Against the Law:                                           Young Turks on Obama Expansion of Bush Doctrine Authorizing Assassinations                 of Any Person, For Any Reason   

    DOJ Conceals "Coon Hunting" and Illegal Detention of Blacks

       The Department of Justice, under the first "black" Attorney General, proves no better than the Bush DOJ in protecting the rights of black and brown people. In 2000,  ITJ notified the DOJ that law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges in certain rural locals in Georgia and South Carolina were engaged in the practice of routinely subjecting black people to false arrests, indefinite detentions, malicious prosecutions, and false imprisonments. The practice is commonly and warmly referred to by these people as "Coon Hunting,"  and it is intended to serve a number of political and economic purposes. 

        In many southern states, once a person is convicted of a crime they lose their "right" to vote forever, also due to federal dollars being made available under the pretext of "the War on Drugs," many sheriff departments got new jails that greatly increased their capacity to jail and detain more people, keeping them filled, if not overcrowded is a priority for economic reasons. Under the pretense of the "War on Drugs," black people and black communities are targeted for "drug task force" activity, where routinely "sweeps" are made, as occurred in the more notorious cases in the Texas towns of Tulia and a few years later, in Hearn

        Although much was made about the conduct of the police in those cases targeting the black population, ITJ raised a challenge to the failure to also focus in on the roles that local prosecutors and judges played in those cases. In both situations, as with those that ITJ complained to the Department of Justice about in Georgia and South Carolina, once the people were seized and jailed, they were then subjected to further violations of their civil, constitutional, and Human rights through indefinite illegal detention. ITJ found that the people are held without ever seeing a judge, without counsel, without any "due process" for months on end until they agree to enter a guilty plea. And where a person is able to post bond, the charge is never proceeded on in the manner prescribed by law, but is unduly delayed and then summarily tried where the person is found guilty without a trial. By doing this, the local authorities keep the bond money, reducing it to nothing more than a ransom. 


        SC "Coon Hunter" - CongressmanTrey Gowdy

            In the 2011 mid-term congressional election, Harold Trey Gowdy (pictured below), a "good ol' boy" of the Strom Thurman ilk and Tea Party Republican from South Carolina, was just elected to congress. Gowdy not only now sits on the House Judiciary Committee, but serves as the vice-chair of the Subcommittee on the Courts and Civil Rights. Prior to being elected to congress, Gowdy served eleven-years as the prosecutor for the 7th Judicial District of South Carolina, comprising Cherokee and Spartanburg counties. It was these two counties that ITJ began to focus its attention on with regard to "Coon Hunting." In the summer of 2001, Trey Gowdy lured the ITJ investigator back to Gaffney, the county seat of Cherokee county, by threatening to wrongfully prosecute local blacks who were providing  the investigation with information. When the ITJ investigator showed up in town at the court.

      Although habeas corpus was filed in the federal courts in both states, the federal judges there proved to be no different from the local officials in terms of their total lawlessness. The first federal judge to obstruct habeas was none other then Terry Wooten, a former long-time aide to Strong Thurman, who was promised a federal judgeship by George "Papa Doc" Bush in his second term in exchange for leaking information against Anita Hill during the confirmation process for Clarence Thomas. However Papa Doc Bush never got a second term, so Wooten sat as a magistrate on the federal bench until "Baby Doc" Bush got into the White House, and Wooten was his very first judicial nomination. Ironically, at the very same time Wooten was working with Gowdy to maintain the illegal detention of the ITJ investigator, he was being confirmed as an Article III judge by the U.S. Senate. By tht time Gowdy and his cohorts had entered into a conspiracy with their redneck counterparts in Georgia to illegally transport the ITJ investigator across state lines as if the Fugitive Slave Act was still on the books, and Wooten actually revealed this fact in a bogus "report and recommendation" regarding the petition for the writ of habeas corpus. This meant that Wooten had indicated prior knowledge, support, and participation in a conspiracy to carry out an interstate kidnapping.

        The same ITJ investigator had been calling for a DOJ investigation and criminal prosecution of Jeb Bush since 1999, for the violent repression of black voters in Gadsden County in 1997 and 1998. It was shortly after Baby Bush took office at the White House that Trey Gowdy and the other rednecks got the nerve to initiate their kidnap plan. The Bush FBI made it clear that their orders were not to do anything unless the ITJ investigator was beaten "worse than Rodney King." Even after Barack Obama was installed as president and appointed Eric Holder as the first black Attorney General of the U.S., the failure and refusal of the DOJ to act has continued. This failure and refusal allowed for Harold Trey Gowdy to not only become a congressman, but to sit on the House Judiciary Committee and be appointed as the vice-chair of the subcommittee on the Courts and civil rights.