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 Kwasi Seitu interviewed on Bullet Points with Navid Nasr on Voices of the 99 Radio

Why are being a Nigger? A personal Question

June 15, 2019

Why are You being a Nigger?

Don't you know that niggers have always been anti-Black?

Don't you know that niggers, niggaz, and nigga are the creation of enslavers? Don't you get it? They are using some of us against us, and we cannot afford to harbor these niggers, niggaz, or any nigga running around killing us, shooting our children.

If you are a nigger, don't be ashamed to admit that you have been a treacherous mindless and soul-less tool against your own people, your community, your family. Now you need to hate the nigger in you to obliterate it by thinking, using your brain, tapping into your Soul. You are not even “Black,” you are just a colored person, not even a real Human Being. One aspect of AmeriKKKlan racism is to always emasculate the Black male, of course because Manly prowess amongst the males of the oppressed is seen as the greatest immediate threat that must be extinguished.

One way has been “Buck Breaking,” whereby black males were not only sodomized by the slave driver or master, but made to walk around for days after with their pants sagging to let all of the other enslaved know that they too could be raped. So, what this trend, primarily among black males in this age of growing homosexuality, is to castrate you of ever becoming Men. Just because you are a grown male, that does not make you a Man, that just makes you a grown thing, not necessarily a person. Many of us have been reduced to mere characters, things without any substance other than living life at the bottom, in the streets, or on the corner. This shit ain't Black, its nigger, created out of the old White piracy that brought us here.


   We need to deal with ourselves, and do what is right for us as a people, not as some clique, group, gang, family, or out of “friendship.” Harboring killers of us is not cool, unless you are no better. Back in the day we would take care of such a problem, unfortunately, a lot of SoulJahs were locked up, died, were killed, or just got old and feeble. Stop being niggers, bitches, hoes, gangstas, hoodlums, tramps, and corner trash. Be real people, and its best that you try to become real Black people, the ones of the Red, Black, and Green. No sanctuary for killer niggers, either take them out or turn them in, do not harbor, less you are willing to suffer the same as the killer.


   These fools are running around with guns, not for the liberation of the people, but for nonsense that results in children, youth, and others becoming innocent victims of their reckless gun play. And why are these things resorting to violence against the Black community? Because the system makes it possible and we are trained to help, the record of the DC police on solving these murders is abysmal. However, when I grew up we knew that we could not count on the system to protect us, so we in the BLA took care of business. The response of the U.S. government to Black Liberation was to bring on the nigger criminal class, gangs, or other criminal formations with a criminal/nigger mentality. We will liberate ourselves, with, or in spite of your nigger-asses. Whose side are you on?


Jedi LGBT...XYZ to Me: Yeh, I am Having a Problem With it All

June 13, 2019

    Are not Gay males and Gay females Homosexuals? Then way the distinction between being “Gay” and being Lesbian? And aren't people that go both ways still Gay? And aren't people who are Trans-gender not Gay people? So why is there all of this distinction “LBGT”....XYZ? A letter has been added for “Queer,” and other letters I have no idea as to what they stand for. So, this is a movement that has made itself a global one, even having it championed as part of U.S. foreign policy...

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Black People Must Demand the AmeriKKKa Keep its Hand Off Hariet Tubman, Instead of Her Image on U.S. Currency, Put that of John Brown

June 6, 2019

   I hate having to always be the odd-man out, but I oppose this nonsense of it being any part of the Black cause to have Harriet Tubman's image, or that of any black person, being placed on the bloody pirate U.S. currency. All of sudden it has become a goal of the Black struggle, an all consuming one, like reparations. I am not only absolutely opposed to having Harriet Tubman's image pimped out on the bloody U.S. currency, but even the notion that is alright to even suggest such s...

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THe MAGA Sheeple

April 21, 2019

People, can someone please explain how:

Congress and the media keeps saying that Donald Trump was elected, when in fact he was selected by the Electoral College in spite of losing the popular vote?

America accuses Russia of “successfully interfering and influencing” the election to favor Trump, when the vote/election was nullified by America in the form of the Electoral College, which selected Trump as president over the vote of the populace?

If the Russians are in fact responsib...

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Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!

March 21, 2019

Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!:

A Case of Suicide Induced by Systemic Racist Injustice

   Kalief Browder, at age 16, was imprisoned for three-years on a contrived minor charge, which the state ultimately admitted it never had any evidence to support the arrest, more less for jailing him. We are not only talking about the racist criminal conduct of police and prosecutors, but judges as well. Kalief was imprisoned at Riker's Island with adults, quite a few who were hardened crimina...

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White Virginia Democratic Delegate Quick to Lynch Black Lt. Gov.

February 12, 2019

Democrat Patrick Hope, a delegate to the Virginia legislature from a small district in Northern Virginia, announced his intention to immediately file to impeach Lt. Governor Justine Fairfax. The basis for Hope's desire to pursue punitive action against Fairfax is "two allegations" of sexual assault or "rape," these are not only "allegations." but are remote, irrelevant, unverifiable, and a waste of time to even be talking about. This situation where the Democratic party is confou...

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Fascism Will be the End of Facebook

January 10, 2019

    I wrote this response to FB for my most recent post, resulting in my not only being summarily silenced, but arbitrarily punished for a month or two of being blocked from posting, and its kind of funny that these seizures to the hole by the FBP occur during major events, likes this government shut-down, as the last one occurred when I was talking about my not being allowed to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on my complaint against Brett Kavanaugh. Now, we learn that 83 ...

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Trump is "Proudly" Stupid and Stupid AmeriKKKlans are Proud of His Stupidity

December 14, 2018

  Trump campaigned on building a huge wall along the border with Mexico, and said that Mexico would pay for it. The absurdity of such a thing went way over the small minds of racist AmeriKKKlans and them into chanting "build the wall, build the wall," this was after they chanted "USA, USA" and "Lock Her Up, Lock her up" - what assholes. However, immediately after he won the selection, he began talking about needing $5-billion of U.S. tax payers dollars to build his wall, and it is hi...

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The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story, Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

September 30, 2018

The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story,
Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

by Kwasi Seitu - Tar Baby 

   For weeks now, all that we have heard from the controlled and corporate press is a growing salacious tale of inappropriate sexual behavior that Kavanaugh allegedly engaged in high-school three-decades ago. It was a single alleged incident, yet the media have been all over it as if it the most important and only thing it should be focused on, no investigative reporting into the avo...

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Sex, Lies, and the Jim Crow Senate

September 30, 2018

Sex, Lies, and the "Jim Crow" Senate:

Its the Brett Kavanaugh Show

by Kwasi Seitu/ Tar Baby

Instead of the hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh being about what kind of judge he has been, the focus of the Senate Committee has been on everything but his judicial record, Republican and Democrats playing their roles to make it so. While Republicans planned on a quickie "confirmation," to which the Democrats apparently agreed to co...

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