Angel Lenair12March 4, 1980AsphyxiationUnresolved
Jeffery Mathis10March 11, 1980UndeterminedUnresolved
Eric Middlebrooks14May 18, 1980Bludgeoned to deathAttributed to Williams; closed
Chris Richardson12June 9, 1980StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Latonya Wilson7June 22, 1980UndeterminedUnresolved
Aaron Wyche10June 23, 1980AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Anthony Carter9July 6, 1980Multiple stab woundsAttributed to Williams; closed
Earl Terell11July 30, 1980AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Clifford Jones13August 20, 1980StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Darren Glass10September 14, 1980Undetermined (body never found)Unresolved
Charles Stephens12October 9, 1980SuffocationAttributed to Williams; closed
Aaron Jackson9November 1, 1980AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Patrick Rogers16November 10, 1980Bludgeoned to deathAttributed to Williams; closed
Lubie Geter14January 3, 1981AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Terry Pue15January 22, 1981StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Patrick Baltazar11February 6, 1981StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Curtis Walker15February 19, 1981AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Joseph Bell15March 2, 1981AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Timothy Hill13March 13, 1981AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed

Known adult victims[edit]

NameAgeDate of disappearanceCause of deathCase status
Eddie Duncan21March 20, 1981StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Larry Rogers20March 22, 1981StrangulationAttributed to Williams; closed
Michael Mcintosh23March 25, 1981AsphyxiationAttributed to Williams; closed
Jimmy Ray Payne21April 22, 1981AsphyxiationWilliams tried and found guilty of crime
John Porter28April , 1981Multiple stab woundsAttributed to Williams; closed
Nathaniel Cater28May 22, 1981AsphyxiationWilliams tried and found guilty of crime
                      (Source: Wilkapedia)