The U.S. has a "president" and not a king or queen, but who all essentially wear the same old "new cloths" inherited by their predecessor, so in fact the U.S. is ruled as if a kingdom. The current "King" is the wacky Donald Duck Trump. This time he is cloaked by the claim that somehow, he is or is not the product of some phantom "Russian Meddling" in the U.S. presidential election, which was nullified by the American Electoral College. For nearly two-years now AmeriKKKa has been fixated on its own conclusion that something happened which they have not shown to have happened. Hard to follow, like Three-card Monte, the old shell game.

These pirates are so used to trying to manipulate truth, defy logic, that its their first nature. They concluded that the Russians interfered in the U.S. elections, without a shred of any logical proof, less than $1,500 ads on FB, really, are the American people that stupid? Come on, but then again, their vote really didn't count anyway, it was the vote of 150 Americans that put the Duck in office in spite of how they voted. Just like their "Supreme" court put Baby Doc Bush in office, in spite of the popular vote.

So, while we are being attracted to the Emperor's new cloths, "Americans" are committed as a whole to ignore the naked truth before them that there are no new cloths, because they know that as far as those in control are concerned, it doesn't matter. So, now the U.S. is planning to lead another collective pirate massive military assault on Syria, like was carried out in Iraq and Libya to topple not only the governments, but to send those countries backward and re-convert them into colonial satellite vassals.

Once again the pretext for their planned action is another false flag,a staged attack on the Syrian population being held hostage by the pirate collective created "ISIS," which they always call "rebels." Notice that the bombs never hit these people, the "rebels," but instead the same hostage people they hold. Then, there is never any evidence of the attack, especially being committed by theSyrian government "against its own people. This is Syria, not the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia, Quatar, the Arab Emirates, who have no citizens, just surfs.

Prior to, at the same time, and after the latest alleged "attack," the Israelis have killed many more people in recorded fact, than were allegedly killed in the alleged chemical attack, just for protesting occupation and racist oppression. However, the U.S., Britain, France, and the rest of their rat allies have no problem with this and it isn't even news worthy according to their press. Their is no plan to strike Israel, no warships prepared to assault it, in fact, Israel prematurely struck Syria, expecting the still pending collective "immediate response."

The freewheeling pirates have this time been met with a most definite response from Vladimir Putin that enough is enough, Russia will no longer stand by when the pirate collective decided to invade and plunder. By what law are U.S. troops allowed to be in another country that did not invite them there, on which the U.S. has never formally declared war. U.S. arms and other weapons, and money have flowed to the "rebels," John McCain's dream. The U.S. congress never declared war on Syria, so why and how are U.S. troops legally and legitimately there?

Vladimir Putin is the man who deserves credit for standing up to piracy, he has told the collective that he would not only shoot down their missiles, but would strike their origins, which is only rational. Putin is telling them that he is trying to avoid "war to end all wars," which the pirates are pushing the world to the brink of. However, we know that pirates are criminals and as such, reckless fools, especially when they are find themselves in desperate straights. Putin is trying to prevent WWIII, but has no intention of bending over to do so, he has the power and he is doing so. I hope that Xi will join with Putin to save this world from the rule of pirates, Russia and China leading the world to a post-pirate rule future. Ain't too much coming out of Africa on this front, sad.