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 Kwasi Seitu interviewed on Bullet Points with Navid Nasr on Voices of the 99 Radio

THe MAGA Sheeple

April 21, 2019

People, can someone please explain how:

Congress and the media keeps saying that Donald Trump was elected, when in fact he was selected by the Electoral College in spite of losing the popular vote?

America accuses Russia of “successfully interfering and influencing” the election to favor Trump, when the vote/election was nullified by America in the form of the Electoral College, which selected Trump as president over the vote of the populace?

If the Russians are in fact responsible for Donald Trump becoming president, then why has his presidency been accepted as legitimate by all of those people claiming otherwise?

Why are politicians and the media saying that the Mueller Report “conclusively” proved the charges against Russia, even though it could not be possible since the election was nullified by the Electoral College?

How do these people continue to get away such blatant absurdity?

    It is an irrefutable fact that the U.S. overthrew the democratically elected government in Iran in 1954, and installed a bloody dictator the Shah, and helped him hold on to power for 26-years. The U.S. invaded Vietnam and waged war on that country for nearly two-decades trying to install a puppet government there. The U.S. was directly involved in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Patrice Lumumba and his murder in the Congo, and installed a bloody puppet dictatorship that lasted three-decades there. The U.S. government overthrew the democratically elected government in Chile, killed the president, and installed a bloody dictatorship. The U.S. government was directly behind the murder of Maurice Bishop and the overthrow of his democratically elected government in Grenada. The U.S. government directly overthrew the democratic government Bertrand Aristide in Haiti. The U.S. government has for decades installed puppet dictatorships in Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama. The U.S. government engaged in direct military invasions to topple governments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The U.S. essentially installed Boris Yeltsin as president of Russia, and just recently declared some unelected two-bit thug agent as president of Venezuela. Lets not forget that the U.S. tried to overthrow Hugo Chavez and for decades has tried to overthrow the Cuban government.

    So, all of this whining by Americans about some alleged “Russian interference” is a bunch of bullshit intended to distract from the real issues. The first being that there was no presidential election in 2016, not because anything the Russians supposedly did, but because of everything that those in control of the U.S. government did. Trump was selected by the Electoral College, yet there has been absolutely no discussion of this fact, and every effort to avoid any discussion of it. And even though it was the Republicans that benefited from the election nullification by the Electoral College, it has been the Democrats who have led the public distraction from discussing the power of this unelected entity designed specifically to override the vote of the populace. It is the Electoral College that is responsible for Donald Trump becoming president, not any alleged “Russian interference and influence” on the election, which was nullified by the Electoral College. Thus, what was the point of spending over $35-million on an investigation of something that either never occurred, or if it did, made no difference any way. That is of course, unless the Russians interfered and influenced the use of the Electoral College.

   I cringe everytime I hear this nonsense about Trump being elected, or having won the election, when it is an irrefutable fact that he did not. If in fact the Mueller report starts out by making the case about Russia interference and influence, then it would have to first establish that Trump was not selected by the Electoral College, which Mueller could not do since Trump was selected by the Electoral College over the popular vote. Lies, misdirection, and distraction has always been critical factors in the operation of U.S. government. However, today it has become almost exclusively the means by which it operates, essentially making it great again in its most negative aspects. Most “Americans” do not know that the source inspiration for the rise of Nazi Germany was America, Hitler repeatedly accredited the U.S. with being his source of inspiration from his military expansionism, and to his “final solution.” It is interesting that throughout its 246-year existence, the U.S. has never been at war on some people, in some country once it defeated Native resistance domestically, never. The U.S. thrives off of war, conflict, confusion, chaos, and the destruction of other societies that do not conform to its “interests.” The truth is not in America's interest, particularly not with the American populace, otherwise it would cease to be, for they would no longer be the reliable AmeriKKKlan sheeple. Unquestioning, gullible, and easily manipulated. All together now in the pledge of allegiance, “Bahhh, bahhh, bahhh.”    


Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!

March 21, 2019

Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!:

A Case of Suicide Induced by Systemic Racist Injustice

   Kalief Browder, at age 16, was imprisoned for three-years on a contrived minor charge, which the state ultimately admitted it never had any evidence to support the arrest, more less for jailing him. We are not only talking about the racist criminal conduct of police and prosecutors, but judges as well. Kalief was imprisoned at Riker's Island with adults, quite a few who were hardened crimina...

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White Virginia Democratic Delegate Quick to Lynch Black Lt. Gov.

February 12, 2019

Democrat Patrick Hope, a delegate to the Virginia legislature from a small district in Northern Virginia, announced his intention to immediately file to impeach Lt. Governor Justine Fairfax. The basis for Hope's desire to pursue punitive action against Fairfax is "two allegations" of sexual assault or "rape," these are not only "allegations." but are remote, irrelevant, unverifiable, and a waste of time to even be talking about. This situation where the Democratic party is confou...

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Fascism Will be the End of Facebook

January 10, 2019

    I wrote this response to FB for my most recent post, resulting in my not only being summarily silenced, but arbitrarily punished for a month or two of being blocked from posting, and its kind of funny that these seizures to the hole by the FBP occur during major events, likes this government shut-down, as the last one occurred when I was talking about my not being allowed to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on my complaint against Brett Kavanaugh. Now, we learn that 83 ...

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Trump is "Proudly" Stupid and Stupid AmeriKKKlans are Proud of His Stupidity

December 14, 2018

  Trump campaigned on building a huge wall along the border with Mexico, and said that Mexico would pay for it. The absurdity of such a thing went way over the small minds of racist AmeriKKKlans and them into chanting "build the wall, build the wall," this was after they chanted "USA, USA" and "Lock Her Up, Lock her up" - what assholes. However, immediately after he won the selection, he began talking about needing $5-billion of U.S. tax payers dollars to build his wall, and it is hi...

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The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story, Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

September 30, 2018

The Mad-Media Misses the Real Story,
Repeats Fake News in Kavanaugh Matter

by Kwasi Seitu - Tar Baby 

   For weeks now, all that we have heard from the controlled and corporate press is a growing salacious tale of inappropriate sexual behavior that Kavanaugh allegedly engaged in high-school three-decades ago. It was a single alleged incident, yet the media have been all over it as if it the most important and only thing it should be focused on, no investigative reporting into the avo...

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Sex, Lies, and the Jim Crow Senate

September 30, 2018

Sex, Lies, and the "Jim Crow" Senate:

Its the Brett Kavanaugh Show

by Kwasi Seitu/ Tar Baby

Instead of the hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh being about what kind of judge he has been, the focus of the Senate Committee has been on everything but his judicial record, Republican and Democrats playing their roles to make it so. While Republicans planned on a quickie "confirmation," to which the Democrats apparently agreed to co...

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Republicans and Democrats Cover-up Judicial Coupe of the Law

September 10, 2018

Republicans and Democrats Cover-up Judicial Coupe of the Law

by Kwasi 9/7/18

The night before the first day of the hearing on Brett Kavanaugh, I faxed to each member a six-page letter specifically setting forth and outlining evidence of impeachable offenses against Kavanaugh and a number of other federal judges, including Merit Garland all in a single case. My letter provided case numbers, dates, specific acts, and the laws violated. I did not intend to attend the hearing unless ...

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Thoughts on the U.S. War on Vietnam and the 4th of July

July 5, 2018

For the most part Americans did not come to oppose the war on Vietnam because it was wrong and immoral, but because it became evident to them that it was not winnable, too costly in terms of American lives and resources. Even when Americans came out against the war, many of them still referred to the Vietnamese as "the enemy," just because they fought against U.S. invasionsand domination of their country. There was never two separate Vietnams, that was a European imposition in attempt ...

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Why I, a known Black activist voted for the Don

June 14, 2018

Why I, as a known Black activist, voted for the Don

Donald Trump has done a real banged-up job as president, in my opinion, he has done exactly what I expected him to do to AmeriKKKA. First, he has pulled America's true racist nature back to bearing its teeth, which is what he has always been about. He is not making America more racist and fascistic, he merely speaks to and plays on it to serve his own ends, which encourages AmeriKKKlans to come out of the closet. I am not mad at him...

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