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Trump is "Proudly" Stupid and Stupid AmeriKKKlans are Proud of His Stupidity

December 14, 2018

  Trump campaigned on building a huge wall along the border with Mexico, and said that Mexico would pay for it. The absurdity of such a thing went way over the small minds of racist AmeriKKKlans and them into chanting "build the wall, build the wall," this was after they chanted "USA, USA" and "Lock Her Up, Lock her up" - what assholes. However, immediately after he won the selection, he began talking about needing $5-billion of U.S. tax payers dollars to build his wall, and it is his, he just made that up as something to do, like coming up with "SPACE FORCE" (to be under the command of "SPACE GHOST").

  So, now as his crimes are finally catching up with him, he is desperate for a major distraction. He can't turn to the economy as GM and other major corporations that got hundreds of millions of tax payers money transferred to them with his "tax reform" bill (that Congress approved), are firing thousands of workers and shutting down plants. Add to that the devastating impact his tantrum tariff wars all across the globe, especially with China, are also hurting the U.S. economy. He can't turn to foreign affairs considering that everything he has done on that realm has been to isolate the U.S. and an embarrassing fiasco, the latest being his undying support for Saudi Arabia for killing the reporter Jamal Kishoggi in its embassy and having aggressively armed them with the weapons to commit genocide in Yemen. He does not want to talk about any of that, doesn't want to talk about his taxes, nor the various investigation creeping up his ass, so he falls back on his racist dog-whistle.

   Nasty Pelosi, Mikey "the Doberman Pencer," Donald Duck Trump, and "Chucky" Shumer the known Zionist meet in a frank argument before the cameras. However, like a good attack dog Pence played dead until really needed, and then decided to just play dead like he was just there and had nothing to do with the Duck. Word is that Pence is the "Deep Throat" in the White House.

   Just a few weeks ago he tried to stir up racist hysteria by talking about the caravan of Central Americans, primarily from those countries that the U.S. has held firmly under its control, talking about "they're are some bad people." He and others like him started saying that there was going to be this huge swarm and invasion of brown "hombres" across the southern border, even hyping it up by sending thousands of troops and even going so far as talking about ordering them to shoot to kill. Of course all of that was him shooting off his mouth and shooting himself in the ass again, however, being the giant asshole that he is, he doubled-down on his stupidity. In spite of the fact that the bad brown horde reached the border weeks ago and the current fencing backed up by a huge show of armed force has kept them a bay, he demands that the American people pay for his wall now. Then the asshole says before the cameras that he would "proudly shut the government down" if he does not have his way.

   Aside from constantly shooting himself in the ass, everything he has done has had a negative impact on the American people, and he is still in office, incredible! When he holds his racist rallies, thousands of rabid racist AmeriKKKlans show up with those dumb-ass chants, incredibly stupid and dangerous. Actually, I myself am tickled pink, even though I am Black. I voted for the asshole for the very reason that I trusted he would be the big stinking shit-hole he has been. I never had a reason to vote for president, but this time I saw an opportunity to do some damage to this racist white-settler nation and boy has this idiot delivered. Besides the fact that I personally did not like Hillary, I hated the idea of Black folk unconditionally throwing their votes behind her as if there was some salvation in that, and had she won, would have gone right back to sitting on their asses on the sidelines waiting for Ms. Hillary to drop some of those promised crumbs.

   My vote was against the plantation and the slave-mentality, why should I be concerned about what is "good" for AmeriKKKa, that is absolutely absurd for any informed Black person to be concerned with. Go DucK! Unfortunately for him, which I am also enjoying, this piece of shit is going to likely be "proudly" impeached and possibly imprisoned. If he actually goes through with shutting down the government, depending on whether Congress will stand firm and not bend the people over again for him, I believe that will be the straw that breaks his own back. What an asshole, talking about he's some sort of grand negotiator, deal-maker, on and on. Whether he does or doesn't, the boy keeps making his hole deeper and deeper, and I am loving it, this is good for AmeriKKKa in my humble devious opinion. Just as a disclaimer, I suffer from Constant Traumatic Stress System (CTSS), certified, and my therapist Yoda, says that I also have severe "Drapetamania," that is a natural tendency to resist enslavement... for which I have been whipped many times, but only makes me more resistant. I love and very proud of being a "Tar Baby." Have a great day.   


The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story, Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

September 30, 2018

The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story,
Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

by Kwasi Seitu - Tar Baby 

   For weeks now, all that we have heard from the controlled and corporate press is a growing salacious tale of inappropriate sexual behavior that Kavanaugh allegedly engaged in high-school three-decades ago. It was a single alleged incident, yet the media have been all over it as if it the most important and only thing it should be focused on, no investigative reporting into the avo...

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Sex, Lies, and the Jim Crow Senate

September 30, 2018

Sex, Lies, and the "Jim Crow" Senate:

Its the Brett Kavanaugh Show

by Kwasi Seitu/ Tar Baby

Instead of the hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh being about what kind of judge he has been, the focus of the Senate Committee has been on everything but his judicial record, Republican and Democrats playing their roles to make it so. While Republicans planned on a quickie "confirmation," to which the Democrats apparently agreed to co...

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Republicans and Democrats Cover-up Judicial Coupe of the Law

September 10, 2018

Republicans and Democrats Cover-up Judicial Coupe of the Law

by Kwasi 9/7/18

The night before the first day of the hearing on Brett Kavanaugh, I faxed to each member a six-page letter specifically setting forth and outlining evidence of impeachable offenses against Kavanaugh and a number of other federal judges, including Merit Garland all in a single case. My letter provided case numbers, dates, specific acts, and the laws violated. I did not intend to attend the hearing unless ...

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Thoughts on the U.S. War on Vietnam and the 4th of July

July 5, 2018

For the most part Americans did not come to oppose the war on Vietnam because it was wrong and immoral, but because it became evident to them that it was not winnable, too costly in terms of American lives and resources. Even when Americans came out against the war, many of them still referred to the Vietnamese as "the enemy," just because they fought against U.S. invasionsand domination of their country. There was never two separate Vietnams, that was a European imposition in attempt ...

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Why I, a known Black activist voted for the Don

June 14, 2018

Why I, as a known Black activist, voted for the Don

Donald Trump has done a real banged-up job as president, in my opinion, he has done exactly what I expected him to do to AmeriKKKA. First, he has pulled America's true racist nature back to bearing its teeth, which is what he has always been about. He is not making America more racist and fascistic, he merely speaks to and plays on it to serve his own ends, which encourages AmeriKKKlans to come out of the closet. I am not mad at him...

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A Stupid Racist Police Policy Exposed in DC

May 8, 2018

  DCClearly the DC police are lying about the death of the brother on the dirt bike, however, I don't see this as the major issue. The family of the brother are charging homicide on the basis that police were in fact pursuing him on the bike, in violation of the idiotic non-enforcement policy of the MPD in dealing with reckless fools on dirt-bikes.

   When I first heard the story and saw pictures of the seen, it is evident that the police car was coming from the opposite direction ...

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Putin Stands Strong Against Old Pirates in Order to Avert a WWIII

April 14, 2018
The U.S. has a "president" and not a king or queen, but who all essentially wear the same old "new cloths" inherited by their predecessor, so in fact the U.S. is ruled as if a kingdom. The current "King" is the wacky Donald Duck Trump. This time he is cloaked by the claim that somehow, he is or is not the product of some phantom "Russian Meddling" in the U.S. presidential election, which was nullified by the American Electoral College. For nearly two-years now AmeriKKKa has been fixated on it...

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Welcome to 2018: Armegeddon Time for AmeriKKKa

January 1, 2018

Welcome in 2018: Armageddon Time for Making AmeriKKKa Great Again

   2017 was an incredible year in AmeriKKKa for retardation and racism, after 8-years of the unexpected existence of a black man as president, it went back to dumb and dumber. I have to give it to that knee-grow, he saved not only the big house, but the whole plantation after Dumb "W" set it on fire, as an abolitionist I was not happy with that knee-grow. So, here 2017 begins with the crowning of Dumber, Donald "Dumb-a...

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The FBI and DOJ Once Again Reveals Their True Purpose: To Help Cover-Up Systemic Racist Crime, as in the case of the Murder of Sean Suiter

December 28, 2017

The FBI and DOJ Once Again Reveals Their True Purpose: To Help Cover-Up Systemic Racist Crime, as in the case of the Murder of Sean Suiter

The FBI has refused to investigate the murder of Baltimore police detective Sean Suiter, who was murdered the day before he was slated to appear before a federal grand jury to testify against other officers in an FBI investigation of police corruption. According to the FBI "there is no evidence of a connection between Suiter’s murder and the ...

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