During this hour Kwasi Seitu introduces the airwaves to ITJ and himself, Tar Baby. Speaking without a script, Kwasi flowed through a number of critical topics and issues of systemic racist injustice and demanded that the people organize. A month and no respect from the government in DC after the murder of Cleman Sweptson by a white DC police officer. That officer's identification has been completely withheld from the family, community, and general public.

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 Tonight we had the parents of Cleman Sweptson in the studio, along with Iman Akbar of the New Black Panther Party and Black Lawyers for Justice, that says it is assisting the family.  Carolyn Bell and Clemon Sweptson, Sr., came to the studio and told their story.  The Peoples' Investigation has begun, we now know that the officers followed Cleman for at least three,blocks and attacked once he reached an isolated area where there was a likihood of there being no one to eyewitness. We know that Clement Sweptson was shot multiple times and his mother believes that the officer fired from his car, while Cleman was on his bike.  We know that no investigator from the MPD or the U.S. Attorneys Office has ever contacted the parents, and that not even Marion Barry has bothered to contact the family in any way. We know that we need to be demanding accountability. 

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Program 3 - 5/17/13:  Don't Mess With People

  Recap and update of the Cleman Sweptson case, ITJ contacted the MPD and invited them to come on the show, they declined. In response to the charge by the family that no one from the MPD had ever contacted them, the MPD stated that they had been in touch with the family. We also had Syeward Anderson of Family Friends of Incarcerated People who talked about the various youth programs FFOIP is conducting in the community. 

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 Program 4 - 5/24/13:  JUST BEING ME

Tonight Kwasi Seitu discussed knowing your rights and the Skunks on the Bench initiative, along with updating developments in the Cleman Sweptson case, and spoke on the killing of 22-yr old Julias Dawkins in Alexandria, Va. by off-duty Arlington County sheriffs deputy, 44-yr old Craig Patterson on May 21st. Unlike what is being done in the Sweptson case, the officers identity is known and local officials are conducting an investigation. And unlike it did in Sweptson's death, the Washington Post is doing fellow-up reporting because the family and community are making waves. Announced the Peoples' Petition for Justice.   

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