There was of course the “March on Washington,” which Malcolm X described as “a circus, with clowns and all, there were black clowns and white clowns.” Then, there was the “Million Man March,” which was followed by the “Million Woman March,” then the “Million Youth March,” and they have been followed with annual commemorative marches.  Just where in the hell have we been marching to, why, and why are we still marching?  If all those millions of marches where for justice and equality, then we may as well stop, because apparently we have just been marking time. Standing still, going no where, but backward. Like Malcolm said, the “March on Washington” was a circus, a sell out, so why are so many black folk acting like it was the second coming? What came of, or came out of, that “great march” for the masses of black people? We cannot say “nothing,” Martin Luther King proved to be a great orator, but whose vision at that point was clouded with an impossible “Dream.”

      1963, I was eight and was already a three-year veteran of the stings of white supremacy and black “inferiority.” I was not at the march and if I knew then what I know now, I still would not have gone. I am not going to participate in some knee-grow commemoration of being “negros,” still walking around dreamy-eyed, but now it is because of the koon-aid they keep swilling down. I understand Mr. Koon-aid himself is suppose to deliver the keynote address, whil conducting drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and S.E. D.C. ; innocent people will be killed. And the crowd will fawn over this great uncle tom, because really, that is one of the things the march resulted in more black folk striving even harder to become prize house niggers, porch monkeys, lawn jockeys, and garden variety niggers. It was the trick called “integration,” they changed our goals from justice and equality, to “integration,” all we wanted was to be able to sit next to white folks on the toilet. Now, we have a black face on the same old white supremacy system and a lot of black folk have been giddy as hell behind it, even though it has not helped their situation. Koon-aid Alert!!!

      On a more somber note, black people in America have really been getting our asses kicked around ever since that clown moved into 1600, and he has been a part of it without a doubt. Not long after their “Supreme” court finally gutted the “voting rights act,” they tell us that we must except the verdict that George “Zmurderer” Zimmerman committed no crime when he stalked and murdered Trayvon Martin. And we are not to think that something is odd or wrong with the same prosecutor and court convicting and sentencing Marissa Alexander to twenty-years in prison for shooting into plaster. We have him telling us that “we must accept the verdict,” while at the same time having the “first black” face on the white Attorney Generals Office to sell our anguish over the verdict on the impossible dream of a federal criminal civil  rights prosecution of Zimmerman, “keep hope alive,” damn yourselves. So, then they decide to throw a few more distractions from the reality of total racist injustice, Holder starts talking about no longer participating in the racist drug law scheme. A lot too late though, and they know it, they just tossing old dried bones in place of substance and sustenance.

      Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Ben Jealous, Louis Farakhan, Malik Zulu Shabazz, nor Barack Obama are “Black leaders,” they were assassinated or jailed; these clowns are nothing more than pretenders to the imaginary throne. They have no solutions, are not really seeking any, they are all just trying to get a piece of that rotten-ass American pie, and it does not matter that the masses of black people have to suffer in their wake. In fact, the more suffering the better for them to pretend like they care, and have a real clue as to how we address them, they organize marches to nowhere accept their greater glory as apparent “leaders” of the march. So, now the white man is supposed to deal with them differently, let them into the garden, the lawn, onto the porch, or maybe even into da’ big house. And it won’t matter that there is still no justice, for they will still just protest, demonstrate, and maybe even boycott. After all, they believe in the claimed “legitimacy” of the system, they are incapable of leading the people in strategic opposition and resistance to it. These people are entirely unaccountable, they are showman, so they are always promoting or putting on a show of doing something, saying something that is like a dull knife.

     Other than the granting of a few minor concessions like a couple of  “first black” this or that, and the removal of the more obvious characteristics of being an apartheid state, not much changed as a result of that march and the movement it represented. I am not saying that the “Civil Rights” movement accomplished nothing, only that “civil rights” and integration were never the aims of our movement, before the white people and their loyal knee-grow servants took it over. As Malcolm said, the march started out from grassroots movement that was hostile, angry, and uncompromising; but was the shrewdly co-opted and compromised by the infiltration of the “big six negro leaders,” and their white handlers. A month and a half before the march Medgar Evers was gunned down by an assassin in Mississippi, and three-weeks after the march four little black girls were killed in a bombing of a church intended to kill many more. It then took over three-decades to bring the known assassin of Medgar and the little black girls to “justice,” but we all know that “justice delayed, is justice denied.” Yet, we have knee-grows posing as “leaders” leading us to accept this, “justice denied,” as a victory and something to “celebrate.” Niggers love to celebrate anything, understanding that we speak within a socio-political aspect, or within the mental health construct set forth by Franz Fanon. 

       Later that year the federal government did pass into law sweeping “civil rights” legislation not seen since the end of the American civil war, this was supposedly the “death of Jim Crow,” when in fact it was only an acceleration of its transformation, for the only intent has been to perform a make-over of white supremacy, make it pretty less obvious. Interestingly, the “sweeping civil rights legislation” that followed the end of their civil war was intended to be the death of the reality announced by U.S. “Supreme” court chief justice Roger B. Taney in the Dred Scott case, which was not only the most commonly known statement that black people “have no rights” that white supremacy is bound to respect; but what most people miss, Taney added that “emancipation” would not change that in America. Realize that the period of “liberation” was quickly reduced to nothing more than what it was intended to be, which was nothing more than an emancipation, a lengthening of the slave chains, and this has gone on for a century and half, with no end in sight.

      I strongly suggest that if you are not going to attend the march to be “contrary,” that is, not commemorative and celebratory, then don’t waste your time. Who invited Obombya? Why are clowns like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson shot callers for black people? Perhaps there ought to be a counter march, a march for justice now, a march to build real grassroots power. Instead of marching between the feet of two dead white men, perhaps we should gather in Malcolm X Park, and other parks and places, then join up in a march on the march for Troy, Trayvon, Emitt, Amadu, and so many other black people murdered by police, who are then never held to account, ask Ramarley Grahm, Sean Bell, or Rodney King. Hell, ask me! Let’s form a march toward the release of Mumia, the MOVE 9, Lenoard, Lynn, and so many other political prisoners. Let us march back into our communities, into the brush, and organize a network to not only defend, but does so effectively because it aggressively fights back, it attacks vital points with a death grip.Educating the masses, breaking the hold of ignorance, fear, and awe of the BEAST of All BEASTS.  WE can do it, stop marking time yal, it is still time for revolution.