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              Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

 Author: Dee Brown Published by Holt, Rhinehart, & Wintston Press  

This is a must read book of the horrific history of "America" as told from the perspective of the Native people, on whose land "America" was established. Wounded Knee was the last known site where the European invader's slaughter of the Native people in the course of taking their land. Written in the words and from the perspective of the Native people, one comes to understand the great crime against humanity that "America" is, and will always be as long it is allowed to exist.

An invasion that became an occupation with the goal of annihilation, for all those who did not accept subjugation and assimilation to White-settler domination. The "founding fathers" of the U.S. stated within their "Declaration of Independence" that the Natives were nothing more than  "merciless Indian Savages." The "founding fathers" of the U.S. in fact made its first declared "War on Terrorism," when they charged that King George "has excited domestic insurrections amongst us and hasendeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions." The White invaders then proceeded to slaughter the Native from sea to shining sea, until they had all of their land, which they then turned around and called "America the Beautiful." 

   Below is a video called "Wounded Knee" put together for PBS and tells about the American Indian Movement's effort to obtain justice back in the early 1970s, by calling the world's attention to the fact that the Native people are still here and continue to suffer from the European invasion and stealing of their lands.

    The American Directory of Certified Uncle Toms

     There is no more detestable a trait bred into the Black slave in America than that which compels him to sell out his own Black people. Throughout the ages, the Black race has encountered among its own a species of racial traitor ever willing to aid and abet the universal cause of white supremacy. From the Africans who assisted the European slave traders, to the plantation house niggers who dutifully protected their masters’ racist regime, Blacks could be counted among those who aided in the nearly five-century European race war of annihilation now known as the Black Holocaust.

    The Indian Nation in the West suffered under the weight of its own traitors. Some among them traded with the European marauders, formed alliances with them, and ultimately aided unwittingly in the massacre of millions of their own people. In the midst of the devastation, the Black man was kidnapped from his African home to build a nation for whites atop the wreckage of a once glorious Red civilization. The labor of Black men, women, and children was forcibly compelled without compensation, yet their sweat and blood made America the most powerful and wealthiest nation world history. 

Author: Unknown
ISBN: 1930097239
Publisher: Lushena Books (March 3, 2002)


   The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

 by Michelle Alexander  

 This book is a real eye-opener on the "War on Drugs" as just another means of America maintaining control over its black population in a slave caste system. Under the guise of "law enforcement" there are more black people under some form of penal bondage today than under the entire era of chattel-slavery in America. As Michelle Alexander points out, as one form of control begins to break down, another is already being developed to maintain that same control. Blacks went from physical bondage to social bondage under "de jure segregation," which has since been replaced with mass incarceration and criminalization. 

    Interestingly, it is often mis-portrayed and stated that the Thirteenth Amendment "abolished" slavery, when nothing could be further from the truth. The Thirteenth Amendment states that: "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude shall be permitted in the United States except as punishment for crime..."  This is why the "War on Crime" and "War on Drugs" has meant WAR ON BLACK PEOPLE.

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The Road to Guantanamo - 92 minutes

Winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross? "The Road to Guantanamo" is the terrifying first-hand account of three British citizens who were held for two years without charges in the U.S: military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Known as the ?Tipton Three,? in eference to their home town in Britain, the three were eventually returned to Britain and released, still no formal charges were made against them at any time duringeir ordeal.

The film has already engendered significant controversy due to its critical stance towards the American and British governments. Part documentary, part dramatization, the film chronicles the sequence of events that led from the trio setting out from Tipton in the British Midlands for a wedding in Pakistan, to their crossing the Afghanistan border just as the U.S. began its bombing campaign, to their eventual capture by the Northern Alliance and their imprisonment in Camp X-Ray and later at Camp Delta in Guantanamo.



    In 1971, the Native people rose up once again and took over the Wounded Knee "reservation," eight-decades after whites had thought they had totally crued them with the last massacre on that same location. This video tells the story that is rarely ever told, revealing an event in modern history that rings back to the history before, the one that the white man would have everyone to forget. 

The American Dream: Overstanding the Federal Reserve and How You Are Enslaved By It