I have been blocked from FB supposedly for violating its "Community Standards," a community as a subscriber, I am not a part of, so not only was my last post not posted, but I was suspended from posting they say for 24-hours. Not only was I not consulted as to any objections to my post, nor given any explanation as to how it violated the "Community Standards," but FB decided that they also had to place a muzzle on me for at least 24-hours. Now, anyone who follows me on FB knows that I don't hold back on expressing thinking things through as the road to Black liberation, my liberation and my children's children's liberation. Now, FB, started by a privileged opportunist, who is now a millionaire because we use his format for the free exchange of ideas, expressions, discussion, and debate. My post slandered no one, but spoke of a negative historical character, which I directed primarily towards the present day conduct of my own people, of my community. And FB decided that it not only needed to be censored, but for which I needed to be punished for even thinking, more less daring trying to post off of the FB Zuckerberg Plantation.

    All of this was done instantaneously about an hour after I attempted to post, other than the accusation that my post had violated "Community Standards," but mentioned no "Community Standard" that my post violated. It is just like the racist "criminal prosecution" system, when all know that racist and other terrorist freely use FB to communicate and recruit. I have not advocated any violence, slandered no one, spoken any lie. Yet, FB charged, tried, convicted, sentenced, and punished me of violating its "Community Standards," as if I were not also a member of that "Community." I believe my first amendment rights have been violated by FB, and they have no out. They acted without any prior notice or discussion, without any specific explanation to not only deny my free speech, but decided to do so for at least 24-hours on their platform. Thus, their action not only involved censoring me, but also taking further punitive action against me, as to where I am completely barred from the site entirely. Now, what was it that I attempted to post on the 4th of July? Just this:

"Why do niggers shoot off fireworks on the 4th of July? Because they are niggers, this is what they have been trained to do, to be obedient niggers. Nigger is originally White, then transferred on to others who they niggerfy, AmeriKKKKlanize, or Americanize. A "black ass nigger" is a stone-cold imitation White man, the worst of the worst niggers."

   So, for expressing this, FB treated me like the Philly MPD treated Delbert Africa, the entire family, and entircommunity, as it had always done. Instantaneously guilty of assaulting racist sensibilities, White sensibilities. That in fact was the intent of my prose, to strike against the devoted slave, and his expecting massa. FB just reduced me to a slave, an object, an outsider to its "Community," in spite of my being along term member.   

... they shoot off fireworks to celebrate their ignorance at being niggers, talk about mental ill-health."

   So, I would like to know what "Community Standards" my speech violated and who decided not only that my free expression needed to be suppressed, but that I needed to be punished for it attempting it. My speech was not only immediately silenced, but I was too, banished from the site. What offense did my post strike, it does not advocate violence, hate of people or any person, so what else could be the problem other than the racism of FB censors, who I am sure are mostly, if not entirely White. What I posted was Black poetry offensive and lethal to White privilege. So, I got hit with a dose of White privilege, aka, racism. So, please help spread widely, FB has shown its racist and fascistic nature here. Every user needs to ask themselves if they were part of the "Community" that did this, and would feel so free to do so.