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Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!

Posted by Kwasi Seitu on Thursday, March 21, 2019,

Kalief Browder, A Luta Continua!:

A Case of Suicide Induced by Systemic Racist Injustice

   Kalief Browder, at age 16, was imprisoned for three-years on a contrived minor charge, which the state ultimately admitted it never had any evidence to support the arrest, more less for jailing him. We are not only talking about the racist criminal conduct of police and prosecutors, but judges as well. Kalief was imprisoned at Riker's Island with adults, quite a few who were hardened crimina...

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Sandra Bland: the Justice We must pursue

Posted by Kwasi Seitu on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, In : human rights 
   With daily revelations of murderous systemic racism against Black people and entire communities in the U.S., it is easy to become overwhelmed, for the facts are overwhelming that we need to understand that we are at war, and have been for at least 500 years. With regard to the kidnap and murder of our beautiful young sister Sandra Bland, we must call it that for ourselves. She was not "arrested" since she had committed no crime, so how could her seizure be called an "arrest," there was no ...
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