Some people say that I am just cynical, but I am not, I believe that I am a realist, one who relies on material history, not myth and outright lies, I choose to know rather than "believe." A number of my friends have been intensely watching the so-called "trial" of Scopes' monkey George Zimmerman, who stalked, hunted, confronted, and killed a teen-age black boy, only a couple of years older than Emmet Till when he was murdered. The "State" failed to arrest and charge him on its own, it took months of public outcry building to an irresistible demand, but one that called on the system to do the right thing, even though it is the wrong thing. I never liked the fact that instead of the people organizing to put the Zimmeramn on trial, the objective was to have the system do it. In some instances the best strategy is to engage the system, like when we go after judges, because the end result is that with those cases you expose the underside and inside of the system as corrupt (i.e. filing a complaint of misconduct against a lower judge to a chief judge, knowing that he is going to rubber-stamp it, but provides documented proof of unworkability).  This criminal matter is different, it is immediate, and the system was too slow to act and did not on its own accord. Understand how this plays into U,S, foreign escapades and how it does not need domestic fissures showing under the international ones, and there are many.

There was never any serious intent on the State to reverse course and seriously prosecute Zimmerman, it would have to not only admit that it was wrong, but was willing to be wrong based on race. Therefore, we have yet another pretense of a prosecution, as with Emmet Till, Rodney King, Sean Bell, Amadou Dialo, and too many more. So, I really have not been trying to follow the daily drama, it is a show, nothing more. Lets go through the plot, which starts off with the prosecutor not making sure that blacks were seated on the jury, believing they would vote to convict, tossing the defense a major bone by helping it to seat five white women and one Latina. Black people make up at least 20% of Sanford, and 16% of the county, which means between the prosecution and defense at least two black people should have been on the jury. Of course, unless the prosecutor lent the defense its preemptory strikes and strikes for cause, which it did, and nearly all where spent on eliminating blacks.

Next, there was the opening statement by the prosecutor where he gave Zimmerman another bone by stating that you really don't hear Zimmerman saying "fucking coons," but rather "fucking punks," which was like the entire spine of the case against Zimmerman (motive). The prosecutor then puts Trayvon's mother on the stand to testify that the screams for help are coming from her baby, only to turn around and betray her by putting on the mother and uncle of Zimmerman (defense witnesses) to counter what she had said. All of the rest is merely dressing and interesting tidbits on a pretty racist shitty cake. Just as in the trials of the Mississippi sheriff for the killing of Chaney, Swerner, and Goodman; or the two murders of Emmit Till, the trials were just for show, the State never intended to seriously prosecute the killers. Pictures from each trial shows the killers grinning, even eating "Red Man" peanuts in the courtroom while the trial is going on, like a circus.

Zimmerman was never charged with first degree murder, as he should have been by law and fact, but only second degree, so now may get away with a conviction for only manslaughter, even though he stalked and murdered a child. And then again, he could be acquitted, the jury was stacked by the State and defense for that to happen as well. The fact that we accepted the belated filing of charges against Zimmerman, and not the most severe as warranted by the facts, we compromised on principles. Seeing this, the State then pushes its goal post closer together, which is to get away with a pretense of justice, at a minimum cost. The worst Zimmerman faces is a conviction for 2nd degree murder, which has been made unlikely, leaving only acquittal or conviction for manslaughter, for which the sentence could be from one to twenty years, not to mention suspension with probation, on and on. The fix was in from the beginning, that same old Jim Crow apartheid justice.