Republicans and Democrats Cover-up Judicial Coupe of the Law

by Kwasi 9/7/18

The night before the first day of the hearing on Brett Kavanaugh, I faxed to each member a six-page letter specifically setting forth and outlining evidence of impeachable offenses against Kavanaugh and a number of other federal judges, including Merit Garland all in a single case. My letter provided case numbers, dates, specific acts, and the laws violated. I did not intend to attend the hearing unless called as a material witness, but by the first day it became evident to me that my letter was being disregarded. I checked the on-line documents lists and did not see my letter listed, so decided that perhaps I would make a personal appearance to see about pushing the evidence of his criminality on the bench, which none of the committee members were acknowledging, as I expected. This disregard for, and intent to exclude the public was expected of the Republicans, but the Democrats went along with it all, including withholding information from the process and the public.

   Not one Democratic senator has ever even acknowledged receipt of my letter to date, even though they got a second printed copy personally delivered by me, that is almost a week. Their message to me, which is my point exactly, is that the people do not matter, particularly Black people. This includes Corey Booker and Kamila Harris, they made, nor have made any effort to reach out, contrary to the concern they portrayed before the cameras. Had they questioned him on my one case, Kavanaugh would have been coming out of the hearing room in hand-cuffs and there would not be one thing the Republicans could do other than join him. Actually, considering that they are still withholding this information from the public and not acting to correct the matter, makes everyone of them accomplices to a major criminal conspiracy. What explanation can any of them give for their utter failure, other than the betrayal of the people. None of them are concerned about lawlessness, perhaps because they are all lawless, thus explaining why they work so hard to cover it up.

   Federal judges Brett Kavanaugh, David Sentelle, Janice Brown, Merrick Garland, Karen Henderson, James Boasberg, Rudolph Contreras, John Bates, Royce Lambert, and Ellen Huevelle are all guilty of the commission of a series of high crimes and misdemeanors from the office of judge. The Judicial Conduct and Disability Act, codified as 28 U.S.C. §§ 351–364, provides a certain due process to determine whether a "judge has engaged in conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts or is unable to discharge the duties of office because of mental or physical disability." My letter went directly to meaningless rendered to the law by the very people it was directed at, but then who is going to hold them to account, themselves, Congress? And the controlled press will never report on anything not approved, investigative journalism and reporting is virtually dead in mainstream media. And then, all of the information essential to telling the story is a matter of public record in the clerks office, which most are staffed with very public service oriented people, good people. Unfortunately, they work under the rule of a bunch of criminals.

   The hearing on Kavanaugh was supposed to be public, but it anything but that, the public was treated like interlopers on some movie set, strictly policed even before getting to the building. People had to walk a block from the entrance to a little white tent across the street in a park, were people were made to wait in line that was in the sun, it was over 100º, until they had 20 people. I was there at least ten minutes before they started checking identification against a list of names of "barred" people that was three pages long. They then gave us tickets and directed we follow the officer single file up the sunny side of the block to the entrance, and were marched up to hearing room entrance in the same manner, like we were convicts. They had us stand against a wall, could not sit down because it would be presumed to be a protest, while they held us there for another 20-minutes or so. We were told that if we had to use the restroom the penalty for that would be having to start all over again back at the park. We were surrounded by Capitol Police the entire time as if we were criminals or some sort of threat, and I was the only Black person in the group. The tight restrictive and punitive controls were clearly to intended to discourage and diminish even public observation and input, I kept thinking that this had be similar to the early rise of Nazi Germany, as Capitol police and congressional staffers marched lock-step over the rights of the People.

   When they finally led us into the massive hearing room, at least a half of a football field long and just as wide, yet the public was squeezed into about four rows of seats at very back crammed, with only enough space around them for all the Capitol police who stood over us ready to pounce if we sneezed. We were allowed to stay for only 20-minutes, then hustled out down a back stairwell, police pushing us all the way with constant threat of unreasonable force and with me being the only Black and a Man, you know they were zeroing in on me. I also wore an Afikan shirt, nice cotton green Kente print, so I was cool. One white woman at the very end did start shouting protest, I could not understand what she said before I looked back and saw a squad of police carrying out into this room right next to our seats, through doors that looked like panels and is apparently sound proof because everything about her disappeared the moment the panel automatically closed back. The police told me to keep moving out to the exit, as now they quickly became even more hyper. I have attended numerous hearings on the Hill, but never experienced anything like that, it was an outrage.

   I most certainly should have been immediately called as a material witness, I had solid irrefutable evidence of criminal abuse of the judicial office by Kavanaugh, interestingly, allowing the judiciary to set itself above statutory restraints and beyond investigation. Of course, Kavanaugh is but one loose thread in this criminal plot hatching in the federal judiciary, for my information to the committee affirmatively indicted at least eight other of the DC Appeals and District court. I went to the hearing after I checked the on-line documents list and did not see my letter listed, so decided to make a personal appearance to see if I could catch a few of them with hard copies. If I could not catch them around the hearing, then I would just visit each of their offices, which is what I did once I was released from that police travesty of a "public hearing," that showcase of Nazism.

All the while I am thinking of Corey Booker and Kamala Harris, not feeling betrayed them, but sad for them that they were just playing to the mid-term elections. They really were not trying to halt the elevation of this criminal fascist to their highest court, somehow thinking that appearing to be opposed, but without real basis, could score some mileage for Democratic candidates. There was no mention of judicial conduct, even though it was right there before the committee, yet not a one of them will even acknowledge the existence of my letter - Democrat of Republican. The Democrats stuck to the plot of restricting the focus on his opinions and supposition opposition, nothing solid, which I could watch on television. My letter was only six pages, but packed with specific and irrefutable incriminating evidence not only against Kavanaugh and a dozen other federal judges of the DC U.S. Appeals and District courts, but the judicial self-policing system itself.

The one case that Kavanaugh should have been asked about and was never, was my own (Seitu v. Baber, et al.), which got to the Appeals court not as an appeal, but a complaint of serious misconduct by judges of the District court. The complaint to the Appeals court concerned the District court having violated the federal statute directing the recusal of federal judges. The statute is 28 U.S.C. 455, and directs that a federal judge "shall" recuse himself from a matter in which his impartiality is "reasonably questioned," such as having "personal bias concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding." Judge John Bates not only had personal knowledge of facts of my suit, but had previously played a role in my being illegally held in jail for nearly four-months by DC judges, which was an issue in the lawsuit showing conspiracy. Bates not only immediately moved to illegally nullify the suit, but refused to recuse himself.

   As soon as I received notice from the clerk that my suit had been assigned to John Bates, I filed for his recusal outlining the issue of his implication, Bates ignored that and quickly entered an "order" denying my request for a preliminary injunction. I could only then proceed by going to the chief judge of the District court which I had already done knowing Bates violate, as I figured the chief would, and they did. Therefore, my the only thing that I could do was to file a complaint of misconduct to the Judicial Council of the Circuit, namely the chief judge, who at the time was David Sentelle, but who wrongfully dealt with it as if an "appellate matter." There was no "judgment" and the "orders" of John Bates were void since the law stripped him of the ability to act in the case, so where was there an appellate issue? The issue was blatant lawless conduct on the part of three district court judges and the need for the Appeals court to take supervisory action as the Judicial Council, and not as an "appellate panel."

   This was not what happened though, instead David Sentelle, Janice Brown, and Brett Kavanaugh presented themselves as an appellate panel, ironically to grant a motion to dismiss "the appeal for lack of jurisdiction." Even though it was exactly my point in filing the misconduct complaint that this was not an appellate matter, the "order" they entered was to cover-up the racist criminal nature of the judiciary. Brett Kavanaugh agreed to enter into a criminal conspiracy led by David Sentelle and joined by Janice Brown, to authorize federal judges to violate and be immune from investigation for violating federal statutory laws. I never got any response from the Judicial Council on my complaint, because they converted it to "an appeal," just so they could admit that they have no appellate authority in the matter, the issue invoked solely their supervisory responsibilities to the people as the Judicial Council of the circuit.

   According to 28 U.S.C. 332, the judicial councils are to serve as panels of the United States federal courts that are charged with making "necessary and appropriate orders for the effective and expeditious administration of justice" within their circuits. So, that is two federal statutes that Brett Kavanaugh and company straight up violated beyond question, yet he is never questioned on the matter. Now, the statutes governing the judiciary are clear, they do exist, yet Brett Kavanaugh clearly violated them all, so why is he being considered for the Supreme Court, instead of Leavenworth? I am a material witness to the criminality of Brett Kavanaugh, a victim of his lawlessness, and my life has been severely materially impacted by thesystematic scheme of racism and utter lawlessness. I find myself being subjected to the same systemic treatment which the U.S. Supreme court declared as constitutional in 1857, whereby my ancestors native or kidnapped had "no rights those holding the power and the government were bound to respect," the Dred Scott case.

   I certainly have not had a single right they have respected in any way, I have been met with contrived criminal denials at every step along the way. And all one has to do is examine public record for verification. But, your elected officials will not do that for fear that though it might result in justice, its not an issue they are running on in the mid-terms. I do not matter, just a bug on the road crushed under the wheels of their careers, and agendas, I am just one of the People. Ironically, a few months before the nomination of Kavanaugh, I contacted the DC ACLU for help in addressing this problem, to which it quickly refused a week later. In spite of the issues and facts I presented to them of a clear pattern of racist lawlessness by the judiciary, the ACLU rejected me like a hot potato, so we know that they are not about justice for all, not truly our friends. The Institute for Tsunamic Justice was created as a means getting beyond these White liberal and knee-grow bodies that stand in our way towards real justice, while pimping our suffering as if they are suffering, when all they are doing is profiteering.

The Democrats are no different from the Republicans except in how they carry their corrupt nature. They are game players, shaky allies at best, not to be trusted to lead, not for Black people. What excuse can they give for not even showing an interest in examining the matter in the public interest, that is their job, and they sure pretended that they were in demanding the production of a bunch of meaningless documents. Obama essentially quietly pardoned George W. Bush, because he and the Democrats are really one in the same with the Republicans, serving the same goal, which is perpetuating the pirate nation and their piracy. I have exposed a coupe within the federal judiciary to overthrow every law governing it by simply violating them, which is exactly the philosophy Brett Kavanaugh has espoused, which is absolute immunity for what he calls "sitting" public officials, including from any investigation. I don't see anything humorous in that.

"Old pirates yes they rob i, stole i to the merchant ships..." Bob Marley Redemption Song

#What happened to the Seitu letter?