The Institute for Tsunamic Justice does not receive any funding from foundations, the government, or corporations. ITJ has depended entirely on the sweat and resources of those doing the work, with a great deal of that falling on one person. From the very outset when ITJ was founded in 1998, we stepped out with cutting-edge organizing efforts to free political prisoners by educating the public. We came up with "the Peoples' Petition for the Writ of Habeas Corpus," which was intended to bring prisoner supporters from marching around outside the courthouse, into the courtroom as parties, thus pitting the courts directly against the masses. We then got involved with the Angola 3 case, trying to halt the illegal trial/lynching of Albert Woodfox, exposing the fact that Woodfox could not be re-tried in 1998 for a botched trial in 1975, Woodfox had been in prison the entire time, not hiding in South America or some other place. That same year ITJ began working with blacks in majority black Gadsden County in their efforts to end white-minority rule there and to go after Jeb Bush for orchestrating attacks on them. 

 ITJ worked on environmental racism, leading the development of the only Black grassroots environmental network, which led us to having to deal with the problem of "Coon Hunting." ITJ strategically exposed the practice in South Carolina and Georgia, resulting in the prosecution of a judge and district attorney. ITJ also forced the state of Georgia to make sure that every indigent prisoner was appointed counsel. ITJ went to California to investigate how a severely disabled man could kidnap and rape 19 white women, for which he was sentenced to more than 1,800 years in prison. We found that 14 of the women were not raped, that the DNA results from the five women who were raped excluded the disabled man. Besides, his condition made it impossible for him to have done anything with stealth, more less, to perform any sexual act.Currently, ITJ has been back in DC and focused on organizing around the critical issue of injustice in the courts. ITJ has also been working on the continued theft and extortion of millions from residents and visitors by the city parking enforcement branch.  

The expense of doing all of this work, which always comes with the repercussion of systemic retaliation of a Counter Intelligence response (COINTELPRO), has been unfairly carried by a very few. Exactly where people got the notion that people who work on social justice do not need to eat, have a roof over their head, or pay bills is a mystery? ITJ gets zero support from the foundation world, the racial discrimination there is just too intense, and we never expected them to fund our revolution. Therefore, this work depends entirely on the financial support of those most impacted by the issues, those who are most concerned and committed to social change. Unfortunately, this has meant it being bogged down in poverty, which slows the work and allows the band of oppression to play on.

Our site traffic recently increased, however, our financial support did not. We still do not have money to print, to distribute, to go meet, to educate, to mobilize and help organize. All of these things are considered by many to be something that can be done part-time, as a hobby, or some leisure past-time. Nothing could be further from the truth, fighting for justice is a full-time job. ITJ is not into mere protest, demonstration, and marching; our work is aimed at mobilizing and organizing strategic counter-attacks on the the system of oppression. Many black people still give their money to knee-grow do nothing but betray you organizations like the NAACP, while others give their money to racist-nationalist organizations like Amnesty International (that rarely talks about the criminal nature of U.S. domestic policies).

This year, we want to raise over $200,000.00 for all of our projects and initiatives, this means that we need 40,000 people to invest $5.00, or 20,000 to invest $10.00, or 10,000 to invest $20,000. If Obombya can raise billions on-line so that he can continue with the Bush tax cuts, Gitmo detentions, drone wars, renditions, domestic spying, indefinite detention, and playing everyone for suckers - then surely we can raise what we need to counter that mess. Just don't visit the site and say that is interesting," or "you are so right," give some material support. ITJ is not about lamenting problems, but finding ways of resisting them, if not outright solving them.