The other night I watched the ABC report on"Watergate," ironically as we are witnessing a re-run with the Duck, in less than a year after being sworn in. COMING to a television, computer, and news stream near you "Water Gate II," the sequel. And I am proud that I played a role in bringing this blockbuster debacle of a presidency back to the U.S., it was not the Russians, it was me. (I am cracking up). I am proud to say that I used my Black vote to help elect, or not, Donald "the Duck" Trump, so that he could return AmeriKKKa back to a "great" accelerated decline "again." Barack Obama was the quint-essential "House-Nigger" that Malcolm spoke of, groomed to work harder to put out the fire in the "big house" than his White massa, so he put out a lot of the fires started by Massa W. Baby-Dock Bush. I against the fact that for eight years Hilliary, a crook within her own right. Black folk almost as whole, not only bent over with the first "Gay President" for eight years, now it is being passed on to our children as some great legacy to aspire. After attending the last Congressional Black Caucus convention, where all these kneegrows were throwing everything they had behind "Double-Wide Ass" Hilliary Clinton, while she and her cheata' husband drained the people of Haiti in "private life," after overthrowing their government when they were in the WHITE HOUSE as "POTUD and FDWA" (Piece of Turd US, and Flat Double-Wide-Ass US). So, I voted to shake Black folk back to reality, having bowed down for eight years to a Black face on the same old shit, even co-signing onto it like loyal slaves.

Any way, here we are six-months after the coming of "the Duck," which is what he has always been about after shooting himself in the foot, with "impeachment" already in the air. (I am really cracking up, it is so funny.) However, we now need to pay closer attention to the Nazi Mike Pence, as "Watergate III," who has already hired a defense attorney. (I am really cracking up!), And I helped vote this in, I can't stop laughing. Should have never gave me the gun, I ain't no trustee. Actually, I was twice made trustee during the early part of my 9-years at Parchman, I played them, they first tried to keep me a trustee, I've got 25-years with no hope of release until I survived 10 years, which is essentially a life sentence without parole, unless I survived more than a decade. I did that and more, was such a problem for the State and Federal government, that 71/2 of 11-years was in deep-lock, including a stint on death row. All of this was to limit my time in general population, because I was an educator and organizer, which is how the Mississippi Prisoners Union came into existence, with me as the creator and chairman, in spite of being in the hole. They dared to try that "trustee" shit on me and paid for it, because it is clear that to their detriment each time that they did it, I took advantage to educate and organize. It took them awhile on how to figure it out how to handle me, but by then it is way too late. Even when they thought they had me figured out, they were still way off the mark, only to find themselves playing right into my box for them. It may seem that I digressed, but in fact my point is that you never give into the oppressor's narrative of the world, for then you will forever be oppressed. I was the oppressor of my oppressor because I pursued justice through revolutionary awakening. I never felt safer than when I was imprisoned by the state of Mississippi, for I was covered by the overwhelming majority of the prisoners, so you would pay a price for stepping out of line on me, whether I said anything or not. Word got out.

So here we are, not even six-months into this presidency and already AmeriKKKlans are talking about "obstruction of justice" and impeachment, tell me this ain't "Watergate" on steroids. I am sure the Duck has been taking steroids and all other manner of drugs to keep his youthful looks, taking for decades to no positive effect. With his blotchy,funny orange-colored skin, and hair that does not seem to grow out of his scalp, for no scalp could be confused and pretentious as the Ducks hair-piece. We got that racist lying-ass butt-hole Jeff Sessions going down, talking about he recused himself while still being all up in the middle of anobstruction case, he is looking just like that lying-ass racist butt-hole John Mitchell, who was"loyal" to and worked to help Richard Nixon cover-up their racist criminality. (Oh yeh, I am cracking up) My plan is working to perfection, actually better than I expected, I am now in my "Dr. Destructo" mode, a name my older siblings gave to me before I turned five, one which I did not appreciate until later in life, which I now ware with pride. Rather than focusing on enemies without, AmeriKKKa must be exposed and worked as the enemy within itself. Not even a good six-months in, the "Regime" of the Duck is being talked about in the same sentence as "impeachment and obstruction of justice," you know I am loving this. Call me "Devious." I like that, because I proudly am when it comes to dealing with the enemy of my people. My objective is to help the masses, particularly Black folk, understand and exploit the space between us and our enemies and opponents. The program was produced and aired by ABC, the timing of which seems to interesting, I kind of saw it as a plea warning to Trump and the AmeriKKKlan public, it seemed to me to be a preparation for a repeat of Watergate, like instant coffee (that's funny). I saw it as forewarning of what was to come, particularly to Trump to avoid "Watergate II," even though it is already unavoidable, for which the Russians cannot be blamed,this is an AmeriKKKlan thing. This is AmeriKKKa, which like its president, constantly shoots itself in the ass with all of its corruption, after all, it is a pirate state. I am merely practicing Dr. King's advocacy for non-violent resistance, with Malcolm's instruction "by any means necessary," so I decided to vote for "the Duck," and he is doing some serious ducking right now, as is everyone around his dumb-ass. So, yes, I am proud of strategically using my Black vote to at least make a statement to the system of my people's oppression and genocidal mayhem around the world, as well to my own people to wake the FUK UP! "Revolution is the only Solution," as Malcolm, Kwame, Jamil Al-Emin, Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur, and so many other of our most brilliant thinkers, speakers, and doers.

This is actually the perfect environment for revolutionary organizing, at least back in the day it was, but not so much today. There is so much dialectical material confusion by of the advent of the Internet producing an avenue for more false and slanted "news," while at the same time promoting group interest over those of people, thus "Gay Rights" has become "the New Civil Rights," even though Black folk still have to struggle for respect for those civil rights supposedly "granted" to them more than 60-years ago. Heres a News Flash: Another Cop Acquitted for Murdering Black person - protests, maybe some riot, but no organizing is going on in Milwaukee, thanks to groups like Black Lives Matter, the "New Black Panther Party," so on and so forth. This is in addition to identity politics being promoted over real politics, thus we've had the Gay agenda scale the back of the Black struggle just like the White "Womens Movement." Just like they have erased "Soul Music," displacing it with "R&B," the Black Liberation Movement has been displaced and is forestalled by crap like "Black Lives Matter." We move from a definite to an indefinite rank with identity deviations which actually run counter to Black revolution and Black liberation, very apolitical. I voted for the Duck to create space for change of mind, and he is providing it with his dumb ass, but we are not in a position to take advantage of that space. Protest, protest, protest, but to who? A system that has clearly shown that it is not listening and has its own criminal agenda. The system is in chaos, yet we are not able to take advantage because we no longer are interested in organizing anything more than protests, demonstrations, or events. Water Gate II is coming, will we be prepared to take advantage of it.