Welcome in 2018: Armageddon Time for Making AmeriKKKa Great Again

   2017 was an incredible year in AmeriKKKa for retardation and racism, after 8-years of the unexpected existence of a black man as president, it went back to dumb and dumber. I have to give it to that knee-grow, he saved not only the big house, but the whole plantation after Dumb "W" set it on fire, as an abolitionist I was not happy with that knee-grow. So, here 2017 begins with the crowning of Dumber, Donald "Dumb-as Duck" Trump, a real clown. And for disclaimer purposes I must and proudly let it be known that I gave him my vote, he has not disappointed me, he has taken AmeriKKKa down again, even though he thinks that he is "making America great again," even though it was never great accept for White pirates, White invaders, and the KKK. I am not Russian, nor is the all-too important Trump base, a bunch of good old White racist. Trump did not win the popular vote, yet he was still declared the winner by an unelected mysterious group of White people called the "Electoral College," and I doubt that any of them are Russian, yet it is not being investigated.

    2017 also represented a year of ironies, particularly with regard to U.S. imperial claims, specifically with regard to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. After the U.S. made a successful gangster move to take over Spain's pirate claims in the Caribbean and the Pacific, the Dutch in the Virgin Islands knew they were next, with the U.S. also taking over Panama and building the Panama Channel. The Dutch simply ceded to the U.S. and sold the islands, and their people, to the U.S. in 1917. The infamous racist imperialist from Virginia, Woodrow Wilson, was president. When America became the new foreign "owners" of the people and their land, they held a ceremony called "Transfer Day" in March 2017. The Black Natives got nothing but new masters, AmeriKKKlans, led by Woodrow Wilson who premiered the airing of D.W. Griffith's racist "Birth of a Nation" in the "White House" the year before and had ordered racial segregation/oppression as the "official" policy of the federal government. Born in December 1856, they just "celebrated" his 162nd birthday, of course ignoring his racist criminal existence and impact.

   2017 was the centennial of "Transfer Day," which the U.S. celebrated and expected their property to do the same, like slaves celebrating Christmas on the plantation. At the same two major legal cases were proceeding through the U.S. courts concerning the Human Rights of Native people supposedly "purchased" by the U.S. from Spain and Denmark. One case involved their status, whether they were citizens, and the other concerned the plight of Virgin Islanders imprisoned by the U.S. In the broader case Samoans were demanding to be respected as "U.S. citizens," and the U.S. courts rejected them, stating that they and all Natives of U.S. "territories are non-citizen nationals" and have no rights as citizens of the U.S. unless they abandon their land and take up residency within the U.S.; then they will be treated like niggers, with the pretense of "citizenship." In the case of VI prisoners, they were imprisoned by the U.S. with no right to a "fair trial," in a court that exists "in name only," held for nearly three decades as federal prisoners, and continue to be held for nearly two-decades after the U.S. terminated their sentences. This is because of, instead of releasing the prisoners as required by law upon the U.S. termination of the sentences it imposed on them, instead the U.S. government illegally "transfered" their continued detention to the colonial government, which had no sentences on any of these people, but was being given the duty by the U.S. government to illegally detain them indefinitely at its behest. Why the U.S. government made such a move only seems to point to a broader plan to depopulate the islands of its Natives as much as possible, genocide being the same as gentrification.

The "transferred" prisoners were then farmed out to various state penal systems to fill their maximum-security prisons for nine-years, then they were all "transfered" to the territorial prison in St. Crow, Golden Grove in 2009. They all then stayed there until 2016, when the Virgin Island 3 (Haneef Bey - "Beaumont Gerreu," Abdul Azziz - "Warren Ballentine," and Malik Bey - "Meral Smith) all filed writs of habeas corpus challenging their continued illegal detention. Instead of "due process," what the three and all others similarly situated got instead was "transferred" to a private super-max prison in the middle of an Arizona desert, the U.S. courts refused to respect and process their petitions. Not only would those petitions unravel the lie of the three imprisonment and continued imprisonment, but that of of at least 145 other island prisoners. Since March 2nd, 2016, all of these men have been officially, but legally, the same as people held prisoner in Guantanamo Bey are held, as persons without a single right the U.S. is bound to respect, slaves. Even though U.S. and international law does not permit the U.S. courts to refuse process to any person held under its "authority," that is exactly what was done in this case and unfortunately since the victims of this criminality are not White, we have not been able to get the support and help of White organizations in AmeriKKKa who claim to be about social justice. At the very time that the National Lawyers Guild could have greatly helped, it failed to do so out of some sense of being offended by the victim's refusal to accept the notion that its involvement was to be seen as some great grant, and they were to be the masters over the prisoners if they got involved. Because this racist position was rejected, the NLG gave no help, even though we were in the middle of exposing the criminal nature of the U.S. judiciary and judicial system.

   Not only were these people tried by the U.S. as "non-citizens" in their own land, meaning they had no purported right to a "fair trial," but even after the U.S. ended that fallacy, it maintains their illegal imprisonment as perpetual prisoners of its colonial government without the need for sentences. You might think that such a situation would prompt the NLG, the ACLU, and all of the other White "Human Rights" organizations with great funding to spend some their donated resources and abilities to helping that those donations were intended to allow for, to kick in. Not so, none of them have come to the aid of these people since they did not discover and develop it, meaning that they cannot pimp it. Also, there is the fact that the VI3 case voids or at least legitimately challenges all U.S. claims on all "territories," a political matter that goes directly to the illegitimacy of the U.S. itself. The U.S. celebration of its "purchase" of the Virgin Islands and its captive people from Denmark violated all U.S. law and international law against slavery, it was a straight exchange of money for the possession and control of people and land not rightfully belonging to the seller. Denmark had no legitimate claim to possess lands thousands of miles disconnected from it, nor people who it had in fact kidnapped or enslaved on it. Thus, the U.S, engaged in the purchase of stolen property and people, which the U.S. itself is based on.

   So, in 2016, the U.S. doubled-down on its imperialist claims and the continued violation of Native peoples' Human Rights in the Caribbean and South Pacific. The U.S. went through with its shameless imperialist celebration of its "purchase" of the Virgin Islands as some great leap for justice, while at the same time continuing to oppress the Natives, who it classifies as "non-citizen foreigns." The U.S. made them "foreigns" in their own land, belonging to no other land other than the one of their birth, ineligible for "equal protection and due process" because they are the "property" of the U.S. The U.S. presented its celebration not as such, but as a "Commemoration" since there has never been anything for any of the Natives under U.S. control to celebrate. My hope was to exploit the confluence of all the historical and political factors to help my clients, but that was just very difficult and proven impossible in these days and time, we are in Armageddon time. We could stir and steer ourselves away, but the dominant system will not allow it, by nature, it is the criminal holding all Human Kind at gun-point to his rule.

   In 2018, I am going to renew my commitment to fighting for my people, in support and cooperation as much as possible with all people to bring about an end to the systems that rule this world. Understand that unlike "capitalism," socialism is not a system, it is a Human construct, which cannot be claimed by any ideology. Communism is not the same as socialism, the former is based on a particular political doctrine, while the latter is more attuned to the needs of the organic community. I want to see Haneef, Abdul, Malik, and all of those others not only freed, but provided with just reparations. I will need the help of many to this, starting with your love of justice for all, these people have never not been "owned" by some foreign White nation-state or group, including the Knights Malta; since 1917, it has been the White settler-state of the U.S. that has "owned" them. And like property, they have been ignored after being devastated by two major hurricanes. Even though Puerto Ricans are allegedly "citizens" without having to give up their birthright, they too are treated as property, just lost property that massa will one day come back and salvage what he can. We will see more millionaires buying up the depopulating islands, turning them into grander resorts for their kind and fools wanting to be like them. Revolution ain't dead, right now its going threw transition to birth, for this nonsense of pirates has come to its end, its Armageddon Time! Its do or die, its just that simple, systemic injustice will never end itself, so why even think that it will, move from protest to organized community action of resistance, and be a part of the world-wind of liberation. Looking forward to your help and support as we continue on.