The FBI and DOJ Once Again Reveals Their True Purpose: To Help Cover-Up Systemic Racist Crime, as in the case of the Murder of Sean Suiter

The FBI has refused to investigate the murder of Baltimore police detective Sean Suiter, who was murdered the day before he was slated to appear before a federal grand jury to testify against other officers in an FBI investigation of police corruption. According to the FBI "there is no evidence of a connection between Suiter’s murder and the ongoing FBI investigation," therefore "there is no further reason for the Bureau to take over the investigation." Hold the fuk on! This man was a witness in a federal investigation into police corruption in Baltimore, who was in fact a Baltimore police detective, so how could his murder not be connected to these facts. Suiter was mysteriously killed by an unknown suspect, with his own gun, while in the process of conducting some unexplained investigation all by himself, the day before he was to testify. Yet, the FBI almost immediately concludes that "there is no evidence of a connection," even though it has not even investigated the probability. The FBI does not show any basis for its quick determination, nor has it shown any product of their alleged investigation into the BPD, it is all just another FBI and DOJ sham of being concerned with justice. Even the BPD Commissioner Kevin Davis has publicly expressed concern about the FBI and U.S. Attorneys Office there withholding information that could help solve the murder.  (

   The FBI has once again clearly implicated itself in the cover-up of state sponsored murder, it set Suiter up for murder, and is now making sure that there is no investigation. The story put out by the BPD was flaky at best, it was vague and makes no sense, how was he shot in the head with his own gun? According to the BPD, Suiter was was out looking for an unidentified "dangerous suspect," of what is never made clear, all by himself. Supposedly, according to the BPD, there was a struggle between Suiter and the yet identified dangerous suspect, who supposedly got Suiter's gun and shot him in the head. The unidentified "suspect" escaped without a trace, no witnesses, no video, no fingerprints, no name, no description, no trace, because it is evident that is a lie. The FBI cannot and should not be allowed to get away with this one, since it has not done its job to investigate, then who did the FBI rely on to provide it with information as the basis for its determination the there was "no evidence" warranting it to investigate? None other than the same police department it was supposedly investigating for corruption. None other than the Baltimore police, the same ones they supposedly "investigating," smells pretty bad. Does anyone other than me smell the bullshit?

The alleged FBI and DOJ "investigation" of the BPD was announced only in response to the riots that occurred following the BPD killing of Freddie Grey, another case that drew national and global attention to racist policing in America. That was over two-years ago, in the meantime the staged state prosecution of the police failed as planned, in the meantime the alleged federal investigation has produced nothing but a dead witness, and an incredible quick conclusion that it was unrelated to it pretense of pursuing justice. Sean Suiter was a police officer, a detective, who was willing to appear in court in order to testify as an eyewitness to corruption in the BPD, murdered the day before he was to do so, and the FBI casually claims that his mysterious murder had nothing to do with the fact. How much more does the system have to do to show that it is thoroughly racist, corrupt, unworkable, and must be overthrown? The only thing the FBI and the DOJ are pursuing in Baltimore, as it always does in cases of this nature, is to maintain the status quo while appearing to be doing the opposite, even though it never does. The DOJ and the FBI set Sean Suiter up for murder and have now revealed its part in it, meaning no state or federal government agency has conducted a genuine investigation into the murder, nor can be trusted to, its a systemic cover-up. The cover-up is not only of Suiter's murder, but what he was going to testify to the next day. But the FBI sees no connection, even though it did not investigate, although it supposedly was already investigating the Baltimore police department. Does this make sense? NO, unless your brain is actually a mushroom.

So, where is the government accountability under law and fact, the police are allowed to investigate themselves and provide information to the FBI, that does not conduct its own investigation, on which it then concludes that there is no basis for it to investigate. So, what is the purpose of the DOJ and FBI investigation of the BPD, even the indictments obtained by them when their key witnesses can be killed and they shrug their shoulders and claim no relation because the BPD tells them so, even though they are supposedly under investigation? They are part of a system born out of genocidal piracy and terrorism, a White-settler system and nation, imposing itself as the "legitimate ruler," capable of justice. We can specifically go back to the very time that the U.S. government began pretending to concerned about "civil rights," even though the issue has always been about respect for Human Rights. It was in the early 1960s, with the increase of White racist violence in reaction to Black protest and it being almost instantly televised around the world, that those "holding the power and the government" began pretending like it was abandoning racism, even though it had no intent to cease being a pirate with a racist nature. And if you buy into that, then that means you take wooden nickels on a regular and routinely kick yourself in the ass. The killers of "Civil Rights" protesters and activist were beaten and murdered, yet the DOJ and FBI never timely did anything, most of the killings of gone unresolved, or none prosecuted, simply buried under bullshit. The FBI never found the killers in the Atlanta Child Murders, never even tried because they knew who they were, yet it closed its so-called "investigation" that has been exposed as being based on nothing more than the faking of forensic science.

I do not want to go on, I think that I have made my case against the U.S. government and society that supports it, they are guilty and must be extinguished. The FBI and the DOJ have never been involved in doing justice for Red, Black, or Brown people. Its most aggressive programs have been against these people, COINTELPRO, Wounded Knee, and the "Fast and Furious" supply of sophisticated weapons to Mexican drug cartels in order to continue to destabilize and subjugate that society. As far as I am concerned the FBI and DOJ have never had any credibility as being about doing justice, they are always about covering-up and making it appear something was done. However, it has gotten away with it so much bullshit that it has been lazy, this matter being the latest case in point. In August, the U.S. Attorney also declined to pursue criminal charges in the DC police murder of Terrence Sterling, also on the basis of the "lack of evidence," on the basis of DC police investigating themselves. Am I the only one seeing a systemic criminal pattern here by the federal government?

We have millions of tax-payer dollars being poured into the DOJ and FBI investigation of "collusion," when in fact they have never established with what? Trump is the president due to the unelected and mysterious "Electoral College," Trump lost the population's vote ("popular vote"), but was still declared the winner by the elite and unelected "Electoral College." And even though it has not been smeared with the "Russian Influence" taint, the Electoral College is not under any investigation as to how it could decide the election contrary to the population's vote. An entire year has passed and without ever establishing "Russian Interference," the case has now become about "Collusion" with the Russians in doing something that has never been shown to be real, or even factually plausible, thus, allegations of Russian interference through Face Book bots and Poke-e-Man Go. If you are silly enough to take any of that as evidence of anything other than nonsense, then you have to understand that you are an idiot. This is why this systemic cover-up of racist criminal policing in Baltimore will succeed, just like the ones in DC, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, on and on from sea to polluted sea let the cover-up of racist police oppression ring, because it serves the racist and oppressive system of AmeriKKKa.