Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!:

A Case of Suicide Induced by Systemic Racist Injustice

   Kalief Browder, at age 16, was imprisoned for three-years on a contrived minor charge, which the state ultimately admitted it never had any evidence to support the arrest, more less for jailing him. We are not only talking about the racist criminal conduct of police and prosecutors, but judges as well. Kalief was imprisoned at Riker's Island with adults, quite a few who were hardened criminals and homosexuals. In addition to that element there were criminal, racist, and sadistic guards who placed and held Kalief in log-term punitive maximum-security isolation. This went on for three-years, so what happened to Kalief's supposed “guarantee of due process,” the “equal protection of the law” supposedly secured to him by the U.S. Constitution. So, then Kalief, having been determined legally arrested by both the police and prosecutors without any basis in law or fact, was then presented before a magistrate or judge with the duty to make sure of this, but did not. Instead of the judge “finding probable cause,” he instead focused on the fact Kalief was on probation and it did not matter that there was no basis to even be considering the fact, the judge decided to use it in agreement with the prosecutor to use that to illegally detain him. This is not a matter of “interpretation,” nor any discretion at any level, from the arresting officers to their superiors, on up to the prosecutors and judge, but a matter of Constitution and statutory law that this situation should have never occurred.

   For decades, I have tried to bring the publics attention to the new Jim Crow, which does not begin with incarceration, but from arrest. So what happened to Kalief's alleged “Constitutional right to due process, and the equal protection of the law,” were did they exist and protect him from three years of imprisonment without probable cause? After three years of being imprisoned, Kalief was released when the state in the form of the same prosecutors who pushed for his imprisonment, finally admitted that they never had a case from the beginning. Kalief was charged with stealing a back-pack, how and when was never made known, yet a New York City judge found “probable cause” to order his imprisonment on a charge for which there existed no probable cause. For sure, the prosecutors acted to defeat and prevent an action against the police for yet another false arrest of a black person ( including all other off-shoots of not being White), under the NYPD “Stop and Frisk”/search for evidence of any crime against non-white people freely policy, and criminally backed up by the judiciary. It is the same as accepting the U.S. government to declare other people as slaves under the guise of “fighting terrorism” that it is behind, so then we accept the notion of black sites for black people, which is slavery, otherwise known as Jim Crow. So, Guantanamo is okay as well, along with the whole notion of lawless zones accept by the rule of old pirates.

   The law first requires the State from the arresting officer to the prosecutor to have and show "probable cause" to for their actions, which are supposed to be determined promptly before an impartial judicial officer, magistrate or judge. Kalied was indeed presented before a magistrate or judge shortly after his arrest, but clearly no probable cause determination as mandated by law was ever conducted, for the judiciary sanctioned his being held indefinitely “pending” trial on a non-existent case, so for three-years he was illegally detained at Rikers. Held for three-years in violation of all his "Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights." I was held for eleven years on the same basis, only in my case they tried to cover it up with a bogus trials and convictions, none which I ever accepted and pressed the issue. I was eventually told by the U.S. Fifth Circut Court of Appeals that it did not matter whether the state had illegally held me for six-months or 60-years before the “trail,” the convictions stood. This is not what written U.S. law states, “separate but equal,” unjust but just, Jim Crow lives and breathes to this day to “Make America Great Again.”

   The United States and Jim Crow are one in the same, absolutely inseparable, yet we let it claim and act as if otherwise, always threatening certain personal destruction for any descent. In the early 1970s the system began selling this claim that it killed itself, declaring "the Death of Jim Crow." I cannot recall an incident in all recorded history where a person has killed themselves and lived to tell it, and even claim decades later that they have become “post racial,” though they supposedly committed suicide. Jim Crow became “new” with the enactment of the 13th and 14th amendments to the U.S. constitution. It lives on in millions of cases like Kalief's, where black and brown people are in fact labeled as criminals in order to maintain their enslavement. For some time people accepted the lie that the 13th amendment “abolished” slavery, when in fact it only nationalized it essentially, producing the new post-civil war “Black Codes.” And contrary to the notion that the 14th amendment “made” black people born within it as slaves, instantaneous “citizens,” which is the same as putting shoes in the oven and declaring them biscuits. Black people were never even consulted on it as a group, never asked for it, never voted for it.

    No group of people can declare another group of people as “citizens” of their group, the people of the other group must first want to be citizens of the other group, ask for such, and then conduct a plebiscite amongst themselves on the matter. None of this applied to the 14th amendment, therefore those people targeted by its implementation are still dealt with as slaves, and the objective is to continue holding those people “subject” to the authority of the enslaver in perpetuity. These were the same basis and parameters of slavery as set forth by the U.S. “Supreme” in the Dred Scott case in 1857, exactly a decade before, claiming to “overturn” the Taney Doctrine that held that black and red people were a “subspecies of being without any right those holding the Power and Government (of the U.S. or Europe) were bound to respect.” The 14th amendment merely provided for disposing of its former chattel-slave and other subjugated black populations under the guise of “incorporating” them as supposed “citizens,” without consultation and agreement, thus affirming the Taney Doctrine, which is widely misrepresented as the “Dred Scott Decision,” Dred Scott stood for freedom, the decision of Roger B. Taney and the other six slave-holding “Justices” of their “Supreme” court was to uphold slavery – thus, the Taney Doctrine, not the “Dred Scott Decision.”

The decision of Dred Scott was to assert the human rights of himself and his family, the decision of the U.S. government has been to deny that in perpetuity. From the police officers who conducted the arrest and initiated the persecution of Kalief, to their superiors who approved it, to the prosecutors who pressed it to clear the police of a bad bust, to the court appointed attorney who missed all of this, and then allowed a magistrate or judge to uphold it all without finding probable cause, or finding it were it did not exist. Where is the supposed “guarantee” of a “Constitutional right to due process and equal protection,” to a “fair, speedy, and impartial” process, all of which was clearly withheld from Kalief, criminally summarily sentencing him to three-years of so-called “pre-trial detention” on Riker's Island, in a case for which no probable cause ever existed. How then did the law protect him as a “Citizen” under a system that has no respect for as anything more than a “subspecies of being without any right those holding the power and the government are bound to respect.” So, three years of this young Black man's life was simply taken, he was for three-years subjected to detention without any legal cause or authority. His liberty was taken and denied to him for three years in violation of all known law, yet the only response of the system was “no foul nigger.,” pick yourself up and get over it without making sure it never happens again. Isn't the essential element of “Never Forgetting”?

   Kalief Browder was not only put through hell at Riker's, but was crushed to earth after he was released, no apology, no reparations, nothing but being subjected to the same old mix, no justice for him and millions other. At 16, he is summarily imprisoned, subjected to violence by fellow prisoners, but mostly by the system, that subjected him to long periods of maximum-security isolation just because they could. In May 2015, Browder submitted a paper to his college course a paper titled "A Closer Look at Solitary Confinement in the United States", in which he wrote:

“Solitary confinement should be looked at as a whole around the United States and even though changes toward the solitary confinement system have begun in some states, more needs to be done and addressed around the country. In a lot of jails and prisons there are a lot of living circumstances and practices that go on within that are not addressed that people need to shed light on like solitary confinement, for example. Maybe another form of punishment or segregation should be implemented to deal with inmates who break jail rules as opposed to inmates who cause severe harm to other inmates and correction officers because the mental health risk it poses are too great”

He committed suicide at 22-years old, a few years after being released from being violently raped, back to being just systemically raped by Jim Crow that only furthered denied him any justice. Eventually, the city “settled-out” with his family for $3.3 million, that is all his life was worth to this racist system, which is the average price for a good slave back in the day.

The system wants us to believe that Sandra Bland also committed suicide, but refuses to admit and address the fact that she was illegally stopped, detained, assaulted, seized, kidnapped, imprisoned, and more than beaten and choked todeath because they knew she was not going to let them get away with it. Why was she even jailed when the evidence clearly shows that there was no legal basis for any of the actions of the officer? Sandra was illegally stopped, harassed under the “color of lawful authority” with unreasonable demands, invaded, assaulted, and seized by armed personnel of the state. How then did the immediate supervisors of these officers not see any of this, had Sandra Bland done the same to them then undoubtedly all of that and more would have been seen, charged, and prosecuted against her and she would be sitting on Texas' death row at Huntsville right now. What crime had she committed? None, other than driving while black in AmeriKKKa, where she was guilty of being a “belligerent” black, who tried to stand on her alleged protections under the law against such mistreatment. They did her no good in life, nor in death, for it was simply wrapped up in another out of court civil settlement. Just a another matter of a ”property” settlement, not justice. Sandra Bland was murdered, but then so was Kalief, his suicide was induced by the same systemic racist practices.

   Slavery is an imposed state of one people upon another, America represents the incorporation of the enslaver state, whereby, if there had not been the enslaving of the Native and the African, there would be no America at all, particularly no United States of America. Thus, it is absurd to then consider anything less than to end of this criminal system before anything else, especially entertaining the absurdity of asking it to make reparations for its past crimes, as if they have no basis in its continuing crime. We are logically far from to even be thinking about reparations, for we have not liberated ourselves from our oppressor. Reparations is a demand, not a request, made possible only after the oppressed have not only liberated themselves, but after having significantly weakened the former system of oppression. Now is not the time to be thinking about reparations, we have yet to truly focus in on, pursue, and obtain our liberation. No justice for Kalief, none for Sandra, nothing for Tamir, Eric, Michael, Oscar, going on back beyond Emmit Till and George Stinney, going back to Christopher Columbus and the very founding of the “Americas.” Indictment, prosecution, conviction, sentence, and reparations. The Struggle Continues, A Luta Continua!