ITJ Analysis and Suggested Courses of Action for the Department of Justice                  in the Trayvon Martin Murder Case and Verdict

     The Institute for Tsunamic Justice is of the legal and factual opinion that talk by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of pursuing a criminal civil rights prosecution against George Zimmerman (Zmurderer), is totally misplaced and perhaps, deliberately so. We must know and understand naturally, to be on guard for miseducation, misrepresentation, and misdirection from inside and out. This is about honestly  not only assessing the problem, but ourselves, liberation comes from within and not without, no one is going to come along and save you, the most they could do is to help you, but only if you help yourself. Marching all over for Trayvon, but not for Cleman Sweptson, none for Daunte Rawlings, Troy Joyner, Charquisa Johnson, and the list goes on endlessly, talk about serial killers in the hood and that is just here in little-ass Washington, D.C.  

    We find it interesting and telling that very few of the people who took to the street and have taken to the street to feel good about demanding "Justice for Trayvon," totally disregards the same type of events where they live. Black people are as guilty of spacial placing as white people, focusing on a distant injustice which you can do little about, while disregarding the systemic done locally in you face every day. Thus, we have mad marches, "100 to i Million," we be marching, but not gor justice where we live, work, and play. 

     Never the less, we must say that "justice for Trayvon" can best be translated into the old demand of justice for all, but in this particular case there are two tracts that we believe should be legally pursued, around which mass mobilization and organization can be built. First an motion to set aside the verdict needs to be filed, not by the "State," but against the "State" by the family or any citizen of Florida. The basis of which is the conflict of interest on the part of the "State," including the judge. 

    Next, if there is to be or is a Department of Justice investigation for civil rights violations, behind which it is suggested that black people or anyone place any bank on, then it must be in accordance with what we determine to be the factors of race and racism directed exclusively at the "State" from "a to z." Note that all of the "State" attorneys where quick to accept the verdict, quick to claim that syste "may not be perfect, but it works," but "for who," black people must ask.  Why did the "State" charge 2nd degree murder, meaning that there would be a six-person jury instead of twelve and thus knowing, that it cuts the chance of conviction in half.  With six-person jury they gambled that the exclusion of blacks from the jury would be more acceptable, even though there should have been at least one blacks seated  based on the demographics for Sanford and Seminole County. 

    One then need only to note the following events to further establish a clear and convincing case of conflict of interest by the "State," that "beyond a reasonable doubt" it furthered conspired and colluded to obtain an acquittal by:

1)   the judge barring all evidence of racial motive from trial;

2)   the prosecutor assisted the defense in excluding blacks from the jury;

3)   the prosecutor tampered with, and suppressed the most critical piece of self-incriminating evidence by  changing the utterance of Z-murderer heard on the recording of his call to the police dispatcher, from  "fucking coons" to "fucking punks;"

4)    the prosecutor then not only attacked the character of its own witnesses, but it put on witnesses who it knew or should have known would subjectively testify more in favor of the defense the defense;

5)    the prosecutor put the dispatcher on to testify that there was no "order" for the Z-murderer not to followTrayvon, but that it was merely "suggested;"

6)    the judge allowed the defense to portray Trayvon as being under the influence of "reefer madness."

       The entire case rested on accepting or not, Zmurderers version of events that led up to the physical confrontation, where and how it occurred, Trayvon was dead. However, it appears that Zmurderer did not run straight through the top of the "T" in the walk-way to the next street as he claimed, but instead followed Trayvon down the dark walk-way leading to the back gate. Zmurderer told the police that he saw Trayon run down the walkway between the rows of houses, towards the "back gate," from which Zmurderer knew that as close as he was on Trayon, he would not be able to make it to the next break between the row of houses without being seen, there was no where to hide. Zmurderer went down that walk-way probably with his gun already drawn in hot pursuit. where is when Tratvon turned around to see this fool now pursuing him on foot and having no way out, decided to confront Zmurderer since his father's house was still a block away.

     Many additional facts showing that the State of Florida rigged the prosecution are coming forth, including the coroner charging that it did.  Shortly after the verdict was rendered, the DOJ created an email address for the public to weigh in on the matter at , to which we have submitted this position. Please send the DOJ a message that you agree with, and support. our position - tell it that "I support the Seitu demand."

     Below is a overhead shot of the development, Zmurderer said that he first encountered his prey, Trayvon,  at the first red arrow, that he continued by him to the clubhouse (the blue arrow), where he pulled over to call the police even though Trayvon had done nothing, let him pass and then began to pursue him. It is doubtful that Zmurderer ever took his eyes off of Trayvon, by allowing him to walk past his vehicle, he then went into full pursue and capture mode, geeking himself up for the crime he knows he is about to commit by saying that Trayvon was "definitely up to no good," that "something was wrong " with him, that he reached into his "waistband, and he has something in his hands."

     Not until Trayvon runs does Zmurderer lose sight of him, and that was when he alleged that he "walked" across the top of the "T" to the other street, even though he told police that he saw Trayvon run down the "T." The confrontation was first heard further down the corridor, closer to the middle of the row (yellow Star), and then moved back up towards the "T" (Red heart). Zmurderer had already stated that he knew were Trayvon had run, but then claimed that he had "lost him," when in fact he was right on top of him. The eyewitness testimony confirms this scenario of events over the one given by Zmurderer, how can you lose someone when you know exactly where they went and can go? Trayvon would have not taken the first available opening between the houses, which would have been to this left and led back onto the street where Zmurderer was last seen by Trayvon. The next break is a few yards down to the left, which would at least put him on the street for his father's house, but he does not make it before Zmurderer comes around the corner in hot pursuit, this very "creepy cracker." Trayvon has no choice but to stand his ground, his attempt to flee was thwarted, he was trapped with an angry armed racist who had already concluded that Trayvon was "up   

      Back in the era of chattel slavery, it was commonly accepted that black people fled slavery as the result of a mental disease they (the enslavers) called "Drapetomania," now combine the with a little reefer madness in a young black male and what do you come out with, justifiable homicide no matter what. The prosecutor spoke ambiguously about bringing forth the "truth," and  "due process" for Zmurderer, and how much they all "sacrificed," making sure to send the first shout out for hospitality and cooperation to the Seminole County Sheriff's Department, that first failed to charge Zmurderer. There is nothing in Zmurderer's version of events that justifies "Stand Your Ground," the point of confrontation was initiated by him, Trayvon was trapped and decided it was time to stand his ground and confront the "creepy cracker" who was now clearly chasing him. Based on the evidence the confrontation was initiated by Zmurderer from the moment he laid eyes on Trayvon, just because he was "black," from the very moment he saw him until he killed him. 

For Marissa Alexander: No Stand Your Ground, Not Against Plaster 

     Angela Corey, the State Attorney that initially failed to even charge Zmurderer and then failed to successfully prosecute him for a lesser belatedly charged offense, successfully charged and prosecuted a 31-year old black mother of three for three-counts of aggravated assault by firing one time into plaster and the ceiling, for which Marissa was given a sentenced of 20-years in prison. Marissa shot no one and the evidence indicates that it was not her intention to shoot anyone, if she did not have to, and that she was standing her ground, she was not required to retreat at any time. There is no evidence that Marissa aimed at the gun at anyone, the bullet wound up going through a wall up into the ceiling, clearly, an upward trajectory. Yet, Marissa was immediately arrested, detained, tried, convicted, and sentenced. At the same time, Zmurderer is initially not even charged with a crime, and then when he is as a result of a massive outcry, it is for a lesser offense even though the evidence had always warranted nothing less than First-degree murder. How can it even be seriously considered that race does not play a factor in how law enforcement polices, prosecutors prosecute, and judges condemn. Seriously! 

A "Black People's Counsel" needs to be formed in order to frame the investigation, for ourselves, and the DOJ, if there is to be one by it. The DOJ must agree to hold itself accountable in the case to the Counsel, which shall consist of, and serve as, the representative of the general Black public interests in the matter, as set out above, the "State" of Florida had a conflict of interest with prosecuting Zmurderer for murder in the First-degree, and poorly pretended to do so for murder in the Second-degree, having its initials failures vindicated by acquittal. Note how satisfied all of the State Attorneys were at the end that "the system worked."  

  same state attorney who initially refused to charge Zmurderer and then failed to get a conviction for any offense, successfully obtained a conviction against Marissa Alexander, who asserted her right under stand your ground, not for shooting any one, but for firing a warning shot into plaster. Marissa got 20 years, while Zmurderer never served a day, and he murdered a child. Based on these facts, it is evident that the "State," prosecutor and judge, colluded with the defense to orchestrate the acquittal, making the proceedings void. We can do something with this... 

No blood on the front of Trayvon's corpse, yet, he was on top of Zmurderer when he was shot through the heart, no blood on Zmurderer. Note that Trayvon's sweater is pulled up his torso, as if struggling on his back against being pulled, thus explaining his legs being crossed at the ankles. 

 Listen to this Gobbledigoop! 

  What utter bullshit, they have the nerve to talk about how they had to "sacrifice" to prosecute Zmurderer, that it was a "difficult case." Not when they based everything off of the story told by Zmurderer, without question.