Leave the statues and flags in place so America can't claim that this is not AmeriKKKa, when in fact it is. After the Chinese revolution succeeded in liberating themselves from foreign rule, Chairman Mao prohibited the taking down and destruction of symbols and memorials of their former oppressor in order that people may visually encounter the history of their oppression and the need for their liberation and progression. Those statues and flags are markers of the true nature and history of "America," that's worked for me as I have traveled extensively throughout the south. It does not bother me, right now, because to me they are nothing more than markers that notify me that I am deep into enemy territory, as intended by my enemy. I was working with Black communities throughout the south to organize for justice, I was the head of the African American Environmental Justice Action Network (AAEJAN!), which started an aggressive revolutionary grassroots organizing plan called "AAEJAN 2000," which although undermined and rendered dormant, still exists and must be revived.

     People are so focused on removing the symbols of systemic racism in America, but not ending the very concept of "America," to which they march and protest to for change. That is not revolutionary, reactionary, and causes the system to adjust, morph, and give the perpetuation of the same old shit as "Justice." This then brings us to the question as to how and when will it truly be ended. Not by erasing and demanding that the true past and present of this racist nation be totally remoted, destroyed, and eliminated from understanding the true history and nature of AMERICA. I am not into saving or perpetuating "America," it is a pirate creation. I am not into bowing down to bandits, terrorist, nor old pirates; which are all the same to me, unredeemable scum. When you protest to it for change, rather than thinking and organizing within your circles for change, you continue to empower the criminal system instead of empowering the people. The Power of the People is not with the system, nor simply in opposing it, but in overturning it. As Kwame Toure/Stokely Carmicheal preached "Organize, Organize, Organize!" and he was not just talking about demonstrations, protests, and marches. He declared himself as a committed Afrikan Revolutionary, part of the universal Revolutionary Afrikan struggle, and he died as such

I had a personal relationship with this great historical figure in the Black Liberation struggle, brief as it may have been from time to time, Kwame remembered me as his child revolutionary who always had his back. Even though we had not seen each other since Afrikan Liberation Day 1978, were I served as security for his back, which I had done in 1977, he recognized me and had me to push him around in his wheelchair following the end of the 1998 event honoring him. I was amazed as he came straight to me out of a crowd to place him in his chair and to push him safely around. I was just a young man when I met this man, did not have a whole lot of personal contact with him, but he remembered me and came straight to me when he was ready to go. He still trusted that I had his back, and that is what I did for the remainder of the evening until he retired and that was the last time I saw him, he enjoyed himself and so did I. Listen to the words of Kwame/Stokely, Malcolm, Fred, and Martin from 1967. Detroit and so many other Black pockets of urban racist oppression exploded that year, followed by even more the following year, 1968 with the murder of Dr. King. Kwame/"Stokely" marched and organized with Dr. King, challenged him, and helped him to come around to the understanding that Malcolm X had and was killed for having.

Symbolism over substance is not the basis of any meaningful change, in substance America is simply a pirate White-settler state that must practice racist apartheid in order to maintain its existence, a snake will be a snake and you are a fool if you think that you think that you can get it to act otherwise. I am not protesting and demanding the removal of any symbol of what is real, as if removing the visible symbol makes the situation better, when in truth it only helps the pirate to conceal his history and true nature. He dresses in the clothes that you prefer he no longer wear, does that make him any different or less than the pirate that he was before the change of clothes? No, except in the demented mind.