DCClearly the DC police are lying about the death of the brother on the dirt bike, however, I don't see this as the major issue. The family of the brother are charging homicide on the basis that police were in fact pursuing him on the bike, in violation of the idiotic non-enforcement policy of the MPD in dealing with reckless fools on dirt-bikes.

   When I first heard the story and saw pictures of the seen, it is evident that the police car was coming from the opposite direction and swerved across the line to cut the bike off. However, also, the result of the impact clearly establishes that the bike was indeed recklessly speeding through the community. According to the family, the police were not supposed to do anything, why didn't the brother just give it up, or not done it all in the first place.

   Yes, the police are lying when they say they were not "pursuing" the brother, but the really big question was why did he do everything to put himself in the position of being pursued by police, including fleeing on the bike without regard for his own safety or anyone else's. This is a tragic incident, one not initiated by the DC police, the amount of contributory cause on the part of the brother is overwhelming. It seems that the family are misplacing responsibility based on an alleged law enforcement "policy" that discourages enforcement.

   No, the brother should not have ridden a vehicle that is illegal on the streets of DC, nor should he then been trying to escape police by speeding away. At the most, he faced a minor misdemeanor and the seizure of his bike, which he probably would have gotten bacK. His speed going down Division Avenue had to be above 50, and he could clearly see the police car coming directly at him, yet that did not slow him down. Clearly, he had no intent on stopping based on a police policy that tells the police not to police. Thus, the policy legalizes riding a dirt bike recklessly on city streets, which the brother's family wants to call murder.

   We have all seen the wild packs of these bikers that take over busy streets and even sidewalks, like a pack of wild cowboys coming through town. Popping wheelies and other tricks, the "see me" thing, without any regard for others with no regard for all the cars and people around. They give no thought that one minor mistake could result in major physical damages and casualties. It is not like when back in the 70's blacks started forming huge bike packs that traveled across the city on the way to some park. There was no "see me," we had our whistles and only took over an intersection long enough to get all bikers across, and no one minded.

   In my opinion the policy of the police is a major contributing factor in this incident, with a exclamation point being a so-called "tribute" of bikers being allowed to recklessly drive up and down the street while the police just stood by. There were cars, buses, children on the sidewalks, people's homes, and no law in the streets to address this kaos. They have empowered the problem, and now highlight the fact, so are they going to stay the course on this ridiculous non-enforcement policy.

   Dirt bike packs recklessly taking over streets and sidewalks is not a racial thing, this brother was not caught in this situation because he was black, he did not die because he was black, he died because he was speeding on a dirt-bike fleeing from the police, and got cut off by a police car that he could clearly see coming at him. Apparently, he believed that because of the nonsense empowering policy of the police, that the on-coming police car was just supposed to let him speed on by. In this instance the police my have violated an idiotic policy, but they did so in order to address the growing public safety problem presented as a result of that idiotic policy.

   I do not appreciate black folk who try to make something out of nothing, trying to make it about some form of racial injustice, while refusing to account for the contributory role of the deceased or beaten. What the case centers on is a stupid policy of the MPD that puts the Black community of DC more at risk since these dirt bike packs are all black, meaning they are in and come out of our community. No, I am not in support of a non-policing policy that encourages recklessness in our community. I am sorry for the families loss, wish the young brother had made better choices, but he apparently did not. Something good can come out of this matter, which is coming up with a real police policy that addresses and limits this problem as a matter of finally providing "public service" to the black community.