So the Beat-Down Goes On! DC's Gangster Tax through DPW & DMV Continues

November 22, 2017

Kwasi Seitu

Institute for Tsunamic Justice

215 Oakwood St.


Washington, D.C.

Re: Willful Continued Lack of Accountability by Council on DPW

Letter to the D.C. City Council as a Whole,

   Nearly a month ago I appeared and testified before the D.C. City council on the operations of the DMV regarding the collection of parking tickets. My testimony and that many from the community did not concern the proposed amnesty, but the need to finally arrest the corrupt practices and criminal organization that it is, beginning with the immediate termination of Lucinda Baber and a fulfillment of the directives of former DC Auditor Deborah Nichols, which was to arrest the extortionist nature of the agency. I raised and presented Mr. Nichols' 1998 report and went on to tell how my car was stolen by DPW. However, this far from the first time that I have turned to the city council for accountability and have gotten none. I showed that a jury of this city agreed with me and Ms. Nichols that DPW had acted illegally against me, and not by mistake or mismanagement. In spite of all that, I am continuing to get nothing from this Council, no sign genuine sign of concern to address and arrest this continuing problem of systemic lawlessness. There has been no follow up, no gathering offacts

   In 1997, for nearly a month DPW denied having taken my car, then pretended to still have it weeks after admitting to taking it, even though they sold the car a week before the admission. In the weeks of pretense DPW attempted to force me to pay for dismissed and previously paid tickets, one that was still pending mail adjudication, a fictional one, a boot fee (even though my car was never booted), a tow fee (even though they could show no lawful right to summarily tow my car), storages fees for everyday DPW denied having my car and every day it pretended to still be in possession of my car. The total demand for the return of my car, which they no longer had, came to more than $2,400 and was climbing every day. I shared with the committee that I eventually had to sue and won in DC "Superior" court, and won a jury verdict against DPW and the City. I also testified and showed that the judgment was not only never honored, but that it appears that someone within the Corporation Council office engaged in forging and cashing the check, while Lucinda Baber continues to not only maintain the illegal retaliatory revocation of my license, but that I pay the tickets rejected by the jury. I submitted a copy of a 2011 email of Lucinda Baber, confirming this all.

  Lucinda Baber and the City Council has disregarded a verdict rendered by a jury of DC residents, as well as judgment of a DC "Superior" court judge in my own case. As well as more than 15-years of excellent reporting by the DC auditor on the same issue of a criminal enterprise posing as a public agency. The fact that Lucinda Baber has been allowed to get away with her illegal actions not only against me, but thousands of other residents and visitors, is an outrage. Of course Lucinda Baber is not the head, no more than Gwen Mitchell was, they serve at the pleasure of the mayor and City Council. How is it that the City Council got away with disregarding the findings of its own auditor for more than three-decades and counting? I have not heard a peep of concern from Mary Cheh, got a peep from Elissa Silverman, and have been entertained by Trayon White. However, I have not gotten any sense of outrage for the injustice and any interest in understanding more in order to help correct the situation.

   Even though I did get a letter from Karl Racin, the DC Attorney General, I did not solicit it and did not address the appearance of theft and forgery being committed within that office regarding the check that was to meet the judgment. That was my money and it appears that they could be as careless as they wanted to be, and they could get a DC judge to rule that they had delivered the check, even if they could not show that they had. Which is exactly what happened, thus, their was no investigation into fraud and forgery within the Corporation Counsel. I had shown in my case that it was prone to violating the law and a DC jury agreed with me. No investigation of any sort has ever been called for and initiated by any member of the council, Mary Cheh (being on both the Judiciary and committees), has been absolutely unresponsive, moot, and elusive. But she is not alone, so have been Jack Evans, Muriel Bowser, Anita Bond, and as Tommy Wells was when he was on the council.

   Why has not one member of the Committee shown anything more than disregarding interest. Not a one has called for investigative hearings in light of the hard evidence for such action as a matter of governmental accountability. I have not heard from any of the Committee members, not even my own Council member, I should have gotten follow-up investigative calls, and referral of the matter to the FBI and a special counsel since the U.S. Attorneys office for D.C. is implicated as an accomplice. If I were one of them, I would call for full blown hearings and action to end this criminality in government. Why is this matter being referred to an agency that has no jurisdiction to investigate government corruption, is this further distraction or just incompetence? Through my own case, I was able to establish a criminal conspiracy across a number of city agencies and offices, including the judiciary and the commission charged with protecting the public against corrupt judges, the Commission on Judicial Tenure and Disability. In the end, it comes down to local elected officials, who continuously prove to be unwilling to be held to account, and thus willing to continue being accessories to the fact, before and after. Or, in fact, go along with perpetuating government as organized crime, in this case extortion and robbery, judicial criminality, and continued systemic failure by deliberate default.

    I have yet to see any sincere effort to account by any Council member, it is the same as trying to end organized crime, to many corrupt or co-opted politicians in the way and being part of the problem. I hoped, but did not expect to hear from any of the members who sat on that committee, not with sincere concern and interest to stop the injustice and criminality. Even though it appears that Councilman Trayon White's office contacted the office of Karl Racine about the matter, it was without any real discussion with me, and was clearly off the mark. Racine was simply given the opportunity to make a non-response, since it was not specifically required to account for its past defense of clearly criminal practices by DPW/DMV, as well as the theft and forgery of a check intended for me, while atthe same time Lucinda Baber illegally and surreptitiously revoked my driver's license. So, Racine was allowed to send me letter claiming ignorance and innocence without showing such, and that is intended to be the end of it. Something smells around here, and it remains the DC government, including the current City Council as much as the past City Councils and mayors, going back to at least 1987. Make Karl Racine account for its criminal defense of the criminal practices of DPW/DMV, at tax-payers expense, the very people who are being victimized by it.

    In 2001, I showed to a jury that DPW was an extortion racket and it rejected all of its defenses for stealing my car, but no recommendation for criminal prosecution came forth from any judge, all of whom were too busy denying my right to redress, which includes the right to investigate. The Corporation Counsel failed to answer, so there was no process to investigate the facts and prepare for a trial, because the City was in default, but which the judges illegally refused to enter in accordance with the law, but ever, before forcing me into a "trial" under duress on my own claim because I had demanded a jury trial. It was an ambush, an illegal way to dispose of me with the pretense of my "day in court," no matter how baseless since it is not fair or legal. The city was able to present a stream of tickets at the trial that were not presented before, nearly twice as many, but I convinced the jury that it was all a scam. I was given a judgment by the pretend judge less than 3/5s of what I was entitled to. AsI explained above, it clearly appears that the Corporation Counsel was very careless with my money and allowed it be stolen, and the implication is by someone in that office since it cannot show that it delivered it to me, nor that the signature on it is mine. In fact, I can positively show that the signature could not be mine because they never delivered it to me, nor could I sign it at the time since I was being illegally held between South Carolina and Georgia for nearly a year.

   I submitted to the Committee a copy of an email from Lucinda Baber dated 2011, in which she clearly states that my license was revoked pursuant to payment on the same claims invalidated by a jury of DC, which she insists on disregarding. Even though she clearly acted and continues to act in contempt of court, nothing is done to arrest it. Lucinda Baber also acted on fraud when she claimed that I had been convicted of DUI and driving without a seat belt in South Carolina, both of which were absolutely false, complete fabrications of Baber which she was not only allowed to conceal for eleven-years, but has been allowed to maintain to this day in spite of it being dispelled to then Councilman Jim Graham in 2011. Interestingly the "trial," the stealing of the judgment, and the illegal revocation of my license all took place within a year. Coincidence, no, this is some real gangster stuff posing as government. Like thugs in control, they refuse to account in spite of being backed up by the facts, more than a decade of DC Auditor reports, a jury verdict in my favor, and a judgment by a DC judge. Instead, to this day I and hundreds of thousands people continue to be victimized by the same criminal practices, nothing has changed, as confirmed by Lucinda Baber.

   By this time, if I were a council member, I would be demanding a meeting of the council in whole to address its failures and continued failures to address the criminal operation of DPW/DMV, beginning with the removal of Lucinda Baber. I would then set up an investigative board to follow up on the problem as first reported by Deborah Nichols, a true public servant. I would have my staff calling and conversing with victims, gathering facts essential to fairly resolving this situation and ending the systemic criminal operation of the agency. Based on the evidence that I have presented in my own case, there should have long been action to reverse the illegal revocation of my license, and a criminal investigation into the fact that it followed a ruling by a jury finding DPW's actions illegal. And then there has been Lucinda Baber's persistence in furthering the violation of that court ruling by demanding I pay the same claims that a jury rejected. But, none of this has been forth coming from this Council at no time in more than three-decades of this type of criminal abuse of the public by a city agency. The city also owes me on the judgment, I would appreciate a real response, as if I am a respected resident, life long going back for six generations. I am not going to fade away, I remain an unvindicated victim of your crime, but you forget that slavery is death, I would appreciate the morally and legally appropriate response for once. But, I ain't holding my breath, I am working to educate and organize.


Kwasi Seittu