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The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story, Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

September 30, 2018

The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story,
Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

by Kwasi Seitu - Tar Baby 

   For weeks now, all that we have heard from the controlled and corporate press is a growing salacious tale of inappropriate sexual behavior that Kavanaugh allegedly engaged in high-school three-decades ago. It was a single alleged incident, yet the media have been all over it as if it the most important and only thing it should be focused on, no investigative reporting into the avoidance of a substantive public examination of his judicial record by the entire committee, what are they hiding? The media were calling the hearing where Dr. Blasey-Ford and Kavanaugh were to testify in a meaningless "he said-she said" showdown, as "Historic," "Bombshell," and it was nothing more circus. Dr. Ford testified, there was no bombshell, and Brett Kavanaugh came back all hurt and angry. Nothing historic, no bombshell, just a bunch of drama that has no relevance to the plan to fast track this man onto the Supreme court, just like he was fast tracked onto the federal judiciary in 2006.

   What the media has missed, or chose to ignore, was my complaint to the committee against Kavaugh, which also has a lot to do with the story that the entire committee has withheld its existence from the public. However, unlike the other complainants recognized by the Democrats (only because the Republicans never intended to recognize any), I am not a White woman and am in fact, a Black man. And unlike the other recognized complainants, mine specifically concerns Kavanaugh's conduct on the bench and specifically shows were he knowingly engaged in the violation of U.S. law. It does not show up on his record since his crime was to void the federal laws that could make that possible, still it shows up in the court record as a ruling he signed off on in a particular case, my own. In that case Brett Kavanaugh signed off on federal judges violating laws governing the conduct of judges regarding recusal, the supervision of conduct, and disciplining. It is interesting that Kavanaugh felt very comfortable letting it be known that he is an angry White man, full of entitlement as such, attacking those who question him.

   My record also includes president Obama's former nominee Merit Garland engaging in the same fraternal lawless conduct as Kavanaugh and the rest of the District of Columbia federal circuit. My record does not depend on fading memory, corroborating testimony, or even an FBI investigation to determine its veracity, it is plain and very accessible to the public. I sent this information to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a number of other "news" outlets weeks ago, even a few that claim to be "alternative," yet not a peep, not one call or email from any of them. In the meantime, they all keep hawking tickets to a "Bombshell," "Historic," salacious, or at least titillating circus of a very important public proceeding. The testimony was not "riveting" unless one likes soap operas, who are you to believe, and really why? In the end, it all meant nothing to stopping his from being confirmed by express sham, the Republicans were ready to go ahead with moving his confirmation forward. Now, there is new drama, Senator Flake has caused a delay and a bullshit FBI investigation that will only confirm that the drama is he said - she said.

   There will be no FBI investigation of my complaint, it probably won't even show up in the congressional record of complaints sent to the committee, making it guilty of not only withholding critical information from the public, but also of furthering the obstruction justice and violating my Human rights. My complaint sets forth verifiable charges that Brett Kavanaugh did in fact break and sanction the breaking of federal law, it is irrefutable in law and recorded fact. My claim is not subjective, not based or dependent on a fading memory, not concerning an unverifiable incident, and did concern his conduct on the bench. The media has played as much a role in pulling this sham on the public than the committee members, they serve as nothing more than an echo-chambers of those "holding the power and the government," the public has a right to know only to the extent that they determine. As for me, my Black ass, I have no rights that any of them are bound to respect, as was stated by chief justice Roger B. Taney in the infamous Dred Scott v. John Sanford "decision" in 1857.

   The demonstrably racist ruling is commonly referred to as "the Dred Scott Decision," associating him with the repugnant dogma, when in fact it was the "decision" of the racist enslaver majority of the Supreme court. Ironically, right after Dianne Feinstein tripped the White wintess only sign on, a photograph appeared in the news of her sitting in the hearing room. When juxtaposed with the portrait of Roger B. Taney, Feinstein and he are frighteningly almost indistinguishable not only in their appearance, but in their social philosophy on the issue of race. Totally disregarding my more relevant, current, and verifiable complaint for ones that are not. Again, not saying that the allegations are not important, but they are all remote to his conduct as an adult, moreless to his conduct as a judge. The media is missing all of this as it pursues chum tossed to it because it is salacious and exploitive, making the whole matter about not only "abortion rights," but specifically the "MeToo Movement." No longer is America concerned with "civil rights," the impact of the judiciary on people of color in America is not part of the discussion, because America says that it became "post-racial" in 2008 with the selection of Barack Obama.

Very little of the American media is about reporting real news, "fake news" is nothing new, many Black people were lynched and continue to be lynched behind "fake news." The constant war of the White settlers on the Indigenous people were fueled by "fake news" of "savage" attacks and massacres on White settlers, much like Donald Trump and others claimed are going on in South Africa today. It is "fake news" that this circus of a public proceeding is nothing more than a sham, this is not democracy at work, but the competition between two racist parties with the same agenda. The Republicans clearly have never been concerned about the quality of the person they placed on the "high court," as long as they were their type of candidate. Clarence Thomas, Anthony Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, and recently Neal Gorrsege. Everyone a puppet of the far right-winged agenda, not a one qualified to be a judge, yet they were made Supreme court "justices." The press has consistently played a role in greasing the tracks of public information in support of this agenda, much as Joseph Gerbil managed public information in support of the rise of the Third Reigh.

   If we want empty drama, we can turn on the "Young & the Restless," or some other television drama, but we should be able to depend on the press - the "Fourth Estate," for news. That, however, is not the case, instead it is about sensationalism, even when the only thing sensational about their reporting is that it is not sensational at all, and definitely not news. So, a major national public proceeding has been once again reduced to irrelevant "drama," he said - she said, not about the persons substantive record. The American media, including those who claim to be "progressive," feed off the garbage and spreads the bullshit all around as news. It is "news" for a maggot society filled with maggot-brained people, dumbed down so much that "fake news" is seen as real news. And this practice is not just a White or right-wing media thing, for this information was given to many in the Black press and those claiming to be more on the "Left," and they too persist in feeding on the garbage and spreading the bullshit. Lets go with the high-"drama," the irrelevantly salacious, backed by "riveting" meaningless unsupportable testimony, having absolutely nothing to do with the question as to why Brett Kavanaugh is even on the bench and not in prison.

  I am single-handedly doing the job that the New York Times, the Washington Post, Democracy Now, the Young Turks, and every other "news" media group combined has completely failed to do. And that job is to inform the public as to what is really going on with their so-called "democracy," rather than covering-up the same old unabashed racist hypocrisy. / /


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