I wrote this response to FB for my most recent post, resulting in my not only being summarily silenced, but arbitrarily punished for a month or two of being blocked from posting, and its kind of funny that these seizures to the hole by the FBP occur during major events, likes this government shut-down, as the last one occurred when I was talking about my not being allowed to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on my complaint against Brett Kavanaugh. Now, we learn that 83 out of 84 complaints against Kavanaugh were disregarded by the Committee, even though many of them deemed "serious" by the Judicial Conference of the U.S. Never less, I responded to a young sister who was confusing niggers like R. Kelly and Chance the Rapper with "Black men," by pointing out they are just niggers. FB locked me up and sentenced to a month, with no trial or appeal, with the second orthird threat to exile me forever.

"I have once again been summarily censored by your white racist trying not to be racist "community" censors. I am a "Black" man, I can imagine that you all are just to White to get. There is a poem by the Watts Prophets, which asks black folk "are you a nigger, are you a nigger, if you are, don't be ashamed to admit that you're a nigger, because its the nigger in you that will make you Black, once you learn to hate it." The Last Poets said "Niggers are scared of revolution," so you feel that you have the right to equate White use as a racial slur, with my use of it as social-political education. I am Black, and FB is a "White" company and you can't get any Whiter than Mark Z. You use the "N-word," you are engaged in a racist tactic of "not seeing race," thus leading to your lack of understanding of Black talk, and racist talk. I responded to a post of a young black woman who condemned "Black men" for the acts of R.Kelly and Chance the Rapper. I responded with the Watts Prophets, pointing out that are not "Black men," just a couple of sorry ass niggers. In fact, Europeans were the original niggers, so clearly is not a racial slur. See in your racist mind niggers are black people, Asians are chinks, Latinos 'illegal aliens.' How dare you?"

    At some point me and racist ass FB will part forever, as they are threatening, which will be cool with me since clearly my Black self and that of the Watts Prophets, the Last Poets, and so many other revolutionary Black viewpoints are censored by the FB community. Now, who is in this "community," and who is calling the shots in this "community." A bunch of bullshit, slick as owl shit Zuckerberg-speak, FB is a company, not a "community." It will be replaced.