Knee-grow misdirection, they blew it once again, and the only thing they can do is march and spin tales to the masses


I have been patiently waiting for everybody to finish reacting to the end of the show...."trial" of George Zimmerman, Zmurderer; so that perhaps we could then begin anew to engage in those conversations that we used to have back in the day, that our ancestors began the moment they encountered those demonic beings, like Zmurderer. Marching is getting us no where, so instead of marches, how about we organize rallies, RALLIES FOR PEOPLES' REVOLUTION. Inorder to do this we will have to hit the off button on listening to these old-head knee-grow wanna'b leaders, wanting to displace Malcolm and Martin, pimpin' and play'n like they have a real clue or really care about the people.

if you want "Justice for Trayvon," then demand justice for all and do not allow the knee-grows to use his death as a hood to pull over your eyes for their own greater good. In this regard, Al Sharpton and other "acceptable" knee-grows posing as the voice of Black Rage, so calls for the DOJ to bring a civil rights criminal prosecution against Zmurderer. They do this even though they know or should know, certainly Eric Holder knows, there is no basis in their law and based on the "facts" the system presented in the disposition of this murder. The civil rights statutes are not broad, they are narrow and have continuously been made narrower by the government in order to keep us as least removed from chattel-slavery as possible. There will be no federal prosecution of Zmurderer, because by their law there are no grounds to base it.

Legally and factually, the only way to prosecute Zmurderer is for the DOJ to charge and prosecute the State of Florida, by way of the police, prosecutors, and judges, for conspiring to violate Trayvon's, the general public's, and black people's civil rights. Let me repeat that:"Legally and factually, the only way to prosecute Zmurderer is for the DOJ to charge and prosecute the State of Florida, by way of the police, prosecutors, and judges, for conspiring to violate Trayvon's, the general public's, and black people's civil rights." 

The "State" initially unilaterally declared Zmurderer not guilty of any crime, even though it was he who pursued Trayvon ("he's running" - so let me go get him), that is not stand your ground. Except for the story of Zmurderer, there is no evidence that the confrontation occurred at the location he claimed, but instead occurred further down the walkway from where Zmurderer stated that he knew Trayvon had run. He was on the hunt and knew that there was no escape between him and "the back entrance."Tryvon was trapped, for Zmurderer had his balls on his hip, he had already determined that his pray was a black youth, or veal to him, I am sure that pudgy George loves meat.

The "State" initially sanctioned the murder, and only as a result of the huge public outcry, for which the knee-grows were primarily responsible for raising, along with the media, did the "State" then decide to go through the process of making it legit and vindicating itself and all of its officers. Stacking the deck in order to almost ensure acquittal, the "State" charged Zmurderer with the something less, that way they would have only a six person jury under Florida law. The "State" in the form of the judge then set the perimeters of the "trial" so that racism or "racial profiling" was excluded as motive, completely removing "motive" as a factor. The only thing the jury was told to consider was whether Zmurderer had reason to fear for his life when surprised by the game he hunted. 

And in ensuring a six person jury the "State" knew that not only was it cutting the chance of conviction in half, but that it would be more acceptable, for some strange reason, that black were still excluded from the jury for Zmurderer and every jury of other murderers of our people like him. Even back in the day when D.C. was "Chocolate City," white people still made it onto juries. So, we have the an irrefutable case of conflict of interest by the"State," which:

1) First summarily exonerated Zmurderer of any crime;

2) Only in response to wide-spread protest, did it change its decision, 41-days after the fact;

3) Then under-charged Zmurderer in total disregard of the substantial evidence warranting first degree murder with enhanced penalty to capital murder, with second degree murder being only a lesser included offense;

4) Meaning that Zmurderer was put on trial for a lesser included offense, not the principle offense, which is illegal.

5)  The judge barred racial motivation, in total disregard of substantial history, amounting to the suppression of evidence;

6)   The prosecution colludes with the defense in eliminating blacks from serving on the the jury: 

7)   The judge sits as a potted plant as the "prosecutor" gunned down potential black jurors, joining in with the defense, ("like shooting niggers in a barrel, Yeeee-hahh!) no problem with it by the judge, who has no sense of it due to her bias to the "State" and her own racism;

8)  Since their objective and interest was to eliminate "race" as a controlling factor throughout this whole matter, the judge allowed the prosecutor to misrepresent and suppress a critical piece of self-incriminating evidence, where Zmurderer can clearly be heard on recording urgently getting out off his car to pursue the "fucking coon...assholes, they always get away;" The prosecutors presented that he said "punks, " when that word is no where on the recording.

9)  Again the judge found no problem with the conduct of the prosecutor;

From point one to nine, with more that could be added, racism governed the conduct of the State in relationship to the killing, the "verdict" was only the natural outcome of the State's violation of Trayvon Martin's civil rights in order to vindicate itself. Trayvon, his family, his community, his people, and the general public had a civil right to a fair trial in a court of competent jurisdiction, which not have been before a Florida "State" judge. The case could not then be prosecuted by any "State" attorney as "special prosecutor," the DOJ and FBI should have been all over them from the start, that is, if any of them even have clue as to how to enforce the law without regard to race and class.WE THE PEOPLE had a right to competent, ethical, and effective representation in the form of the prosecutor who acts in OUR name, the denial of it is a civil rights violation.  

A petition demanding the nullification of the proceedings and thus, the verdict, needs to be filed to the trial judge, with the expectation that she will deny it, taking it to the next highest state court, as a mass legal action (joint-petitioners). Then on to the federal system, a process which will not take a long time, nor exclude the masses from, then we are ready to trie America before the world. In the meantime we are educating, agitating, mobilizing, and organizing. That is the most immediate change we need, in the meantime we also bring a more accurate focus for the DOJ, which is the conduct of the State, Zmurderer must stand trial for first degree capital murder in accordance with State law.