Are not Gay males and Gay females Homosexuals? Then way the distinction between being “Gay” and being Lesbian? And aren't people that go both ways still Gay? And aren't people who are Trans-gender not Gay people? So why is there all of this distinction “LBGT”....XYZ? A letter has been added for “Queer,” and other letters I have no idea as to what they stand for. So, this is a movement that has made itself a global one, even having it championed as part of U.S. foreign policy in Africa, Asia, China. Notice that it is not so with Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iraq, no need for it with regard to Europe since it is the primary source for homosexuality. I have a real problem with this Jedi mind game of making homosexuality all of these different forms or products of it, removing the root it as far away from its root, which is homosexuality. Sexuality is based on gender at birth, mentality is another matter and is irrefutably subject to social influence, no one has ever been able to genetically explain and show for homosexuality. I wrote this in response to a news report on Democracy Now regarding yet another victory for this alphabet group of people, and I have no idea as to who they are, other than Gay people, no matter how queer. There were about seven letters in the acronym, I am not sure that one was not “P,” which would be for Pedophiles, who are a “movement,” which is another form of homosexuality or deviant sexual proclivity. Now, I know that I am going to be called “Homophobic,” when all I am doing is asking questions about it Especially since its an ABC...XYZ thing like the F.B.I, C.I.A., N.S.A, and the U.S.A.