I hate having to always be the odd-man out, but I oppose this nonsense of it being any part of the Black cause to have Harriet Tubman's image, or that of any black person, being placed on the bloody pirate U.S. currency. All of sudden it has become a goal of the Black struggle, an all consuming one, like reparations. I am not only absolutely opposed to having Harriet Tubman's image pimped out on the bloody U.S. currency, but even the notion that is alright to even suggest such shit. I am certain neither of which has anything to do with our liberation. Having our the image of our Queen General placed on a Federal Reserve note has absolutely nothing do with advancing the Black struggle for justice and freedom, the notion was fabricated and put forth by the Democrats through Barack Obama, whohas never been part of our liberation struggle. They put the notion out through him as an emotional hook for black folk to bite and sure enough, many of us have, just like we drank the koon-aid for Obama, taking it up as our cause like pigs at the troth. We are buying stamps that allow us to do the deed of placing Harriet Tubman's image on our enemy's bloody currency, as if it makes it our own, calling it a “revolutionary appropriation” as one such fool explained to me. Those altered notes in no way empower us, unless we are just excited by black face on White things, like we got all excited about the first “Black president” of the plantation system.

 Harriet Tubman belongs to us, she has never belonged to America, nor the U.S. government. She not only escaped slavery, but lived to undermine it at much personal risk time after time. This woman was indeed special on a number of levels, none of which the U.S. government or society ever got, for she was/is a revolutionary. She escaped, defied, and worked against slavery to her dying breath. Barack Obama never asked the rest of us about his proposal of putting Queen General Harriet on the U.S. currency, it was just decided by them through him, speaking of not by us. Yet, here black folk have taken it up as their cause, even though it not only does nothing to advance our real cause for liberation and justice, but confuses it with the perpetuation of a thoroughly racist oppressive system and society. Since our Queen General is not here to speak for herself, I am one person who will speak for her, and am absolutely qualified to do so. She would turn over in her grave if her image was used to validate this oppressive system, especially if the very people whose liberation she worked for, took this up as their cause in her name. Shame!

   It is disgraceful how we have gotten down into groveling and whoring ourselves out, and then claiming that as our struggle, wrong. It is no different from the nonsense of our focusing energy on reparations, even though we have not liberated ourselves, which the kneegrow mind says are one in the same. Reparations are an after the fact matter, where an oppressed people have liberated themselves from their oppressor and only then, are in a position to demand reparations, reparations are a demand and not a request. We have not liberated ourselves and in fact, with all of this kneegrow nonsense, are pushing that possibility further out of our reach ideologically. Currently, the Trump regime is pushing a scheme for the Palestinians to accept economic rewards in exchange for submitting to rule under the White settler state of Israel, its called the “Kushner Plan.” As with the plan that led to the pretend end of White minority rule in South Africa, the blueprint came from how the U.S. deals with its “Black problem,” which is to get them to sell themselves out. Black people in AmeriKKKa, especially those who identify as “AfricanAmerican,” just “want things” as stated by white folk like Bill O'Reilly. They don't want justice and freedom, they can be bought off with bobbles and trinkets, meaningless gestures, flattery and empty promises. And sure enough, like fools, we take it up as our cause.

Malcolm X declared that we “need a revolution,” but which some of us have now turned into “we need reparations,” damn revolution. We want “things,” like black faces in high White places and on White things, like their currency. Olympic champion John Carlos complained in an a recent interview that people often misinterpret his and Tommie Smith's protest at the 1968 Olympics as being against the U.S., when in fact it was salute to our struggle for liberation against and from it. The “Black Power” salute was not about assimilating into the White system, nor seeking its acceptance that “Black Lives Matter.” John Carlos and Tommy Smith were giving a salute to the revolutionary “Black Liberation Movement,” which was and remains about no sell out. Revolution is not a bad word, nor an impossible dream, but is an absolute necessity to end oppression.

   Every July 4th, AmeriKKKKlans celebrate the success of their “revolution” to establish their branch and brand of hell in 1776. Revolution is also not a one act play, it is the opening act that leads to a liberation movement, which does not transform unto a demand for reparations until successful. Yet, it is us who have been and continue to be most instrumental in derailing and betraying our revolution for more comfortable and safe emotional goals, like reparations and black face on White things. From “Black Lives Matter,” to reparations, to the newly added “cause” of replacing the image of Andrew Jackson on the $20 note with that of Harriet Tubman, we are selling out. These things not only have nothing to do with our liberation, but contradicts it, for they are all about submission, assimilation, and seeking acceptance from the oppressor. Think about slaves on a plantation rebelling to pick cotton in Kente cloth, instead of the standard slave cast-off clothing, and you have the essence of the current so-called “Black Movement” in AmeriKKKa. Notice that it is now just a “Black Movement” now days, it is no longer about revolution, nor liberation, its is all about capitulation to, and acceptance by the system.

   The Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) has been very effective in its goal of crushing “Black Revolution,” particularly in getting black people to turn our people away from it consciously or not, which is its stated objective. And notice that, I do not speak of COINTELPRO in the past-tense, but in the present and future tense, which exists in these apolitical emotional causes that we are wrapped up in. Now, what group of black folk decided for the rest of us that we needed White people to not only put black faces on their money, but our greatest leaders? Where was this decided? Certainly not within any Black revolutionary circles, this is a kneegrow thing, like pursuing reparations and getting white folk to say that black lives matter (as if our continued subjugation does not speak volumes on the fact that of course, our asses have always mattered, its called “the African Slave Trade”). Just how did we come to this notion of putting Harriet Tubman on their bloody baseless currency, and making it part of our cause? Why would we do so? This is not “Black,” it is kneegrow, COINTELPRO, intended to ideologically retard our struggle.

Our ancestors were never asked and had no say in continuing to be held “subject to the authority” of their enslavers after they were “emancipated,” in perpetuity, in exchange for a thing the enslaver called “citizenship,” albeit “second class,” with enactment of the Fourteenth amendment. Malcolm X rejected such nonsense, giving rise to the Revolutionary Black Liberation Movement, out of which came the army, of which I am a life-long SoulJah. I opposed the notion of “Five states” put forth by the Nation of Islam and the Republic of New Afrika as nonsense and actually counter-revolutionary, for it suggests that we buy in by being given a portion of the stolen land. Additionally, I thought it suicidal to think that AmeriKKKa would provide for and allow an independent Black nation, just look at its relationship with Haiti, Jamaica, and Grenada. I have pissed many emotional black cultural nationalist off with my commitment as a SoulJah of the Black Liberation Army to protect the struggle, which is spiritual, as well as physical, in terms of its demands and expectations. I remain committed to Black Revolution, so stand guard against the infiltration of confusing kneegrow notions and ideas that help undermine our struggle, doing triage on self-inflicted wounds. As the Last Poets made clear decades ago, “Niggers are scared of Revolution,” so, they pursue everything other than revolution, as outlined above with regard to reparations and the pimping of Harriet Tubman's image on their blood money. I will not accept any attempt to rationalize the proposed Obamination of Harriet Tubman, he has no relationship to her, nor to our struggle. If the U.S. was sincere about honoring Harriet Tubman, then it would honor Assata Skakur, yet it holds her out as a forever criminal, which we (black folk, accept).

   We are not and have never been “citizens” based on the 14th Amendment, just slaves made subjects. They never asked us, we never had any means or opportunity to discuss amongst ourselves what these white people were contemplating, it was not even presented as a proposal to us because in the end, they saw and see us as nothing more than their property. So, their notions becomes our causes, our identifier. I know full well that many of my positions run up against what have become some of the most cherished causes of AfricanAmericans, such as reparations and Harriet Tubman's image on blood money, but I don't care, because I ain't down with them either. Harriet Tubman followed Nat Turner, led John Brown and Frederick Douglass, she was a revolutionary and was one force that began their civil war to at least end the era of chattel enslavement. Without her, perhaps none of that would have happened, she forced the hand of Lincoln by defying slavery and making the Confederates to declare their cause, which in great part was to capture her. Nearly a million dollars was offered for her capture, but they never captured her, and she never backed down, and never sold out.

   Had the U.S. government come to suggest placing her on their money, after their civil war and the brief life of “Reconstruction;” while she was at that time struggling to establish a sanctuary for the formerly enslaved still being subjugated the same, I am sure she would have told them to go to hell. On her own, Harriet Tubman provided a place for her people to come with no respect, appreciation, and support from the U.S. government. And she did that on her own out of profound love for her people to finally live free, the U.S. government offered her no support, no thanks. I stand firmly against the image of Harriet Tubman being placed on the oppressor's currency, this is a false cause, one created by our oppressors to further disperse our focus on revolution. They were never able to capture the Queen General Harriet, but now they are tricking black folk into gladly turning her over to them, reflecting how they still mentally dominate us. They never asked us for permission because they still see us as dumb-ass slaves, because we continue to play the part, willingly or unwittingly. The Democrats decided to push to have her image on their money, representing her final capture, which they counted on us to support as some sort of great “Black” achievement, to which they expect to rewarded by everlasting loyalty come election time. They want us to betray and hand Harriet Tubman over to them, to serve as a representative of the very system she struggled against.

Kneegrows stay back from me with your nonsensical arguments that this is not the case, for you are not qualified to speak on “Black” issues, you are mere jackals of the enemy and I will call you out. This is our Queen General, and I am one her everlasting Souljahs, and defend her against all foes, including bootlickers, pimps, and the plain stupid. Stand with me, if you truly want and demand respect our Queen General, by opposing the U.S. government's attempt initiated by it Barack Obama, to co-opt her legacy and printing her image on the always bloody U.S. currency. I propose that it would be more appropriate that the image of the most honorable John Brown replace that of the great racist murderer Andrew Jackson on the U.S. currency if it is serious about beginning to make amends for its crime. I say and say that we must all stand to say #AmeriKKKlanHandsOffHarriet&Assata