For the most part Americans did not come to oppose the war on Vietnam because it was wrong and immoral, but because it became evident to them that it was not winnable, too costly in terms of American lives and resources. Even when Americans came out against the war, many of them still referred to the Vietnamese as "the enemy," just because they fought against U.S. invasionsand domination of their country. There was never two separate Vietnams, that was a European imposition in attempt to maintain colonial subjugation, the South Vietnamese government was a creation of the U.S. and France. By time Americans started coming out against war their government had killed millions in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos with its massive bombing campaigns. They never addressed the fact that the U.S. had no business there, except in pursuit of its expansionist nature, hell, it started from three little ships landing on Plymouth Rock. I vividly recall that war on those people. who most Americans knew nothing about and could even care less, it was the loss of American lives that brought them around to finally questioning and opposing the war. I remember reading in the newspapers about the "body-count" and according to them, that war should have been over in a few months, they claimed that they were killing ten-one, for every U.S. soldier killed, they were killing ten Vietnamese. Sounded like a slaughter to me, and I was only 12 in 1967, I knew than that they had to be lying or just killing up a bunch of folk.

"Indochina," as Vietnam named by the French invaders and occupiers, had been one of its slave colonies since the mid-19th century. However, WWII weakened the French, having itself been invaded and occupied by Germany. After the war the French had the nerve to try holding onto its "colonies," and the Vietnamese were not having it, and within ten-years forced them to leave their country. However, by this time the U.S. had started to step in to at least make the southern half of Vietnam into its colony like it did in Korea and Taiwan with China. No formal war was ever declared on Vietnam by the U.S., so indeed Americans captured over there were mercenaries, not prisoners of "war," just a criminal horde of invaders who did not recognize the right of the Vietnamese people not to be subject to foreign rule. The American people were all in favor of sending their sons off to fight in that "war" of invasion to prevent self-determination, as long as they were "winning," as they do in all such criminal incursions by their government. They call their soldiers "Heroes" for killing and being killed for criminal motives, for perpetrating old piracies, the Vietnamese had just as much a right to self-determination as Americans claimed for themselves from England. Only in Vietnam, the people were of natives, they were not invaders and interlopers, the French and the Americans were.

American soldiers "served" in Iraq too, but who did they serve, and for what purpose? Iraq had never posed any threat to the U.S., had not threatened it, yet it was invaded by America based on a blatant lie told by the president on down. Before invading Iraq the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, but for what? Again, it was all about lies churned out by the U.S. government, none of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were from Afghanistan, they were almost entirely Saudi? Even though I do not buy the nonsense about the planes, nor that it was a plot from without, still the facts bare out that Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with it and the U.S. government knew it. So, how then are U.S. soldier "Heroes" for spreading death and destruction around the globe that does not make anyone on it "safer"? No nation on earth has done and does more to make the globe a very unsafe place than the U.S. for the majority of human-kind, it is the true pirate state, built on massive criminal bloodshed. So, what makes a person a "Hero" for advancing the pirates agenda? Which is worse, a criminal frame of mind, or political one?

Communism was the big bad "enemy" that needed to be contained, if not eradicated from the face of the earth. On the other-hand there is capitalism, which likes to dress-up and call itself "Democracy," which is simply hypocrisy by another name. However, today the Communist have out capitalized the capitalist, China and Russia are leading economies, and growing stronger still. While the Democracies are in turmoil over spoils, tearing at each other like pirates on a sinking ship. They could not stop the people of Vietnam from liberating the whole of their country from foreign rule, it needlessly cost the lives of thousands upon thousands of "Americans." So who kills more of their own people by having them go out and kill other people? It is not Russia, North Korea, Cuba, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Syria, and it was not Libya. It is good ol' AmeriKKKa that always has to be at war, because it is a pirate-state, something totally unnatural to civilization. Its entire existence is based on perpetuating one of the greatest crimes against humanity, and that is "Manifest Destiny," which contends that "God" intended the world to be ruled by White men. The Fourth of July celebration is one that embraces the piracy as legitimate, that rejoices in replicating the bombs and bullets, the violence behind it all.

I am a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass, who dared AmeriKKKa to explain to him why its Fourth of July celebration was supposed to mean anything to the Black, but a celebration of racist hypocrisy. Nothing has changed, America remains as racist as it has ever been, its just better at disguising or confusing it today. America is a hypocrisy, it has never been or even truly sought to a be a "Democracy," not even as it defines it. The U.S can take and stuff their celebration up its pirate ass, and lets pack it tight with Cherry Bombs, M-80s, Ash cans, Fire Crackers, rockets, and definitely jam in some sparklers. Pack it all up in that ass, get it up in. Okay, there we go, now everybody stand back while I light this baby up and send it into orbit!