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  Muriel Bowser has proven as ITJ  said, an Adrian Fenty on steroids, even more removed from the real interests of the Black community and even more loyal to the racist agenda of Black repression and expedited removal. 

      A week before the "Democratic" primary, we had the U.S. government, in the person an,d office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Ronald Machen, announcing that he was preparing to bring an indictment against the incumbent, Vincent Gray. A few weeks before that, Machen got another guilty plea from a person alleged to have been involved with Gay's "Secret Campaign." This then dramatically swings the election in favor of Bowser, for now Gray has the problem of being indicted if re-elected. That not only served as the nail in the coffin for Grays e-election, but sealed the deal for Bowser.                                                                                       In April 2016, just over a year after the election, the U.S. government announced that it never had a case, never had anything on Gray. Really?  If that is so, then what was four-years of prosecution, with a number of "guilty" pleas about? If there was no crime, what did those people plead guilty too? It appears that the Obama regime has for years been intending to effect the DC election. 

     For 4-years the shroud of federal prosecution hung over the Gray administration, which made it weak. However, it had not been weakened enough for Muriel Bowser to win against Gray, so came the announcement to the contrary that swung the election to Bowser by default. Now, it turns out to have been a fake all along, there was nothing to prosecute if it did not lead to Gray. That means that all of those guilty pleas based on the scenario prosecuted are void, they were illegally obtained in a case that never existed. Yet, maintained by the U.S. government for the entire Gray term and heightened at the end.

   Most definitely the announcement threw the election toward Muriel Bowser, so here we are just over a year later and Bowser has proven to be nothing more than an autocrat for maintaining and furthering the status-qua, development at the expense of Black repression and displacement. Which is no different from her short unremarkable stint on the City Council, Bowser has never been about the people, she is a kneegrow classist, or "house niggress," a "bed winch" for big money.

 1. "FRESH PAC"                   Notice that, interestingly, the U.S. government is not interested in investigating Muriel  Bowser with regard to her "FRESH PAC," consisting of developers and big businesses seeking a piece of the DC gentrification pie. 

    Bowser’s Family Shelter Proposal is Not Only Anti-Family, But Anti-Affordable Housing to End Homelessness                          Since February, when Mayor Muriel Bowser announced her plan to close D.C. General and replace it with seven neighborhood shelters for homeless families, criticism of the proposal has risen to a steady drumbeat. Opponents have launched websites attacking the administration for a lack of transparency and, in Ward 3, staged a walkout of a public meeting. Their main objections are the project’s $660 million price tag; an accelerated decision-making process with little public outreach; and the fact that developers who donated to Bowser’s campaign stand to make a lot of money from city leases, while the District won’t own most...

 Within days of the last DC mayoral election, the U.S. Attorneys Office for DC announced that it was about to indict the incumbent, Vincent Gray. That move was intended to through the election to Muriel Bowser, abd that is exactly the effect that it had, for Bowser had no chance of beating Gray otherwise.  

    Having served only one unremarkable and scant term on the DC City Council, Bowser has followed in the footsteps of her mentor, one-term mayor Adrian Fenty, who was groomed by Michael Bloomberg, the former millionaire mayor of New York City, most famous for his illegal stop and search policing and heavy gentrification of the city.

   ITJ opposed Bowser's bid, particularly after she, Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, Mary Cheh, and Anita Bond showed a total lack of interest in even hearing, more less to address the serious problems the Black community have with policing, the U.S. Attorneys office, and the judiciary system.   They comprised the Committee on the Courts and Public Safety. 

    Bowser, Evans, and Wells were all running to be mayor. Yet, when it came time for them to be present to hear from the people and address their concerns at the annual oversight hearing in March,  2014, all but wells went unaccounted for, while Wells asked no questions and demanded no answers.They totally disrespected and disregarded the People, because we came with the following demands:

Confronting Raicist Policing, Persecutors, and Judges

  In the early 1800s, the D.C. jail was located at what is today "Judiciary Square," and the jail was primarily used to house blacks who were either in transport as "slaves," or so-called "free-blacks" captured in the city to be sold into slavery. There were numerous slave auction houses in the area along 7th street and auctions were regularly held in the same area the courthouses. To this day the area continues to be used for the enslavement or punishment of blacks, only they call it "criminal justice." So, why petition the government?

Although black people have every reason to be skeptical as to the efficacy of petitioning the government to arrest and redress the racist criminal acts and practices of its agents, we at ITJ do so only as an essential part of our strategy to expose, educate, mobilize, and organize. The primary goal of the People's Petition for Justice is not to seek redress from the government, but to build movement to challenge, resist, and abolish all systems of tyranny. If the government changes as a result of the petition alone, it would be an unexpected miracle and a small concession at best. The petition is intended to initiate the building of collective action once again, the re-establishment of MOVEMENT...we have allowed the system to constipate us.

The Peoples' Petition for Justice is addressed to the D.C. City Council and specifically, to the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary. It demands hearings to address a number of Jim Crow practices in policing, prosecuting, and the conduct of the un-elected judiciary. The purpose of the hearings are to investigate charges of racism and criminal abuse governing most criminal and civil "proceedings" in D.C. "Superior" court. Over the past decade ITJ has gathered evidence of such conduct against police, prosecutors, and judges. Abuse by D.C. police is covered up through malicious prosecutions by the U.S. Attorneys Office, which is all sanctioned by racist and corrupt judges.

The Four Aspects of "Jim Crow" Justice in DC 

Aspect No. 1 -  “All Hands on Deck = All Hands Around a Nigger's Neck   

In spite of the fact that crime rates in the city, as across the country, have been on a steady decline for more than a decade, DC police operate under the banner of "All hands on Deck," an initiative instituted by Kathy Lanier, the first white police chief in DC since the 1960s. As most people know,"All hands on Deck” is a maritime distress call, it is made when a ship is sinking or under attack. In the case of DC, intense racial gentrification is the ship, and a continuing black presence is the threat. For many black residents the policy translates into "all hands on a nigger's neck," as car loads of young white men in jeans and police vests patrol black neighborhoods, jumping out to harass, abuse, falsely arrest, and even kill black residents.

Racial Gentrification and Black Dislocation

With the median income in DC having been falsely inflated in the 1990s to over $80-thousand per year, a large segment of the black population has been forced out of the city as rents have become unreasonably high and jobs for black residents increasingly scarcer than ever before. With more middle and upper-class whites encroaching on black working class and low-income communities, policing and prosecution in those communities becomes even more intense and racially based. On average, if 500-people are arrested in DC every week, no more than five to ten of them are white, the rest are a mix of blacks and Latinos, with the overwhelming majority being black. 

Separate and Unequal Policing

   Many white officers are telling our youth that they are “banned” from this area or another simply because they say so, and then actually “arresting” them if they find them back in an area. We have people being charged with crimes that are not crimes, crimes that never occurred, with many of them being prosecuted in DC "Superior" court. The overwhelming majority of cases are misdemeanors and when examined, most are frivolous to ridiculous, or blatantly fabricated. And a part of the reason that so many of the cases are prosecuted is to reduce the city's liability for damages resulting from police misconduct and to disguise racial profiling. 

From all appearances, the police are not only allowed to make up "laws" just for black folk ("Black Codes"), but to disregard and violate actual laws just because the person subjected to their arbitrariness is black. Routinely police in DC make traffic or pedestrian stops without even as much as an ounce of “articulable suspicion,” which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment "guarantee" against unreasonable search and seizure. Frequently, such stops quickly mature into illegal searches of property and person, and the illegal seizure of the person - all without “probable cause.”  

DC police are also routinely allowed to get away with making false police reports, false arrests, robbery, breaking and entering, vicious assaults and even cold-blooded murder. Even though it may be crystal clear that an officer shot when he was not supposed to, as in the cases of Trey Joyner, Deaunte Rawlings, Charquisa Johnson, and numerous others, no officer has ever been even charged with as much as a misdemeanor in those instances.

Even more Ethiopians than Latinos are being arrested, which ITJ contends is a reflection that police are targeting black people. For example, a large portion of the Ethiopian population in DC can be found doing business and living in the area patrolled by the 3rd District police, and this is where more and more Ethiopians are being seized and jailed. Often, when police realize that a person is Ethiopian, there is a likelihood that that person will also be  physically assaulted, which may have been what happened in the beating death of Ali Mohammed this past fall. 

We then ask you....


6/11 - UPDATE: U.S Attorney Closes Case As Unsolvable Murder  

Ali Mohammed was beaten to death, according to police, by the owner and workers of a local bar. 

Supposedly the people chased Mr. Mohammed up a very busy street, caught him at a very busy intersection, and beat him to near death. They then called the police and waited for them to arrive, at which point Mr. Mohammed was taken into custody. Approximately 45-minutes later the police show up at a hospital barely two blocks from the scene, where he is pronounced dead from blunt force trauma.

   The police then arrest the bar owner and four employees, charging them with the beating death of Mr. Mohammed, but they all denied doing anything more than catching him and holding him for the police after he allegedly through a brick through the window of the bar. Ultimately, the U.S. Attorney dismisses charges against all five men for the "lack of evidence." However, if they had beaten Mr. Mohammed as severely as he was, there would have been plenty of evidence in the form of skin tissue, blood, and bruises. And because it occurred at one of the busiest intersections in NW DC, there would have been plenty of eyewitness walking and riding. 

   And then, there is absurdity that the police would have arrived and found a man damn near beat to death if he was not already dead, yet made no arrest of the people who beat him until some time later, while immediately arresting the severely beaten man. And then, why was no ambulance called by the police if they found him severely beaten on arrival, and what did they do with him for 45-minutes before taking him to the hospital that was barely two-blocks away?

   Although the U.S. Attorney dismissed the charges against the four men, it has yet to then explain who it then believes was responsible for the beating death. Apparently, if there was no evidence that the bar owner and his employees beat Mr. Mohammed, then that would have to mean that the police did, yet, no officer has been charged. As a matter of fact, after dismissing the charges against the five men, nothing else has been publicly said about the murder by the U.S. Attorney or the police. All Hands on Deck!

Please sign up below if you want to specifically seek justice in this case, designating your interest.

Aspect No. 2 - Malicious Prosecutors

DC residents are not “citizens,” but are in law and fact colonial subjects of the U.S. Congress. Residents do  not elect or even have a say in who the federal government appoints to serve as the prosecutor of residents and visitors to the city. Prosecutions in DC are carried out by a U.S. Attorney, or in other words, by the U.S. Department of Justice. Under this arrangement, there is no accountability to the residents, not even through Congress since the District does not have any actual representation in Congress other than token non-voting delegates. The U.S. Attorneys Office in DC is an imposition staffed with careerists totally unconcerned with doing “justice” and more concerned with maintaining the highest conviction rate of any other U.S. Attorneys Office in the country. 

Even though it is illegal for prosecutors to engage in malicious prosecutions, which is when: a civil suit or criminal proceeding has been unsuccessfully commenced without probable cause and for a purpose other than that of bringing the alleged offender to justice.”  In many cases brought to the U.S. Attorneys by DC police it is evident from the police report, or “prima facie,” that the charge is bogus or unsustainable due to the lack of a factual basis, legal basis such as illegal conduct on the part of the officer. It is then the duty of the prosecutor to decline the matter and where criminal conduct has been committed by the police, to then file charges against the officer or officers. This is the democratic principle of "due and equal protection," for criminal laws are supposed to protect the public from criminal conduct by any one, including police, prosecutors, and judges.

ITJ has found that it is routine practice for the U.S. Attorneys in DC to "paper" charges that they know are factually and legally baseless, submitting them to the court for prosecution. This is done primarily in "victimless" and cases of minor offenses such as disorderly conduct or misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Under this practice police and prosecutors freely waste millions of  taxpayer dollars to justify their own existence and of course, it is also done primarily at the expense of the lives of black and brown residents. 

Exactly how much taxpayer money is casually wasted in this manner is not known at this time, however, the cost to the public is criminal within itself. However, if one factors in the cost of hourly salaries paid to police, prosecutors, judges, and court personnel it is easy to average that it costs at least $10,000 to prosecute each misdemeanor that results in an instantaneous guilty plea. We then can double and triple that when the same charge is taken to trial, all for relatively minor offenses such as pissing in public.or having an open can of beer. Calculating that there are at least 2,000 misdemeanor arrests in DC each year, even with half that number being no papered, that comes out to an annual waste of well over $30 million a year and that is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

Then there is the matter of race and class in the charging and prosecuting decisions of the U.S. Attorneys office, where 98% of all prosecutions are of black and impoverished residents, but who comprise only around 53% of the city's total population. The majority of prosecutions are for misdemeanors, many of which are the product of exaggeration or outright false charging by police. Few whites are prosecuted, which is also because few whites are arrested, and police officers are never prosecuted unless they are black and have been caught working for drug dealers. No officer in DC has ever been prosecuted for gunning down or beating a black resident.


Aspect No. 3 - Racist Corrupt Judges

The judiciary of DC, like the U.S. Attorneys Office, is imposed on the residents and is wholly unaccountable to them. The residents have no direct and effective way of removing racist, corrupt, or simply incompetent judges. The judges of the “Superior” inferior court and the Appeals court are appointed without any input from the residents.Their imposition is essentially for life, even though every seven years or so they must file for re-appointment, which is a mere rubber-stamp formality. Over half of the judges on the DC courts are white, few are or have ever been residents, and most are contemptuous of the city's black impoverished residents.Perhaps, there is no greater concentration of corrupt and incompetent judges in the country than exists in the city and federal courts of DC. 

Under the law, judges have no power to "order," take, or authorize any action against a "citizen" without a lawful "cause of action" or “probable cause” in a civil or criminal under civil or criminal law. On the contrary however, many judges of the DC "Superior" court routinely operate in total disregard of this requirement, especially when dealing with black litigants or defendants.ITJ has found that it is routine and widespread practice amongst judges of the DC "Superior" court to bypass the making of probable cause determinations in criminals cases, which is a serious violation of the law. Rule 5 (c) of Criminal Procedure governs the probable cause determination and requires that upon the arrest of any person without an arrest warrant, "the Court shall, unless the defendant waives an initial probable cause determination, require the prosecutor to file with the Clerk of the Criminal Division by the end of the next working day a copy of a sworn statement of fact offered to establish probable cause."

The rule further sets forth that.upon the filing of the sworn statement of fact,"the Court shall then proceed promptly to determine if there is probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed and that the defendant committed it," where the court imposes "any conditions of release which constitute a significant restraint on pretrial liberty." The determination or probable cause may be made by the without conducting a hearing, and even when probable cause is based upon hearsay evidence in whole or in part, the rule requires that it "shall" entered on the case jacket along with the date of the determination. And if the court determines that there is no probable cause, it "shall" release the defendant, without significant restraints on the defendant's liberty, and shall order the defendant to appear for the next court proceeding.


The requirement of the "probable cause" determination is based on a 1975 ruling by the U.S. "Supreme" in the landmark case of  Gerstein v. Pugh 420, where the court held that procedures or practices "whereby a person arrested without a warrant and charged by information may be jailed or subjected to other restraints pending trial without any opportunity for a probable cause determination, are unconstitutional." 


Although the "Supreme" court held that the failure to conduct a probable cause determination  "does not void a subsequent conviction," it did not mean that it was not critical to proceeding. The extent of state intrusion and imposition on an individual can have a coercive affect, and the court recognized this where it stated in its opinion that the "consequences of prolonged detention may be more serious than the interference occasioned by arrest. Pretrial confinement may imperil the suspect's job, interrupt his source of income, and impair his family relationships."  

In this regard we see an impact in terms of many people deciding to plead guilty just to get out of jail or in some way, shorten the time they are held, with many of them being held without there having been a probable cause determination.

Without making "probable cause" determinations many judges of DC "Superior" court routinelimpose "conditions of pretrial release" that constitute "significant restraints of liberty." Routinely stay away orders are issued, along with an order to submit to urinalysis, and to report to the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA). A "stay away" order is a restraint on liberty, as well as any condition that requires a person to regularly take time out of their day to perform an act such as "reporting." While the requiring of persons to submit to urinalysis not only infringes on liberty, but also violates their right to privacy. These so-called "conditions of pre-trial release" routinely imposed on residents by DC "Superior" court judges essentially constitute a form of summary conviction and placement on probation, of which prosecution and conviction are mere after thoughts..

The "conditions of release" then becomes the basis for every other court appearance in many cases, or serves as the basis for locking a person in jail, even though no probable cause determination has ever been made. A so-called "dirty urine" is used to lock a person up, or not reporting to CSOSA and divulging personnel information. This practice by many judges of DC "Superior" court is illegal and coercive, which they drag out over a period of months to more than a year. In the meantime, the person is constantly being encouraged to plead guilty, often with a promise that it is the one sure way to end the harassment and abuse. Many people do get worn down, are frustrated, or intimidated by the tactic and simply plead guilty. 


If a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, then why are residents of DC being classified as "offenders" and in need of  court "supervision" merely due to being arrested? Could it be because law enforcement and criminal prosecution in DC is primarily directed at black and brown people?  You are presumed guilty and the only thing left to do is impose and punish a people who have no rights those holding the power and the government are bound to respect, not really.  The system is a racist sham, it imposes a state of denial about itself, you have no right to challenge the lies. and that is patriotic...................


Aspect No. 4 - Shyster Representation for the Impoverished

A fourth aspect of this scheme is the role of the "defense attorney," those appointed to represent indigent people, and even a number of those retained. In this scenario there is a failure of defense attorneys to provide competent advice, adequate assistance, and effective representation. Every person is entitled as a matter of constitutional right to the effective representation and assistance of counsel, so said the U.S. "Supreme" court in the case of Powell v. Alabama, 287 U.S. 45 [1932) and numerous cases thereafter. 

It is either due to gross incompetence or the lack of integrity that far too many of the attorneys handling criminal cases in DC "Superior" court are allowing their clients to be proceded against without there first being a finding of probable cause. 
And in failing to demand such fundamental due process compliance, many attorneys fall far below the minimum standards in every other regard, the slippery slope of mediocrity. Many attorneys are also allowing the police and prosecutors to withhold and even destroy exculpatory evidence, or simply do not demand the production of all such material in violation of the "Supreme" court's ruling in Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963). 


Thus, we have the police being engaged in "coon hunting," they then bring their victims to the U.S. Attorney for "nigger skinning," where they are subjected to a long drawn out process of "nigger roasting" by the judgesThis three-part apartheid scheme is carried out not only in DC, but in most areas of this country wherever there is a sizable black or brown population. It is identical to practices exposed and held illegal in Tulia and Hearne, Texas and just because it is happening in DC does not make any less racist or criminal. It is a problem of continuing apartheid, it is the continuing life of "Jim Crow." 



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Lanier Must Still Be Held To Account!      Over 8-Years of Racist       Police Un-accountability   

    Cathy Lanier was not only the first woman appointed as chief of the DC police department, but the first White person appointed to that position since "Home Rule ," which made DC "Chocolate City." Her appointment to that position signaled the end to DC being any kind of "Black Mecca," not with a redneck like Cathy Lanier as chief of police. 

   As police chief  Lanier has come up with every various schemes to illegally police the Black residents, because the first problem for her was that DC was "Black," when she joined the force and her job always has been to make DC White again. Lanier has no clue or interest as to justice, which makes he a lousy cop was appointed to be large and in charge of policing the "Nations Capital" under the control of darkies first by Adrian Fenty, continued by Vincent Gray, and continued by Bowser. No consultation with the Black community. 

   Cathy Lanier has been nothing less  than a throw-back to the old policing of D.C., which is always racist and classist. So, under Adrian Fenty as mayor it was decided that   policing of a majority Black city be placed in the hands of a White woman from the nearby redneck suburbs. 

   A decision maintained without any  justification frm Adrian Fenty to Vincent Gray, to thr current mayor-select Muriel Bowser, even before she was "elected." Bowser met with Lanier within a week of taking the "Democratic" nomination from Gray, but who not only gave Lanier her second term, but was promising a third.

2. A Full-OpenPublic Investigation into the White Vigilante Murder of Trey Joyner and the MPD Failure Even Arrest. 

   Cathy Lanier set up police "check points" in the Trinidad neighborhood just as it began to be gentrified, that were clearly aimed at oppressing the Black community. Then, after she was forced by a federal court to end the practice, a vigilante group of six White men employed as U.S. Park Police, killed Trey Joyner, which Lanier was allowed to treat as a "police shooting," even though the Trinidad neighborhood is not a city or federal park. They got off, how?

 3. Cover- Up of Fatal Shootings by DC Police         In 2013, MPD of the notoriously criminal "7D" in SE, shot Cleman Sweptson off his bike in a drive-by in the wee hours of the morning in an isolated location. Lanier was allowed not only to not release the names of the officers involved, but was allowed to also never explain the circumstances of the killing. He was on a bike, unarmed, had committed no crime, and was just trying to get home. They got off, how?

  Militia-Policing of the Black Community by the WMATA Transit Police         Under Lanier the WMATA police have been illegally allowed to impersonate police officers in the Black community. Transit police are not law enforcement officers, they were created by the WMATA charter only "to provide for the security of patrons, personnel, and property of WMATA," Yet, Lanier has allowed them to act as police in Black sections of the city, or when confronting a Black person on the street totally unrelated to the transit system. Lanier even allows them to seize and transport people to the nearest MPD station, but to lock them in cells as "transit prisoners." Yet this goes on, how?

  The Disappearance of Little Black Children and Black People             The manner in which Lanier, the MPD, even the FBI and Prince Georges County police dealt with the case of Relisha Rudd is more than suspicious, with Lanier leading an  effort to mis-inform, mis-direct, and misinform the public as to the facts of this case. Suspects not treated as suspect, wrong dates, murders not investigated, actions by the police that made no sense. No answers, how and why?