Louis Farrakhan has never come clean on his involvement with the assassination of Malcolm X and the subsequent cover-up that would not have been possible without his and the NOI's involvement. On into the late 1990s Louis Farrakhan continued to preach that the assassination was about dealing with a “traitor,” not to the Black struggle, but to Elijah Muhammed and the NOI. It was Elijah Muhammed that put out the quote to the White press that Malcolm “lived by violence and died by violence,” even though Malcolm had never been associated with any type of violence his whole life, except that which was visited upon his family by Whites. Louis Farrakhan has never shown a twinge of sincere regret for his role in the assassination, nor for his continuing to defame the character of Malcolm within his organization. To me, Louis Farrakhan is the traitor, the agent, one of many knee-grow millstones around the neck of the Black liberation struggle.

     I was at the first “Million” march, not because I necessarily wanted to be, I came only to accompany Mumia Abu Jamal's 19-year old son to the stage so that he could deliver his father's message to the gathering. It was not a “March,” it was a gathering, where a million pair of feet were cemented in the cold of “Atonement.” It was cold that day and people had been out in it since the crack of dawn, as we made our way to the stage we encountered the F.O.I., which gritted as they faced the very people their leader had called to assemble, they had their backs turned to the Capital building. After much hassle we made it to the stage, which was filled with a bunch of hob-nobbling knee-grows, Jesse Jackson and Mark Thompson are two I remember in particular, where for several hours the masses heard speech after speech of those privileged enough to get a turn at the mic, saying nothing. Mumia's son was never called to the mic, even though he was scheduled and then a little after five the list was abruptly cut off because Louis Farrakan was about to make his entrance, he had not been seen or heard from all day. While one of his captains began to intorduce him, Louis Farrakhan came out of the grand back door of the Capital building, descending the marble stairway as if royalty, with a long coat caped around his shoulders.

    At that point I was ready to leave, but stayed long enough to watch Farrakhan rake in what appeared to be millions of dollars in cash from the million people assembled, then watch as his strongmen loaded the cash into 44-gallon heavy duty clear trash bags and then march all that money straight into the U.S. Capital building for safe keeping. The irony of it all just had me floored, from the gritting F.O.I, to Farrakhan exiting the Capital building, to all those Black dollars being carried back up into that same building, to the bullet proof glass that faced the masses while our backs were wide open to all those windows in the Capital building. Malcolm would have never performed in that manner, and then after keeping his behind warm all day, Louis Farrakhan comes out and encourages Black men to “atone” for their failures and never spoke against the systemic oppression most responsible for many being failures. However, Louis Farrakhan was berating the wrong crowd, for most of those who fit his description of “failure” were not at the gathering, they had no interest in it. Louis Farrakhan came with nothing new, nothing revolutionary, nothing truly empowering, no plan, no proposal, just himself.

    The “Million Man March” was nothing but a prop that Louis Farrakhan hoped would finally propel him to and beyond the status of Malcolm, and it did not. So, now here we go with another “March” that is just intended to be a gathering to demonstrate to the White powers that be, the Louis Farrakhan finally has as much power, if not more power, than Malcolm X. Louis Farrakhan has always had “HNIC” aspirations, and since the 80s, has sought to convince those in White power, that he would be the one they would have to come to when it came to addressing the “Black problem.” The “MMM” did not accomplish that for Farrakhan, so here he comes a second time, same bullshit game under another claim, now he says “justice or else.” What has the N.O.I. ever done about racial injustice, other than talk about it as a recruiting method? What real answers other than “cleaning up” ones personal life has the N.O.I. ever offered? The answer is none, police continue to beat and kill Black people, and the system coninues to let them walk, how has the N.O.I. organized against it?

     Louis Farrakhan likes to sound menacing, “justice or else,” and even though many Black people might be impressed with the language, the system simply responds “or else what you gonna do nigger?” And to this Louis Farrakhan and the N.O.I. has never had an answer, so what supposedly has changed? The answer is nothing, Louis Farrakhan is making an empty threat and the system understands this, so we are about to see a repeat of the “MMM,” a Manipulation of the (Black) Masses by a wanna-be (Black) Messiah. How is Louis Farrakhan making sure that Texas does not get away with murder of Sandra Bland? How has Louis Farrakhan and the N.O.I. worked to prevent the instances of systemic injustice in the cases of Troy Davis, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Eric Garner, on and on? What is Louis Farrakhan going to propose to this mass gathering in October, that he has failed to pursue here in August, or before? The answer is none, Louis Farrakhan is just as lost in the sauce as the average half-ass conscious Knee-grow, he has no answers, no plan, except to pimp the Black masses for his own greater glory no different from pimps and snitches like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

     Unfortunately, Black folk are going to flock to the show, as they did the first. Many Black folk are expending the energy and resources to make the show possible as if it is something that will propel the Black struggle forward, even though they have no clue as to how. And then, Black folk like me who dare to question and challenge this drive for turn out are attacked for doing so, as if critical analysis and assessment play no role in our struggle, which is our greatest flaw. Louis Farrakhan is not a “leader” in the Black struggle, he is the leader of the N.O.I., which has attached itself like a barnacle to the Black struggle. Elijah Muhammed was a subordinate in Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A), and when it came under attack, saw an opportunity to set up his own little group based on religion instead of the politics of the oppressed to liberate themselves from their oppressor, Elijah was more of a follower of Booker T. Washington than Marcus Garvey, especially since he was from Georgia, he wanted and created his own little Black empire. Malcolm gave Elijah Muhammed that empire and when he realized that he had help given rise to a Knee-grow potentate, not a real movement for the liberation of Black people, Malcolm knew that he had to part.

    I find nothing “Honorable” in a man that did the things that Elijah Muhammed did, from his impregnating all of those young girls, to his participation in the assassination of one of the greatest Black leaders of the 20th century. Louis Farrakhan was also an evious participant in the scheme to assassinate Malcolm, and continues on his pursuit to surpass Malcolm with this repeat of the “MMM.” And sadly, there are many good Black folk who lend themselves to this deception, even ignoring the fact that Louis Farrakhan struck a deal with the Church of Scientology to deliver to them as many Black folk as they could for $25 a head. Farrakhan says “Justice or Else,” but has no commitment to the “or else,” which is Black revolution, because the truth is that Louis Farrakhan is not a Black revolutionary. Malcolm X was a Black revolutionary, Fannie Lou Hammer was a Black revolutionary, Ella Baker was a Black Revolutionary, Fred Hampton was a Black revolutionary, Maurice Bishop was a Black revolutionary, Thomas Sankara was a Black revolutionary, Louis Farrakhan could not hold a candle to them or our revolutionaries held in U.S. prisons or in exile.

    Can Louis Farrakhan ever redeem himself in my eyes, only if he expresses true remorse for his role in the murder of Malcolm and commits himself and N.O.I. to a program of true revolution, but I know that is unrealistic, so I could never realistically even consider forgiving Louis Farrakhan. In my mind he is one of the killers of Malcolm, he is an agent, a pimp and hustler, wrapped in the cloth of religion and pseudo-politics. Louis Farrakhan has no clue as how or where to lead Black people, which is why he is no leader, except those caught up in the ignorance of religious uniformity. I do not have any need for religion, for I am guided by the Great Spirit, rooted hear on Mother Earth, impregnated by great Father Universe. So, I do not and will not encourage my people to participate and support this second coming of the “Million Man March.” If you come, do not do so in order to yet again, hear some “great” meaningless speech by a wanna-be leader that leaves you without any answers and less money in your pocket than what you came with, you are being fleeced.

    All of a sudden Louis Farrakhan wants to focus on “Justice,” but this has not been the focus of his work nor that of the N.O.I, its been the sales of bean pies, newspapers, and tapes of Farrakhan's speeches. He then attaches to his new found interest a threat, “or else,” truly an attempt to surpass Malcolm just in stature, as if he has the ability to command an a real army and mount a counter offensive, of which he has no intent any way. What Louis Farrakhan is hoping to cash in on with this re-make of the “MMM” is the discontent that has been inflamed since the murder of Trayvon Martin, which has been fed by an almost daily stream of racist crimes all across this White-settler state by White police and their system in particular, and by White people emboldened by the system to go out and commit their own acts of racist criminality without fear of consequence, for the DOJ will do nothing but work to cover it up as nothing prosecutable, that is for sure. Is Louis Farrakhan talking about this in detail, is he in there challenging and exposing the lie, educating and organizing the masses to conduct counter-offensives, no. Louis Farrakhan is calling on Black people to anoint him as “The Leader” of all pretend “Black Leaders,” that are all jockeying for position on the lawn of the next White administration.

    I will once again be compelled to be present, not in support of the Farrakhan show, but to try reaching as many of my people who are not already caught up in his nonsense, for I know that I am far from alone in my assessment. We Black people need revolution, not more rhetoric the likes of Mr. Louis Farrakhan, let him come clean on his involvement in the murder of one our most potent leaders and a true prophet, then I amy give him a second look. Otherwise, his latest grand effort is nothing more than Knee-grow posturing for the next massa, based on the plan to exploit the discontent of the field slaves in order to become “the come to” Knee-grow, ala carte from slavery to Sandra Bland, the lawn jockey position is open under the return of “Massa.” For one thing that is certain to be the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, “Massa” will discard the Black mask and just be White, but with a different White face; which means that the selected one will not be a Republican or complete clown like Donald Trump. But then, Louis Farrakhan and the rest of the super Knee-grow class is jockeying for position to be placed on some White lawn, otherwise be rendered entirely irrelevant and broke.

    Let us be clear this time on what is happening and be prepared to prevent it from once again exploiting our struggle, and use it to build a strong, Black-led peoples network for total defense against the plantation system. As a “Revolutionary” Black leader, Louis Farrakhan is irrelevant, so let us not get caught up in his flowery fire diatribes, let us work on being on guard against such agents in front of us, before us, behind us, and beside us at all times. We must develop a politics of total liberation and keep it command, and not be swayed by the schemes of religiousity, our struggle is not a religious, ethnic, or even racial one, it is one for total Peoples' Revolution. Louis Farrakhan does not have the global perspective of Malcolm, because he is not a revolutionary and in fact, is opposed to any revolutionary change is outside of his lawn-jockey orbit. This is why he proudly boasted to those who flock to hear him up until the late 90s, that the murder of Malcolm was the killing of “a traitor,” not to the Black struggle, nor even the N.O.I, but to Elijah Muhammed, an infallible man of questionable origins.

     I will be there, but not as a supporter of this treacherous pretender to the thrown, nor as one who has ever impressed me with having a genuine clue or interest in the global revolutionary struggle, for as a “Muslim” he could never be for total Afrikan liberation since the Muslims were no lesser the enslavers of Afrikans, but where also part of claiming Afrikan lands as their own. Any Black person who claims to be Muslim informs me that they do not first understand the imperialist and alien nature of it, they have not read or believe great Black historians like John H. Clark, Chancellor Williams, Ivan Van Sertima, and so many others who have tried to alert your mind to the true history of Black and White relations in AmeriKKKa. So, what new can Louis Farrakhan bring to the table that he has failed to bring before for over four decades? Nothing or else?