Sex, Lies, and the "Jim Crow" Senate:

Its the Brett Kavanaugh Show

by Kwasi Seitu/ Tar Baby

Instead of the hearings on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh being about what kind of judge he has been, the focus of the Senate Committee has been on everything but his judicial record, Republican and Democrats playing their roles to make it so. While Republicans planned on a quickie "confirmation," to which the Democrats apparently agreed to confirm, but not without first putting feigned gestures of being opposed, but not really. The Democrats have made a meaningless issue about Kavanaugh's opinions when he was on the staff of George W. Bush, his opinions on abortion in this or that article, and ultimately turned to his conduct as a teen and a law-school student. They ginned up all this drama about salacious tales of sexual misconduct, making the whole thing about distraught White women and the "MeToo Movement." They make rape not as a crime of power, but as a gender and racially based one, so it is more important than the Human rights of all people to respond to the victimization of White women. None of which concerns his conduct since the Senate made him a not only a federal judge in 2006, but an appeals court judge for the District of Columbia circuit, perhaps the most prestigious without a shred of qualification.

Brett Kavanaugh was appointed a federal judge in spite of his lack of judicial experience and personal qualifications, he got a quick pass then, just as the Senate is trying to do this time to the U.S. Supreme court. There has been absolutely no real examination of his conduct on the bench, and the senators may claim that there was no record of misconduct charged against him, which is because he and other judges routinely void and violate the very laws that govern the conduct of the judiciary. While the Republicans where happy to try getting by without any real examination of his record, it appears that the Democrats went along, but still needed to put on a show of opposition. After failing to make an issue of his papers when he worked for Bush, then failing to find anything to say he opposed Roe v. Wade, they finally settled on basing its opposition on "MeToo" in an apparent hope to pimp White women into voting democratic in droves in the mid-terms. They did so by totally disregarding the issue of justice for all, particularly as it pertains to Black people, we got what I call "Jim Crow Dispensed."

I provided each member of the committee with a detailed six-page letter outlining in detail my complaint against the Kavanaugh nomination, including the only two blacks in the Senate, yet not one has made any effort to contact me, even they all got my complaint. It has been nearly a month, the complaint is only six-pages, not difficult to read or understand, written in English. My letter consists of specific acts, dates, case numbers, issues presented, and the relevant federal statutes irrefutably violated by Brett Kavanaugh and other judges of the D.C. circuit. Those laws violated by Kavanaugh and others all concern the limits of judicial power and conduct, which is actually a practice I have documented in six of the eleven federal circuits. Evidently, my complaint then should have been given all the due respect given to the complaint filed by Dr. Blasey-Ford and the other three White women alleging sexual assault or misconduct, all of which was uncorroborated and from decades ago. I am not saying that their complaints were not important, but certainly not as relevant and reliable to mine that went directly to his conduct on the bench since 2006. There is no need for an FBI investigation into the veracity of my complaint since it is based on court records and statutory law, which Kavanaugh clearly violated.

My complain got what I call "Jim Crow Dispensation," whereby Black life does not matter when it comes to White interests, or the interest of the White nation. As a judge, Brett Kavanaugh has engaged in the gang-rape of the basic due process and Human rights of Black people, in my case, Brett Kavanaugh was one of them who put his hand over my mouth. The Senate Committee is doing the same, it is covering-up serious problems of racism and lawlessness in the federal judiciary by ignoring and concealing my complaint from the public. And it is because I am Black, that the issue goes deeper than a flawed individual, it is an entire system that continues to rape Black and other people of color of their basic Human rights with its sex, lies, and "Jim Crow Dispensations." I am a survivor, in spite of this racist system, and I will will never give up the fight for justice. For once I agree with Linsey Graham and Ted Cruz, the hearings were a sham, but I add that this was the intent from the beginning by the Committee.