Innocence Project Turns Its Back onJustice for Black Virgin Islanders: No Accountability to the Oppressed as a Matter of White Privilege

About a month ago, I learned that the Ohio Innocence Project decided that it would not offer the Virgin Islands 3 (Haneef Bey/Beaumont Gereu, Abdul Azziz/Warren Ballentine, and Malik Bey/Meral Smith) any help, which came as no shock to me, nor any of the three. Not because we have any doubt about our legal and Human Rights position, because we do not, but because "Liberal" White privilege allows for indifference and unaccountability to the oppressed. We have done our legal work, trapping the U.S. government into criminal admission through criminal default, we exposed and are pursuing a major international case of systemic Human Rights violations and genocide by the United States against the "Natives" of the Virgin Islands. I have sought and welcomed expressed interest by advocacy organizations like the OIP, the National Lawyers Guild, and the Jericho Movement in pursuing justice in this matter. However, contacts with these organizations turned out to be poisoned from the beginning by White arrogance and privilege, White liberalism that insists a right not to be accountable to the oppressed of which they get their bread and butter, and get awards for helping without really helping.

A brief history of the case of the VI3 is required, so in 1972 five young Black male natives were charged with the murder of seven White "American tourists" and a mulatto at the Fountain Valley golf course in St. Croix. The FBI led all police actions in the case, rounding up over 100 young Black native men in house to house searches, none of them older than 24, who were beaten and tortured. The incident was treated by the U.S., and portrayed in the press as a slave uprising, so it had to be quickly quashed and some guilty parties publicly executed, they settled on Ishmael LaBeet, Raphael Joseph, Abdul Aziz, Haneef Bey, and Malik Bey as the culprits in one week. This, in spite of the fact that the five assailants wear masked the entire time, spent less than 10 minutes at the site, and then disappeared into the surrounding rain forest. How the FBI decided that the assailants were young men is a mystery, even though the assault rifle used to commit the murders was registered to the St. Croix police department. All of the young men were beaten, however the five were subjected to straight out torture, they were hung by the neck repeatedly, water-boarded, genital electric shock, starvation, sleep deprivation, in addition to being constantly beaten. The "confessions" obtained from this was the only "evidence" that the U.S. had, and all that it needed to then put them on the public execution block before all the other slaves and slave sympathizers, and lobbed off their heads with sentences of more than 700-years each (the killing of the mulatto employee did not count), which was quickly executed.

Although I recall the events, I had no real idea as to what the "U.S. Virgin Islands" were, or exactly where they were, as distinguished from the "British Virgin Islands" and other European pirate claims to lands and people greatly distant to them. In 2015, the three made contact with me for assistance addressing the fact that they were even being denied the right to apply for parole, more than two-decades after they were entitled to apply. I normally do not get involved in parole/"begging" cases, where the objective is to obtain forgiveness or mercy, my only interest is in justice. I went to the islands on my own to conduct an up-close investigation, I was unknown to the system down there as a threat, now I am red hot. My visit revealed that the reason these men were being denied the right to even apply for parole as provided under colonial law, was because they were never colonial prisoners of the colonial regime. For the past 17-years it has been holding them illegally for the U.S. government. In 2000-01, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons terminated the sentences of all "territorial" prisoners in its custody, only, instead of releasing them as required by law, it "transferred" them to illegal and indefinite detention by their respective colonial regimes. This is irrefutable in law and fact, which is why the U.S. judiciary as refused to address it in blatant violation of domestic and international law.

The Charter of the United Nations already provides in Chapter XI (Declaration regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories) article 73, point b, "the obligation on UN members, which have or assume responsibility for the administration of territories whose population has not yet achieved full independence, to develop self-government of the people." On December 14th, 1960, the General Assembly adopted Resolution 1514 (XV), the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to colonial countries and peoples, which solemnly proclaims "the need to promptly and unconditionally put an end to colonialism in all its forms and manifestations." On December 21st 1965 the General Assembly adopted Resolution 2106 (XX) (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination), reaffirming that "the United Nations has condemned colonialism and all segregationist and discriminatory practices that accompany it, under whatever form and wherever they exist." On November 22nd 1988, the General Assembly adopted Resolution 43/47, which declared 1990-2000 the "International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism." The U.S. doubled down on its continued disregard and violation of all these resolutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All of this coming to a head as the U.S. was preparing to "celebrate" the centennial of its "purchase" of the islands and its Black natives. Since the spring of 2016, we have had a formal complaint before the UN Commission on Human Rights. charging the U.S. with the systemic violation of the Human Rights of the three and "all others similarly situated," to which we have not received no response to date, even though we know that the Commission received the complaint. Ironically, the complaint is about the refusal of the U.S. judiciary to even process the petitions, which the UN Commission on Human Rights has only repeated. Similarly, we have same non-response, no explanation, and no accountability from we received from the National Lawyers Guild, the Jericho Movement, and now the Ohio Innocence Project. However, it were the latter who came to us suddenly expressing interest in seeing justice in this matter, having no real idea of what that is, but apparently determined to decide what it should be. By time the NLG poked its head in, I had already meticulously exposed and helped the three to "legally" pursue their release, to which the U.S. judiciary criminally refused to act on, while also facilitating repressive and retaliatory actions against the prisoners, under which they suffer to this day.

"The National Lawyers Guild poked its head in just as all of the repressive actions were launched against the three after they filed petitions of habeas corpus to end their illegal detention, all three were rounded up and put in deep-lock isolation. In the meantime, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Virgin Islands, Wilma Lewis was refusing to process the petitions, in absolute violation of the rules of the court and the U.S. statutory laws. This was major, we have people being physically repressed, even being subjected to passive torture and other treatment threatening their health and safety, and the NLG lawyers did not even blink. They did not even have the common courtesy to respond to me after I shared with them general and inside information, including updates. A month after the repression by the regime and the denial of due process by Lewis, the colonial governor Kenneth Mapp had the three and all of the other prisoners still held as them, summarily removed from the island and flown to a Corrections Corporation maximum-security prison in the middle of an Arizona desert. They just came one morning and rounded up all those prisoners, telling them that the only thing they could take was their toothbrush and glasses, so they were separated from all of their property, including their legal papers. I kept the NLG informed on all of these developments, yet their attorneys remained mum, unaccessible, and essentially indifferent. At that point, I sent the NLG lawyers an email criticizing their lack of communication and apparent indifference. Instead of admitting and accepting that what they may consider as a "jail -house" or street lawyer, all by himself, engaged in legal action far more dynamic than they as "attorneys" could ever imagine. Keep in mind that when they were "tried," the great White attorney William Kuntsler was their attorney. My work establishes in law that the U.S. had no legal authority to do so, because it does no legally "own" the islands and has no legitimacy over its people under the law of receiving stolen property. Denmark did not legally own the islands or people the U.S. "purchased" from it in 1917, it is known that they pirated the islands, killed of the indigenous people, and then engaged in the kidnap and importation of Afrikans to enslave on the islands. This made the deal between the U.S. and Denmark an international case of "receiving stolen goods" against the U.S., and "possessing stolen goods" against Denmark, along with numerous other high-crimes and misdemeanors. This was in addition to also uncovering the mass-illegal detentions of "Natives" that is being carried out by the U.S. government through its colonial regime. I can only conclude that this was too much for the fragile egos of these White NLG lawyers, how could I do all of this without a law degree, with very limited resources, how dare I show them up? I did not get a response to my email to them and to confirm my charges of racism against them, the two White attorneys went crying to the White woman in Jericho who they had used as a go-between, as if attorneys are afraid to personally encounter me. Ultimately, without ever having to account for their lack of response, they made tried to make my chewing them out the issue, as if they did not ask for it and I was not qualified to do it. We never spoke, they discussed nothing with us, we never met, all their doing. So, based on the offense taken by these two White people, the White woman with Jericho also took offense with me, leaving me an angry voice mail chastising me for upsetting her good White friends, and demanding that I apologize. I told them all to go hell, for I would be coming back for them and so here I am. The NLG has never done anything in the case of the Virgin Island 3, other than trick us into sharing certain critical strategic information with them, which they shared with someone else, while never discussing it with us. I gave them certain privileged information, yet, they never talked with me or the prisoners about it, nor took any action in support of it. Then makes an issue excusing their unaccountability by blaming it on my daring to chew them out for it, so we need to talk about "White Entitlement," in addition to White privilege.

As a result of the premier of the "The Skyjacker's Tale," at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival, a documentary produced by Jamie Kastner, some White liberal attorneys allof sudden became interested in the plight of Haneef, Abdul, and Malik. The film focuses on the brazen escape in 1984 by Ishmel Labeet, who managed to hijack an airliner on which he was being transported back to prison in the U.S. and forced it to fly to Cuba. Even though he had to serve seven-years in prison, Cuba granted him political asylum, which extended to the others, Cuba was and has been the only country to recognize the case of the Virgin Island prisoners as a political one, not a "legal" one. In the film Labeet, now Islam, vindicates the three, and former VI police officers involved admit to the use of torture to obtain the confessions, at the behest of the Rockefeller family and the U.S. government at the behest of the Rockefeller family. The documentary caused Mark Godsey (Pic.), the director of the Ohio Innocence to seek contact with me on the VI3 matter, it is not a "legal case," for we have exposed and established the absolute lawlessness of the U.S. system. Just as the NLG attorneys came at me sideways, so did Mark Godsey, this time Jamie Kastner was the go-through. I was not trying to load Jamie with that burden, he has a film that needs to get out into the public. Perhaps it is just too mind-blowing that Jamie would be the one person to look into the matter, at the same time that I was the one person in 45-years to come along and not only piece things together, but do the legal-work to help these people solidify their case and to liberate themselves, because they are my people. I found it strange that Godsey did not conduct a collective "legal visit," as I had requested in giving him access to my clients, he disrespected my expectation and visited with them individually. This turned my pinkish neutral flag to red, then he turns around in April and tells the three that he nor the OIP is going to give them any help or support. The only email that I got from this suspect piece of shit,was one telling me after visiting with my clients, that he could share what he discussed with them based on "client/attorney relationship." They were not his clients, but mine, I facilitated access in hopes of getting some help against the powerful forces of oppression we have exposed. However, now I and the three have reason to conclude that indeed these people who have come to us, have come as agents to pick information that the U.S. government cannot get from the court filings, strategic information or insight. The NLG comes at U.S. just as we have caught the U.S., gets inside information, but does nothing. Here comes Mark Godsey with his drama, gets inside information as the "Sky Jackers Tale" raises a stink, on the pretense that they were going to help redress the injustice of the matter, not that they were thinking about. It was the same lie told by the NLG and the JM, neither them of them have been of any help to me or the prisoners. So, we now slide Mark Godsey and the OIP into the "agent-suspect category, what did they do with the information provided to them? No accountability and no need to account due to the new White liberal-"leftist," racists. These White "liberal" and pretend "leftist" prove time and time again that they are not to be trusted, remember that John Kerry was once a leading "anti-war" advocate,but then turned around to be nothing less than a racist warmongering dog as U.S. Secretary of State, the bitch.