Police Cover-Up?

    How the disappearance of Relisha Rudd was immediately turned into a collection of cold-cases 

     It is now well more than a year ago that Relisha Rudd disappeared and the bizar deaths of two people early into the police "search" that produced no answers and suspiciously neat dead-ends. The DC police, with the "help" of the FBI, conducted a strange investigation that began with treating those who should of been treated as prime suspects, instead being treated and presented as credible witnesses and victims. Kathy Lanier immediately presented to the public the incredulous self-exonerating story told by the mother and grandmother as credible, which was that for weeks a man they knew and had allowed to take Relisha for a sleep over, had refused to return her to them. However, at no time did either the mother or grandmother call the police, or show any concern for the return of Relisha, In fact, it was the amateurish effort of the two to conceal the fact that the child was gone, that led to the opening of the case.  

                                                                                                                                                                                Unsuspected Primary Suspects                                                                                                              Shamika Young claimed that a janitor at the shelter where she and her children stayed, had befriended them and would from time to time take Relisha on play dates with his granddaughter the same age. The janitor, Khalil Tatum, supposedly then did not return Relisha. There is no real evidence that this story was true, no evidence that she made any effort to have the child returned, she did not call the police or notify any authority or anyone else that this was supposedly happening. Even when contacted by the school social worker, rather than seek help to get her child back, Young tried to conceal that fact that Relisha was gone. It was the effort of Shamika Toung and her mother, Marisa Young, to conceal the fact that Relisha was gone that led to the discovery that she was gone.  It was Marisa Young who appeared at the school with what was supposed to be a medical excuse from a "Dr. Tatum," the day after her daughter told the social worker that Relisha was sick and under the care of a doctor. Yet, to the DC police, Kathy Lanier in particular and the FBI, that this effort by the mother and the grandmother was not in anyway suspicious. Neither of them were ever arrested, and appears to have not even been subjected to any serious questioning by the police or the FBI.

Desperate Kidnapper and Killer Alludes Police by Going to Work
   For at least a day and a half after the police got involved Khalil Tatum appears not only to be considered the "prime suspect, but as the culprit based on the incredulous story of Shamika Young. Yet, somehow, the police failed to even question Tatum at his job or at his home, even though he was at work both days. To top it off, by the second day not only did the police consider Tatum as the culprit in the disappearance of Relisha, but was then made the culprit in the murder of his wife, Andrea Tatum that occurred at some point shortly after the police got involved. However, Kathy Lanier repeatedly portrayed to the public that Tatum was on the run, with Relisha. On the evening of March 20th, Lanier claimed to have issued a wide multi-state Amber alert that included a description of Tatum's vehicle and tag number. As it turned out, the Amber alert did not go out beyond the District, and the police already had Tatum's truck in their possession, having retrieved it early that morning from the motel parking lot where Andrea Tatum was found shot in the head.

PG Police Do Not Investigate Murder of Andrea Tatum
      Strangely, the Prince Georges County police immediately went along with Lanier's snap  conclusion that Tatum killed his wife. According to the police, the Tatum's casually took a room at the Red Roof Inn in Oxon Hill, and where in the company of three other adults. Supposedly, after an hour, the three other people left Tatum and his wife in the room alone and one returned several hours later to pick Khalil Tatum up and saw Andrea Tatum laying on the bed. That person then supposedly drove Tatum into the District, to the Southern Avenue Metro station, and went to work. Again, none of the three people who should be treated as suspects are immediately treated as witnesses, or "confidential sources," with their identities never being revealed. And there were a number of "confidential sources" providing information that only seemed to be about constructing a story that makes no sense at any of its twist and turns. Why would Tatum need anyone to return to pick him up when his vehicle was found park outside of the motel room, and then being picked up just to be taken to the nearest subway station so that he could go to work? And it appears that the Prince Georges County police did not make any effort to independently investigate the murder, which occurred in their jurisdiction. 

Misinformation and Misdirection by Kathy Lanier
On March 20th, Cathy Lanier released the video showing Tatum and Rudd walking down a motel hallway in search of a room, that just do happened to be in front of a surveillance camera. Even though the video was from February 26th, it was made to appear that it was current in relation to the release of the fake Amber Alert. And no one ever explained why there was no footage or report of them ever coming out of the room, nor possibly why they were there. Within a day or two, based on information from either a "confidential" or "reliable"  source, Kathy Lanier begins speculating to the public that Tatum may have killed Relisha, stuffed her body into a black plastic bag, and buried her in Kenilworth Park. Some how, the confidential source manage to follow Tatum to the store where he purchased black plastic bags, and then supposedly watched as Tatum spent "several hours" in the park. It appears that the "source" did not see Relisha with Tatum at the store or the park, nor saw Tatum with a shovel or a body. 

The Big Police and FBI Stage Massive Search of Kenilworth Park
    Based on nothing more than a mysterious "reliable source" that apparently spent most of March 1st closely following Khalil Tatum around, Kathy Lanier decided to launch a massive police search of Kenilworth Park. Lanier had the help of the FBI as officers with hundreds of officers and dozens of cadaver-dogs spent an entire week searching the park and finding only a finding the remains of a dog. Lanier was claiming that unnamed sources said that Relisha was seen with Tatum at some undisclosed location on March 1st, and that according to Lanier, was the last time the child was sighted. However, NBC and other local news outlets reported that Relisha was in school on March 5th and 7th, and that she told them that she was stating at her grandmother's and not at the shelter. It then defied logic to think that in addition to kidnapping Relisha, Tatum would kill her for no apparent reason, then continue going about his life for another 20 days, making no effort to avoid capture.  
 Tatum's Decaying Body Strangely Turns Up in Building in Park
     Lanier called off the search and then unexplainably went with it a few days later, at which point they soon discovered the decomposing body of Khalil Tatum, not buried some where of in the deep wilderness, but inside a utility building. The same building the police and FBI used as their base of operation for conducting the search. The body was in an advanced state of decomposition, with the last citing of Tatum being eleven days before. And again, Kathy Lanier quickly concluded that Tatum had killed himself, and without explaining how it was he could have been dead in the building at least a week, and the not even the cadaver-dogs could find it. And the building is a windowless brick structure with three strong steel doors that remain locked, and a steel roller garage door in the rear. Certainly that building was opened and searched first and foremost as the only such structure in the park that sits straight at the end of main entrance. How Tatum supposedly got into the building was never explained, nor the lack of sense in his going there to kill himself, nor how it was that the body could have been missed in the initial search. Never the less, as with the murder of Andrea Tatum, the alleged suicide by Khalil Tatum results in a neat dead end in support of snap conclusions and not genuine police work. 

Lanier Quickly Places Cases on Ice and Some Suspects Got Paid    
 Not all conspiracy theories are merely theory, some things are evident and one thing made evident by the DC police and the FBI, with cooperation by the PG County police, was to make it plain that black lives really don't matter. There was, and remains a very real reason why regional law enforcement would work with Lanier to put this case on ice quickly, the revelation of MPD officers not only being involved in the production and distribution child pornography, but also child trafficking and child prostitution. The MPD should have by that time been under a major internal affairs, and FBI investigation as a result of those two arrests, but the nature of the crimes would not only lead to other MPD officers, but other law enforcement officers, including federal officers. Certain people in law enforcement in general, but local law enforcement in particular, appears to have had an interest in the case not being seriously investigated and definitely unsolved, if not unsolvable.   

MPD Involvement With Child Porn and Prostitution Rings
    In early December officer Marc Washington was arrested after taking nude pictures of a 14-year old girl under the pretext of doing police work, but the little girl knew that he was not and immediately told her mother after Washington left. The mother called the emergency dispatcher and then other cops sent him alerts on his phone that he was to be arrested, and then a week later, DC officer Linwood Barnhill was caught with four young teen-age girls that he was prostituting. Washington's naked body would be found floating in the river the day after he got out of jail, and Barnhill was quietly prosecuted and plead guilty to some minor offense in federal court this past winter, but there was no evidence of any investigation into the extent of the problem within the department. From very outset Lanier began icing the case down and within eleven days, she made it a cold case, in order to prevent it from further highlighting the involvement of law enforcement with child sex and trafficking rings. 

On December 3, 2013, MPD officer Marc Washington is arrested and charged with being involved with the production and distribution of child porn. A week later MPD officer Linwood Barnhill was caught prostituting teens. The day after Marc Washington bonded out, his body was found floating in the Potomac. And even though the activities of both implicated the participation of others, with both being out of the same precinct, no others were implicated. Barnhill recently quietly pled guilty and was sentenced to seven years.                     Cases Closed.= Neat Dead Ends 


   On March 20th, in an effort to create high drama in the public mind, Lanier put out claim that she had issued an "Amber Alert" from Pennsylvania to Georgia. Lanier gave the impression that Khalil Tatum had Relisha and was on the run in his truck. 

   However, Lanier knew that Tatum's truck was already in the hands of the police, it having been found early that morning at a motel where they also found Andrea Tate murdered. Although Khalil Tatum was supposed to be on "the run" with Relisha, he and his wife were to have "checked" into the motel, using their names and driving their own cars. 

   Video shows that Relisha was with her mother at a party on March 1st, however, the police version has her being last seen on that date with Tatum. However, the police also gives two different locations, with Lanier saying it was at the shelter, while the FBI says in was at a motel across the street from the one where Tatum and Rudd were videoed. In this video Cathy Lanier says that Tatum continued reporting to work between March 2nd and the 20th. However, Lanier fails to explain how it was then that the police never made contact with Tatum. 

  Five go in, but only three come out
  Police affirmatively state that three other adults accompanied the Tatum's to the motel room and that the three then left after about 90 minutes. If this is true, then that was the last time either Khalil Tatum or his wife were seen alive. One of the people supposedly in the room, was treated as a "witness," based on the illogical claim that he returned to the motel early the next morning to pick up Khalil. This makes no sense both of the Tatum's vehicles were parked outside the motel room. This supposed "witness" claimed that he saw Andrea laying across the bed, but Tatum would not allow him into the room and that he drove Tatum to the nearest metro station. If that is true, then that makes him the last known person to have seen Tatum alive, yet, he is treated as a "witness."

   Lanier put out a great deal of mis-information: * that Tatum picked Relisha up from school;
* that Tatum was on the 
run with Relisha;
 * that Tatum killed his wife and then himself;
 * that Tatum somehow got into this windwoless building to kill himself.

Too Many Unanswered Questions: 

1.   What really happened to Relisha Rudd?   

2.   What would have been the motivation for Khalil Tatum to suddenly refuse to return and maybe kill Relisha?   

4.  What would have been Khalil Tatum's motive for executing his wife?    

5. Why were the mother and grandmother not treated as prime suspects?    

6.  Why are police claiming Relisha was last seen on the first, when she was seen in school a week later? 

7.   Why did Cathy Lanier lie about putting out the "Amber Alert," and why did she not put one out?

8.   Why did Cathy Lanier put out a description for Tatum's vehicle, when in fact the police already had the vehicle?

9.   Why were the three other people in a room where a murdered had occurred not treated as "suspects"?

10.   How was it that Cathy Lanier came to focus on conducting a massive search of Kenilworth Park?

11. How was it that after a week no body was found in the park, in spite of having cadaver dogs, yet after suspending the search for a day, the body of Khalil Tatum is found in a windowless brick building with locked steel doors and the location that served as the operation center for the search? How did Khalil Tatum get into the building?

12. How did his body get there if it was not there the first week of the search, and since he had already begun to decompose, how was it that the search of the building with cadaver dogs did not turn up the body?  


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