Why I, as a known Black activist, voted for the Don

Donald Trump has done a real banged-up job as president, in my opinion, he has done exactly what I expected him to do to AmeriKKKA. First, he has pulled America's true racist nature back to bearing its teeth, which is what he has always been about. He is not making America more racist and fascistic, he merely speaks to and plays on it to serve his own ends, which encourages AmeriKKKlans to come out of the closet. I am not mad at him for that, he is really dropping the facade that America could ever become anything but what it started out as, which is as the baby of the racist terrorist imperial cancer that came out of Europe. Racism is America, that is what made it "Great," and Trump failed to follow the script to hide it. And racist America appreciates having such a leader again so they can exhale and unleash all that pint up racism. They have suffered for so long under the lies about being post-racist, "politically correct," it has been choking AmeriKKKa that feels the lies are wrong, they just want to be free to be as racist as they really are. America had become "post-racial" or non-racist is an impossibility as long as it exists. Trump makes it clear that there was nothing wrong with "the good old days" of White mob violence, especially directed by a egomaniac like himself, who has no real clue as to where he is going. Everything he does has the opposite effect or outcome of what he intends, boomeranging on him, which is why I maliciously voted for him so I can tell my grandchildren I contributed to the demise of AmeriKKKa.

   The Duck talked about "draining the swamp," yet his entire administration has been swamped and stuck in their own mire, essentially installing a swamp over a swamp. Their "White" house has a revolving door, people bailing from the cabinet, republicans abandoning ship left and right, there are investigations up the ying-yang, porn-stars in pursuit, constant issues of corruption by family and cronies, and then this fool tweets out incriminating admissions every morning thinking he is in control. He has pissed off Europe and Canada, never cared about Mexico and all the other "shithole countries," so he is doing a good job of isolating - notice how he crosses his arms when pushed or thinks he might be pushed into a corner in a discussion. Not only did he begin a global tariff war, but he made America's closest trading partners the main targets, or what is known in gangster as the "Big Rub-Out," coming to a theater near you, starring Donald Trump as the "Don."

   When Trump met with his "partners," after having slapped them with tariffs, he had the nerve to start the meeting by saying that Russia should be let back in, or the U.S. would back out. Rebuffed, he reiterated his position as he left early in a rush to meet with Kim Jong Un, with a nasty tweet at Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minster of Canada, accusing him of threatening America. Now Kim Jong Un is said by the U.S. and its "Allies" to be "Bloody Dictator," he oppresses and starves his people just to "stay in power" and built a nuclear arsenal to maintain his "regime." Yet was the Duck shunning his partners in order to a meeting with Kim, after which he said the constant that U.S. military exercises to invade North Korea were "inappropriate and provocative." Then he stated the exercises would be halted, I know that hundreds of thousands of "patriotic" heads across America exploded "WTF!!?" at that point, if not before. Now Trump is being bombarded with criticism primarily from Dems, that he gave away the store. Obama followed the standard practice of increasing the U.S. military threat on the peninsula, including nuclear weapons and invasion exercises, making it necessary for North Korea to focus on self-defense since 1949. The Duck says he will halt them, but that does not mean a withdraw or even a draw down.

   So, understand that I used my Black vote strategically, even though it didn't matter in the end since Trump was selected in spite of the fact that he lost the popular vote. But then that kills my right to claim that I used my vote to contribute to the demise of the U.S., it didn't count anyway, but which still proves the point that this is a destructive system. I picked the winner because he was such a looser, I cursed him on AmeriKKKa as the stronger between two poisons. Some Black folk, most of whom did not vote locally more less for president, got hostile with me when I told them that voted for Trump and not Hillary. All good kneegrows were expected to vote for Hillary. As resident of DC, I have no real representation in Congress, we are a colony so have no senators or congressman, but we can vote for president. Before the Duck, I voted only locally, never for president because there was little real difference between the two choices, but this time was different.

   On one side we had the standard bullshit White Democrat, and on the other a jack-ass bigger than "W," who I would have voted to give a third term to finish AmeriKKKa off. I wanted to take a stand against the kneegrow lock-step behind whatever bullshit the Dems put forward, expected loyalty to a party that uses our faces to advance itself, while all the while throwing us under the bus. I am not a Demon or a Reprobate, and I am no slave trusting massa to free me. I am a Maroon because I know the plantation must be torched, so what better way to do that than to let the massa burn it, let him set it on fire. Fire Burn! This then allows us space to pursue our own liberation and escape, this is what we should be doing while all of this is going on? We need to get back to real "Black," which to me has always been about the real Revolution, the one that won't be televised, this is absolutely life or death.