Democrat Patrick Hope, a delegate to the Virginia legislature from a small district in Northern Virginia, announced his intention to immediately file to impeach Lt. Governor Justine Fairfax. The basis for Hope's desire to pursue punitive action against Fairfax is "two allegations" of sexual assault or "rape," these are not only "allegations." but are remote, irrelevant, unverifiable, and a waste of time to even be talking about. This situation where the Democratic party is confounding itself for pimping,the Democrats claim that they represent and serve the best interest of black and brown people, with little evidence to support that claim. So, here we have the white Democratic governor being exposed as having been an outright racist idiot in college, then the Democratic attorney general who had just the week before called for the governor to resign, the following admitted in fact that he had done the same thing in college. They both engaged in the racist enjoyment of painting their faces black, so as to be a "nigger," which they really don't have to do anything but be the niggers they are.

   The two white men with irrefutable proof and admissions of their past indiscretions, which we may have never learned about from them, seem like they are going to survive their scandals. Hope, nor any other state legislature has even mentioned impeaching as to them, yet here this queer looking angry white man is talking about using his position in the legislature to move to impeach Fairfax. In his queer position, he contends that this drastic action should be pursued right away based on his conclusion that the "allegations are highly credible," of course without saying why. How are they even relevant to anything involving public service, or anything else than personal drama? Why is the press focusing on the nonsense, instead of questioning it before they start drumming it as "news," this is what "fake news" is all about, fake news. The U.S. media is nothing more than a propaganda machine, it repeats as "news" every dumb thing it is told by those holding the power and the government as news, without question, without examination, without fact checking, and without any commitment to determining fact from fiction, lies from the truth. The media's justification, and that of Delegate Hope, is that this about supporting the "#MeToo era," which is primarily centered around white women alleging some sort of sexual misconduct against men from decades before and unverifiable. So, "#MeToo" then becomes "#IBelieveHer," just for the sake of it. Notice, that was not the case for Anita Hill, whose case was far more credible than most of the "#MeToo" allegations made against Justin Fairfax today.

    This was the same tact taken by the Democrats in "opposing" the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the "Supreme" court, choosing to pursue the one allegation of past sexual misconduct in high school, over 83 other complaints of criminal conduct on the bench. Certainly, as in all the other cases, in this case involving Justin Fairfax, the one baseless allegation is supposedly buoyed by a second equally baseless allegation, there were allegedly other allegations of sexual against Kavanaugh. Those other allegations were not part of the 83 complaints of criminal misconduct on the bench that the entire Senate Committee colluded not to address, nor make public that they were not. The issue of "black face" is one about the pervasiveness of racism in the society, it also speaks volumes about racism as a system. Patrick Hope just revealed that he is a racist, he is one of those white people who are still very quick to call for the lynching of blacks, particularly leading or prominent ones poised to take positions of real power. The story then became about impeachment, not "on what basis?"

    Even if the allegations are true, which no one will ever know but the persons involved, they have nothing to do with that person today as an elected official. Donald Trump was caught on tape bragging about engaging routine sexual assault, talking about just grabbing women's vagina, and laughing about it. Still, he got selected as president, and there is no more talk about all of the women who came out with allegations against him. Shoe polish or not, racism is racism, and all of white America is guilty of maintaining it. Patrick Hope has now stated that he will not be filing to impeach Alexander, after consultations with some his "colleagues," he realized that impeachment is complicated, especially when you don't have a basis for it. Hope swears that his only motivation for calling for impeachment was that he "believed" the women, even though he never talked with or even met either, nor has anything more to go on than the rest of us. Even though he is backing off his nonsense, he has already exposed himself as a closet racist quick to convict and lynch a black man. It is the Patrick Hopes of America who are up under the black shoe polish or that Klan hood.